How to Clean a Mattress

Like all objects that are used daily, the mattress tends to stain. And since it is not possible to change your mattress at the slightest task, you have to find solutions to clean it. All without damaging it and being effective. For example, how can you overcome a peeing task on a child’s mattress or sweat haloes? Nothing very glamorous you are granted, but it is a reality to face. Despite protections such as bores, mattresses are subject to many tasks, especially if your pets have made a habit of sleeping on your bed during the day. So how do you restore your mattress to its full glory? How do I clean a stained mattress? We’ll explain everything to you! And what you owned is a foam mattress or a mattress springs.


How do I clean a mattress thoroughly?

How do I clean a mattress thoroughly

You might as well start with the hardest part! Or at least by what we think is the most difficult. Because of its thickness, a mattress tends to absorb stains, and when it comes to cleaning it thoroughly, you can quickly be caught off guard. Because the washing machine adjusts their account to coffee stains and other fat stains (thanks breakfast in bed) on the sheets, it will not help you to detach your mattress. So we’ll see how to remove stains with natural products, which will also allow it to clean itself thoroughly in addition to not damaging the mattress. Products such as ammonia added with water, soda crystals, bicarbonate or white vinegar. Baking soda (diluted or not) can, for example, overcome a red wine stain. A few tips for detaching without resorting to abrasive products, useful to take care of his mattress all year round.


Clean your mattress for a healthier sleep

Maintaining your mattress over the years is the assurance of maintaining healthy sleep and keeping allergies at bay. The memory mattresses may be hypoallergenic, but sleeping on them every night requires some maintenance. Nothing very complicated, though, but there is the price to pay to keep healthy bedding. So what are the right things to do? There are several techniques…


Clean your mattress with soda crystals

Soda crystals can be found in all DIY stores and sometimes in supermarkets. To use them to clean your mattress, wear protective gloves properly. The dishwashing gloves do just fine. Then prepare 2 litres of hot water (without bringing it to a boil) and 2 tablespoons of soda crystals in a bowl. Mix well. Then take a clean sponge and soak it in it. Then rub the stains on your mattress. Rinse with a wet washcloth with clear water and wring so as not to moisten the mattress deeply. For drying, absorb excess water with another washcloth and then use a hairdryer. It is also possible to sprinkle the wetland with talcum powder. In this case, it is advisable to allow 8 hours for complete drying. The talc will also absorb any bad smells of moisture. You can also take the opportunity to ventilate the room. The soda crystals acting here as a real natural laundry!


Clean your mattress with a steam cleaner

Clean your mattress with a steam cleaner

While the solution of soda crystals is particularly economical and effective, there are other alternatives. If you have a steam cleaner, it can be a great help to clean your mattress. The steam has the effect of dissolving the stains naturally, provided they are not too pronounced. A good solution may be to vacuum the entire surface of the mattress to remove dust and clean the most recalcitrant stains with soda crystals before applying the steam cleaner evenly.

Don’t have a steam cleaner? Don’t panic. This kind of device is straightforward to rent. Just reserve it when you need it and then return it. Cleaning a mattress with steam, thanks to the devices as efficient as practical, is also very simple!


Clean your mattress with ammonia

As with soda crystals, ammonia mixes with hot water. Use a bowl in which you will pour 1 to 2 litres of water, which you will then mix with a coffee cup of ammonia. Don’t forget to handle the mixture with gloves. With a clean, well-drained sponge, apply the mixture to the entire surface of the mattress. Rub gently. This is the secret not to see stains appear at the time of drying. Targeting only a particular area, which will be soaked with a damp cloth, will certainly remove the task, but it may also create a halo, especially if your mattress is a little old. Because yes, even if it is not visible to the naked eye, the mattress’s surface patinates over time. The fabric loses some of its lustrous. This becomes obvious when we look at how to remove a task, insist on where it is located and let it dry. This is why it is recommended for mattresses and chairs, and other sofas to extend the cleaning area well beyond the task. Then use a washcloth to rinse and dry with a hairdryer. The technique is similar to that used for soda crystals, and again, the result is often stunning. This is also relevant when looking at how to clean haloes on the mattress.

