How to Clean a TV Screen

Nowadays, the new plasma TV and LED screen models, OLED or QLED, require specific care.

You knew, right? Anyway, we tell you. The new TV models are made of different materials than the old ones. And this is why they require certain care. However, the old TVs were much easier to clean, as the screen was made of glass.

They didn’t have that much danger.

Would you like to know how to clean the screen of your OLED or QLED TV?

Find out in this article!


The recommended tips to take care of your TV

The recommended tips to take care of your TV

Would you like to keep your TV neat and clean? Well, it is essential that from time to time you remove dust and fingers marks.

Take care of the panel!

Cleaning is as important as maintenance.

Keeping your TV neat and clean is vital. But, before removing the dust, you must know what care you should take off your TV.

Pay attention!

  • Avoid putting the TV very close to a window and giving it direct light. It can damage the panel.
  • Do not touch the screen with your hands. The footprints will be marked and are very difficult to clean.
  • Please do not leave a still image on the net for a long time because it can generate stains on the panel. This damage may be irreversible.


Before cleaning, check your TV’s manual

Before you start cleaning any type, check the manual to see if your TV has any specific cleaning recommended procedures.

If you do not have the manual or, if you do, but there is no indication on how to clean the TV, we recommend that you clean it with a clean microfiber cloth.


Do not use any paper, such as kitchen towels or toilet paper. It is not recommended because it can damage your TV screen.


We start with cleaning!

Turn off your TV

Be sure to turn off your computer at least half an hour before cleaning. With this trick, you can better detect dirt and dust on the screen and prevent the cleaner you use from drying well.

If it is not well dry, permanent stains could form on your TV screen.


Dry cleaning

Take a dry cloth to clean the screen with gentle movements, without pressing. If you make it too strong, you could charge the pixels of your TV.

In addition, it is not advisable to wet the cloth. Not because you wet it, you will get a complete cleaning, but on the contrary, you could permanently damage your TV.

So remember, always dry cleaning!


To remove fingerprint stains.

Yes, you will be able to moisten a cloth, but always with a special product for screens. Although, as we have mentioned before, the most effective is dry cleaning.


Use several cloths

Ideally, it would help if you first cleaned with a microfiber cloth and a specific cleaner and immediately pass another clean and dry cloth, always with gentle movements. In this way, you will quickly dry the cleaner you have used, and your equipment will be arid, without a speck of dust.


Wash used cloths

The next time you clean your TV, this will not be optimal if the clothes you use are not well washed.

That is why we advise you that before starting to clean the screen, do not forget to wash the clothes well every time you use them.


What not to do if you are going to clean your TV

What not to do if you are going to clean your TV

We have offered you a few tricks to clean your TV in the best way.

We’re also going to tell you what not to do!

  • Do not clean your TV with any material other than a microfiber cloth, paper, cotton, etc. They can scratch the panel, and even the most sensitive ones can be cracked.
  • Do not pour the cleaning product directly into the TV; These can access the interior system of the TV and become damaged.
  • Forget about cleaning products such as burning alcohol. They are very aggressive for OLED, QLED, or LED panels tv.


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