How to Clean and Disinfect Your Laptop the Right Way

Cleaning a laptop may seem like a challenge for beginners, but it’s actually easy to do. The laptop needs to be cleaned periodically, as the presence of a large amount of dust leads to overheating, leading to the laptop’s shutdown. This is most often the case when performing resource-intensive tasks, which include computer games. You can order a laptop to be cleaned on-website or do it yourself, following simple guidelines.

It is worth noting that if the laptop is on warranty, the independent disassembly will deprive its user.


Preparing for work

According to our recommendations, you can easily disassemble the laptop and clean it, even if you have never disassembled computers before. The list of tools that will be useful during cleaning is quite banal and includes a back driver and a cylinder with compressed air. Cleaning should occur on a flat, clean surface, for this may be suitable for some table. It is recommended that antistatic gloves be used, although this requirement may not be required.

First – remove the back cover.

The first thing you need to completely disconnect the laptop from the power supply and remove the battery. Naturally, the laptop should be turned off and not be in sleep mode. When removing the lid, you should know that the process is somewhat different on different models, but in general, the scheme is about the same. Unscrew the bolts on the side and the back cover; often, bolts are present only on the laptop’s back cover. If the lid is not removed, carefully examine the surface – bolts are often hidden under stickers, and the lid can be removed when the shift to the side.


The second is cleaning the fan and radiator

The second is cleaning the fan and radiator

The greatest pollution is usually exposed to the radiator and the fan; they need to be cleaned first. Also, these elements are essential, as they depend on the cooling of the laptop. Large dirt is removed with cotton buds or napkins. Cleaning should be careful; you can not make mechanical changes, bend the radiator tubes, do not make sudden movements. Dust residues are removed with a compressed air cylinder

Third – clean the rest of the items and collect the laptop

Remove dust from all other system elements; for this also used cotton buds and a balloon with compressed air. Once you’ve cleaned it, make sure you don’t accidentally Enchong wires or plumes, and you can start assembling.

When collecting a laptop, do the same thing as when disassembling, only in reverse order. The final action will be the connection of the battery; now, you can continue to work.

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