That said, the use of ammonia requires extreme caution. It is advisable to handle it with a mask so as not to breathe its fumes. It is also advisable to open the bedroom window for the same reason.


Clean your mattress with vinegar

White vinegar is a miracle ingredient. Multi-use, cheap and natural, it should have its place in your closets. As proof, you can even use it to clean his mattress. To do this, mix 500 ml of white vinegar with 200 ml of lukewarm water and 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Sift through the entire surface of the mattress with a sponge, emphasizing the stains but not rubbing too hard. For rinsing, same technique as for ammonia and soda crystals: nothing beats a moistened toilet glove or a damp cloth. Then let it dry and admire the result. To speed up the process, you can also use a hairdryer. White vinegar also acts as a disinfectant. Perfect for persistent tasks, requiring only a simple damp sponge or a soft cloth and cold water, white vinegar is great and very useful in many contexts! A strong ally that, moreover, does not harm the environment in any way! Note that white vinegar can also be useful for removing a wine stain.


Clean your mattress with baking soda

Another essential of natural cleaning, bicarbonate, can also help you face tasks on your mattress. Coupled with oxygenated water, it can work miracles! Mix half a litre of 3% oxygenated water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Finally, add a drop of dishwashing product. After mixing this mixture well, pour it into a bottle equipped with a spray. Then spray on the stains and add powdered bicarbonate to them. Allow to dry well and vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.

Note that bicarbonate is also an ally of choice when it comes to removing bad odours. How do I operate? Sprinkle the entire surface of the mattress and let it work before sucking up the bicarbonate with a vacuum cleaner. You can also spray a mixture of baking soda (2 tablespoons), oxygenated water (1 tablespoon), dishwashing liquid (2 tablespoons), lukewarm water (1 to 2 cups of coffee) and vanilla essence (1 tablespoon).


How do I clean a yellowed mattress?

How do I clean a yellowed mattress

Sweating and the vagaries of everyday life can cause your mattress to turn yellowing in the long run. A common and troublesome problem that can be solved with a mixture of water and soda crystals. Hot water in this case. Once the area or areas are well cleaned, it is necessary to apply absorbent talc to the wet area. The talc will then come to “suck” the water as long as you let it work for several hours. It is, therefore, best to do this cleaning operation in the morning. So, especially if the weather is nice, you can open the windows to make the bedroom breathe and let the talc properly absorb moisture. Allow to dry and in the evening, before you make your bed and go to bed, suck the talcum powder with a vacuum cleaner and possibly have a little hairdryer if the area still looks slightly wet.

Note that it is quite possible to replace talc with baking soda! Not to mention adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to purify the mattress! Lavender, which also promotes better sleep!


How do I clean a mattress with pee?

Children take time to control their bladder and can sometimes have accidents while sleeping—nothing serious in short. Especially if you have a bore to protect your mattress, this is highly recommended. However, sometimes the pee crosses even escapes from the diaper or overflows and come to stain the mattress. So how do you clean a bed-stained bed-stained mattress? Don’t panic! Use simple sparkling water and rub to loosen the part of the mattress. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Then you can dry with a hairdryer or expose the mattress to the sun (more practical with a small mattress than with a large adult mattress).

Bicarbonate can also be a great help in cleaning a urine-stained mattress. After cleaning the pee stain, you can generously sprinkle the area and wait for the product to work. Afterwards, suck up the powder and residue that hides in the seams with a vacuum cleaner, and you’re done! The bicarbonate also has the property of absorbing odours! Thanks to this miracle product, your mattress will look new!

Note that it is necessary to opt for household bicarbonate and not dietary bicarbonate. The latter is also effective against stains, but bicarbonate is in a more suitable form, with often larger crystals.

Tip: These methods also work to clean cat urine on a mattress.


How do I clean the blood on a mattress?

