How To Choosing Deep Fryer | Buying Guide

To choose a deep fryer and be sure of your choice, you should rely first and foremost on several criteria. Here are some of the most important ones to consider to get your hands on the correct product.


The criteria for selecting a good fryer

The criteria for selecting a good fryer


Never buy a deep fryer without first making sure it will allow you to make enough fries to suit your needs. It is, in fact, depending on the number of people you will have to regale that you have to make your choice. For a person or a couple, a 2-litre utensil could do the trick. On the other hand, if you’re making fries for an entire family, expect a minimum of 3 litres depending on the number of mouths.



As long as you are not very hungry and have all your time, power is a characteristic not to be overlooked. Indeed, if this performance is not as high as possible, the preheating and cooking time will be relatively long. This could even result in fries not at all crispy with a very little stewing texture. So it should be noted that in terms of power, the higher the figure, the more the quality of cooking is impeccable.



Don’t forget; a deep fryer is a machine that heats itself first and then heats the frying oil. Heating can, therefore, reach temperatures that become dangerous in case of mishandling. To avoid incidents, it is recommended to opt for a device whose walls or external components do not heat up. Having a frying machine whose tank can be sealed is also ideal.


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There is nothing more annoying than being struggling with a kitchen utensil on which the residue of preparation remains stubbornly hooked. Easy cleaning after use is an important criterion to consider not to see its pleasure spoiled by difficult maintenance. So it’s best to bet on a removable fryer whose parts are not afraid of dishwashing. You should also make sure you opt for easy-to-clean external materials and non-stick internal coatings.


The conveniences of use

The conveniences of use

For it to be definitively considered the best fryer, the chosen model must be practical. A control window, an ergonomic filter, an easy drain system are all options that can make it easier to use your device.


What are the reasons for buying a deep fryer?

By definition, a deep fryer is the best utensil to prepare french fries according to the art rules. If its capacity and power are well-chosen, it will be the guarantee to always feast with crispy and delicious fries, without the need to move or wait indefinitely. Also, the machine allows many other foods to be fried quickly and efficiently, starting with fish, ice axe, meatballs, etc.

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