How To Choosing Gas Stove

How To Choosing Gas Stove | Buying Guide

The gas stove is cooking equipment that is particularly practical for camping, hiking, outdoor outings… Lightweight and easy to carry, it is also highly appreciated for its ease of use and guaranteeing certain security. For its operation, the gas stove requires a mixture of liquid gas under pressure. This can be propane, butane or isobutane. Anyway, it’s always better to buy a stove tailored to the needs. In this buying guide, discover some tips and the essential information to choosing the best gas stove.


The criteria for choice

The criteria for choice

If you want to buy the ideal gas stove, you need to analyze your needs considering several criteria. Since this cooking device comes in several different models, each with specific characteristics, it is crucial to ensure that the choice is made wisely.

The type

There are several types of gas stoves in the trade. Before choosing a particular model, you need to make sure it actually fits your needs. You will have the choice of:

  • The classic stoves: compact and light; these are equipped with a simple burner to which will be connected a suitable gas cartridge. They are easy to use and come in several varieties. Note, however, that this type of gas stove is not necessarily compatible with piercing cartridges. It will then be necessary to protect yourself from an adapter.
  • Duo stoves: Duo models are the ones that connect with any valve cartridge, whether it’s threaded or not. They are usually equipped with a pan holder.
  • Reverse cartridge stoves: On these models, the cartridge is arranged so that the device offers better stability.
  • The stoves with burner and built-in meal: Also known as improved stoves, they offer better efficiency, consume little gas and are super convenient.


The number of burners

The number of burners

A gas stove with one, two, three or four lights? It all depends on the number of users and your needs. If you want to have the opportunity to prepare several dishes at once, to save time, it would be much better to choose a gas stove with several burners.


Size and weight

The size and weight of gas stoves naturally vary from model to model. For travel, hiking or camping, it is clear that a burnt model would be ideal compared to a model with two or more lights. The gas stove with a burner is, in fact, small, weighs much less and remains easier to transport.

In any case, you should consider the space you have to store the equipment while noting that you will need to provide a place for the canister or gas cartridge.



Power is one of the determining parameters in choosing a gas stove. It is the rate of heating of the preparation. The more powerful your stove, the faster your food will be cooked. Be aware that the most efficient gas stoves, i.e. professional models, have a power of at least 2800 watts. But for home use, you can opt for a prototype whose power is between 2000 and 2500 Watts. Below 1500 watts, the appliance will not be practical to cook but will mainly be used to heat.

In any case, it is recommended to bet on a gas stove whose power is adjusting. This way, you will be able to adjust the heating speed as needed.


Wind sensitivity

It is not obvious to use a gas stove outdoors, especially when conditions are not very favourable. The wind may move or extinguish the flames while raising dust. Before choosing your camping stove, it’s best to make sure it has an effective windshield or a protective lid.



It is also an important feature when it comes to practicality and ease of use. A stable gas stove is a guarantee of safety for the user. For this, opt for a model strong enough to hold in place and equipped with non-slip feet and stabilizers. Otherwise, note that the range models are the most stable because they land easily on flat surfaces.


Locking system

Safety is a crucial point not to be overlooked when using a gas stove. It only takes one fuel leak for an accident to occur. This is why you must choose a gas stove equipped with an efficient locking system so that the gas transit can be done properly, even if a power pipe is used with the deported cartridge models.

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