The trick to overcoming a bloodstain on a mattress is amazing! To do this, dissolve two pills of aspirin in half a glass of cold water. Bring a piece of cotton and soak it in this mixture. Rub the task, and you’re done! Don’t have aspirin on hand? The bench vinegar and oxygenated water also do just fine. Alternatively, prepare a paste with starch and a little water and spread it out on the stain. Let it dry and brush! The whole thing is never to use hot water.


How do I clean a dry mattress?

We saw that it was possible to clean a dry mattress with bicarbonate properly. But it is also possible to use Earth of Sommières. To do this, sprinkle the mattress’s surface and let it work for a few minutes before rubbing vigorously. A vacuum cleaner later, and the tasks or tasks are gone!

A method often goes hand in hand with small disinfection using a few drops of tea tree essential oil mixed with bicarbonate.


How to clean a mattress naturally?

Therefore, it is straightforward to overcome all possible natural products such as baking soda, Terre de Sommières or white vinegar. The same goes for steam cleaning, which we also mentioned because it does not involve chemicals. So you don’t have to go to the maintenance department of your supermarket to try to find the new miracle product to clean a mattress stain. You don’t have to fall back on your laundry. The mattress only calls for natural products!


How do I clean a mattress stained with perspiration?

A pervasive case… Sweating stains that are more easily removed from clothing but which can quickly turn to ahead. So no, we’re not going to give you “soak” style advice because, of course, it’s impossible with a mattress. Here, water and ammonia are the best remedies. A mixture is applied to a cloth and then gently brushed the stain. Then rinse with cold water and dry with a hairdryer. And then again, we can use bicarbonate to absorb moisture!


How do you maintain your mattress?

Maintaining your mattress by aerating the room.

A healthy bedroom is a room that is aired regularly. The right thing to do is to open the window every morning when you wake up, in summer or winter, to promote a good renewal of the air. A beneficial gesture in all respects that avoids a small winter virus, for example, keeps the risk of allergies related to dust and mites. For the mattress, it may be best to wait for a little before making the bed so that your mattress can “breathe” and enjoy the ventilation. When your heating is off in the spring, you can even leave the window open all day to ventilate as much as possible. Simply opening the window will also reduce the mould’s risk in the bedroom, which is not insignificant. Much of the maintenance of the mattress involves the maintenance of the bedroom. Note that this is especially valid if you share your bed with your pet.


Maintain your mattress with a good vacuum cleaner

If airing the bedroom is important, taking care of its box spring is just as important. The mattress that rests on the box spring and therefore “teams up” with it to offer you the best support possible. To take care of the box spring, consider aerating it once a month. Remove the mattress and open the windows. A good vacuum will also be life-saving to remove dust and prevent mites from proliferating. And it’s just as valuable for maintaining the mattress. A vacuum cleaner on the latter will eliminate the accumulated dust.


Mattress maintenance: changing sheets regularly

The condition of the mattress also depends on the condition of the sheets. Keeping a bed fresh is like changing the sheets, whether you use a duvet or not, about every 15 days. Some factors can influence this duration, such as if you are more of a fan of the evening or morning shower. In any case, healthy bedding maintenance goes through sheets that are changed regularly, including the sheet cover or the last barrier, with the bore to protect your mattress. This brings us to the next point…


With each task, its cleanser

To go a step further, you should know that some tasks require special treatment. For example, a coffee stain is removed with a mixture consisting of the same amount of white vinegar and alcohol at 90 degrees if you are a breakfast enthusiast in bed. Chocolate is cleaned with soapy water and white vinegar. The ink stains are removed with lemon juice.

Thanks to these techniques, your mattress will quickly regain its original appearance. No more unsightly stains and bad smells! If you want to protect yourself from the dirtying of your mattress, know that mattresses are not only useful for comfort: removable mattresses protect your mattress from dirt, and you can wash their cover in a machine!

Unsightly tasks are therefore not inevitable. Sometimes you wonder when to change mattresses when it’s too stained. All these tips are useful to extend its lifespan and sanitize it.

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