5 Simple Microwave Cleaning Hacks That Work

One of the most practical appliances we use every day is definitely the microwave, but it is also one of the dirtiest. Therefore, we explain 5 homemade tricks to clean it and make it like the first day.


5 Step to Clean the Microwave


Clean the microwave with water and lemon

Put a chopped lemon in a bowl with about 250 ml of water and put it in the microwave.

We connect it at maximum power for about 5 minutes until the inside is foggy with the steam generated.

It will be ready when we see the microwave glass moist or catch lemon’s smell at high temperature. We open the door and, careful not to burn, remove the container with a glove.

The steam manages to soften the dirt and unscrutinized it. Then we’ll have to run a better all over the inside and see how it looks clean. Thanks to lemon, the microwave is flavoured and fresh in a natural way.


Disinfect the microwave with vinegar

Vinegar is disinfectant by nature and also another product that helps to sanitize our microwave. Indeed, it does not leave a pleasant aroma like lemon, but the smell will disappear in the hours.

Pour a spoon of white wine vinegar into a glass container with about 250ml of water and put it in the microwave. We scheduled to the maximum for about 3-5 minutes. We open and carefully remove the bowl.


Wash the microwave dish

Although it may seem obvious, we always forget, the microwave dish has to be washed from time to time, and it is as simple as putting it in the dishwasher as one more dish. We will prevent dirt and germs from accumulating.


Clean the microwave with dishwasher soap

For this advice, we heat the microwave to maximum power for 1 minute a bowl of warm water where you have previously poured a tablespoon of dishwasher soap. As always, we open the door and take out the container very carefully to not burn.

With this water, we moisten a sponge with which we will clean the inside of the microwave.


Clean the microwave with a little baking soda

We’ll need a wet sponge on which to sprinkle some baking soda. It is gently cleaned both on the outside and inside and to achieve a total cleaning it is enough to rinse it well with water.

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