How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Cleaning stainless steel appliances is tremendously simple, and we can leave them as the first day if we apply the right products. Find out what they are.

Stainless steel appliances have been imposed in kitchens and are already part of their décor and style. In addition to their unquestionable functionality, their exterior appearance adds more qualities that make them perfect for kitchens: it is a resistant, beautiful and well-kept material that lasts a lot.

It is in that aspect that we will focus because cleaning the stainless steel appliances is very simple, besides being a very grateful task because we will only need a few minutes to complete it and that our appliance looks like the first day.


How to clean steel appliances

steel appliances

The following steps and tricks are used to clean the outside of any stainless steel appliance in your kitchen: oven, microwave, refrigerator, toaster or dishwasher, for example.

Whatever the appliance is, we recommend cleaning when it is off and cold.


Clean stainless steel with vinegar

When cleaning the kitchen, white vinegar can’t be missed because it’s good for so many things. And stainless steel appliances are no exception. However, you have to be very careful with the quantities: mix a part of vinegar with three of water. Wet a clean cloth or cloth with it and rub the surface of the appliances you want to clean.

Finally, dry it with a cloth so that there are no marks left. You’ll see how it looks gleaming and without a single footprint or dirt mark.

In case the dirt is reluctant to disappear with the vinegar or the stains are very marked, you can add a few drops of ammonia and rub those difficult areas again, always rinsing with water and drying afterwards.


Clean stainless steel with soap

Warm water and a few drops of the same soap with which you wash the dishes. You don’t need any more to remove grease that could splash steel appliances from your kitchen.

Apply the mixture with a cloth and use another one moistened with water to remove the soap. Finally, use a third dry cloth to go over the appliance.


Brighten stainless steel with oil

Once clean, you can get the steel to shine by applying some olive oil or body oil. Use cotton discs or kitchen paper to apply to the steel areas of the oven, microwave, etc. Don’t soak them too much, so there’s no excess oil on the surface. Rub with energy, and you’ll see how it starts to shine.

This polishing trick will also make the small scratches that the appliance may have suffered from use look less.


Clean stainless steel with specific products

There are several brands that sell specific sets or products for cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel appliances.


Stainless steel cleaning set

Bosch appliance brand sells this cleaning set that includes a powder cleaning product and wet wipes. Combining its use, the hood, the oven or whatever we want to clean, it will be bright and also protected against dirt and footprints longer.


Quick cleaning products

To give a quick review to the kitchen when we have little time or do not want to stop to make mixtures, there are quick cleaners for stainless steel. Simply apply a small amount of product to a cloth, rub the appliance and dirt, grease and fingerprints will disappear.


A special oil to clean stainless steel

If using olive oil does not convince us, there are special oils to clean stainless steel. Your application depends on how the manufacturer indicates but is usually the same as with the home method.


Stainless steel surface wipes

To give you a quick review after cooking or if there is little dirt, it is very nice to have at hand a pack of wipes for stainless steel surfaces. Using them, we’ll have to do a less thorough cleaning.


How to clean anti-fingerprint stainless steel

In the case of anti-fingerprint stainless steel appliances, special care must be taken, because precisely because of that special protective layer they need special care and certain products can damage them.

For them, you just need to pass a damp cloth well-drained by its surface. That’s more than enough, as the anti-fingerprints repel stains and, as the name suggests, the footprints are not marked.

Never use scouring machines, abrasive products, or cleaning products for steel that are not specific to anti-fingerprints.

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