How to Clean a Microwave Quickly and Easily? Useful tips

Is it possible to wash the microwave at home, is it difficult, and how long will it take you? Which products will remove fat and what smells?

There’s hardly a person in the house today who doesn’t have a microwave oven. But not everyone knows how and what it is easier and fastest to wash, what it means to use. Unpleasant odor, which does not go away by itself, fatty stains inside or outside the microwave have long ceased to be a problem. To clean the microwave does not necessarily take it to the service or buy special expensive cleaning products. To clean the microwave with improvised means at home for 20 minutes and much more read in the sequel.


Cleaning the microwave without additional improvised means

Cleaning the microwave without additional improvised means

Some microwaves have a steam purification function, but it will only be suitable for those whose microwave has not yet accumulated fat deposits. Under the influence of steam, fat and pollution will be diluted, and you will easily remove them with a napkin.

If there is no such feature, don’t get upset. The same can be done manually. To do this, you will need a bowl filled with water. Please put it in the camera and turn on the stove at maximum power. The evaporated water will soften the pollution. It would help if you wiped the camera with a moisturized napkin or sponge, and the contaminants never happened. Discover The Microwaves and their features right now to find the one that best suits your needs!


Use a soap solution to remove pollution in hard-to-reach places.

This method is relevant for those who cleaned the steam was not enough, and there were traces of fat. It is necessary to dissolve a few drops of detergent in water and place them in the chamber. Then heat the stove so that the liquid boils. The soap sauna will help the pollution to soften, and you will only have a light hand movement to remove them with a damp cloth, including hard-to-reach places.


Soda cleaning is a great way to combat odor.

A mixture of water and soda will help wash the microwave without chemistry and remove the bad smell. Wet it with a napkin, rub the walls of the camera and the door. Then rinse.

You can also add a few spoonfuls of soda to the soap solution and then steam the camera. The soda mixture absorbs unpleasant aromas. The remnants of burnt food and old fat are easy to “leave.”


The xus or citric acid will help to remove stains in the microwave.

To clean the microwave with citric acid, you will need a deep plate of water (approximately a glass), in which you need to dissolve a tablespoon of citric acid. Then put the plate in the microwave and turn it on at full power for two to three minutes so that the liquid boiled and began to evaporate. After that, you need to wipe the walls with a damp sponge.

However, the stains in the microwave are sometimes no longer possible to wipe off with a regular sponge. Therefore, if you have vinegar, baking soda, citric acid, or regular lemon at home, it will not be difficult to clean the oven. Pour 3/4 of water into a wide bowl, then add the apple or wine vinegar. Lemon acid disinfects and neutralizes aromas, including the smell of burning.


Commercial cleaners are a quick way to remove stains, but is it safe?

Many commercial cleaners clean up almost any contamination inside or outside the microwave, but they often leave unpleasant fumes that stay there for a long time. Moreover, the remnants of the cleaning agent can give the food a bad taste.

However, if you opt for special chemicals, try to find a product without suffocation that will reduce the risks of residual chemical odors. After you wash the microwave, leave the door open for a few hours so that the chemical fumes are sure to weather and spoil your food. Please remember to wear gloves when using chemical detergents so as not to expose your hands to danger.

The more you use the microwave, the more often it requires cleaning. However, every few weeks is a suitable schedule on average cleaning if you want it to look new.

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