How to choose the right washing machine

Many people think that you can choose a washing machine without much difficulty. After all, almost all of them are the same – differs only design and price tag. But this opinion is fundamentally wrong. There are several types of washing machines. They may have different numbers of automatic modes. Finally, their engine is different. In short, it’s not that simple.

This article will help you choose a decent washing machine. After reading it, you will understand what specifications should be paid attention to and what questions to ask the seller-consultant. Bought after this household appliance will please you with every wash. And it’s definitely going to last many years.


Washing Machine Type

There are two common types of washing machines. The first is a vertically loaded device. In Soviet times, they were the most popular. Lingerie in them is loaded on top, because of which the washing machine can not be used as a stand for shampoos, powder and other things. Now such devices are produced less and less. However, each large company’s range necessarily includes at least a couple of washing machines with vertical loading. Their main advantage – minimal dimensions, such a unit can fit anywhere.

Much more popular now are the machines with a front load. Lingerie, in this case, is put in a special hatch, which has a glass door. Opening it requires extra space – this should be remembered. In terms of reliability, such washing machines are no inferior to their front sisters, and their quality is not much better. Some models get a removable top cover at their disposal – this allows you to use the device in the kitchen, putting on it a countertop.




Almost all front-loading washing machines have a width of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm. If you live in a small apartment, then you have to buy a narrow washing machine. If you have a lot of space, you can focus on the standard sizes, in this case, the device will be roomier.

There are also unusual washing machines, the height of which differs in a smaller or larger side from the standard parameter. In particular, there are options with a height of only about 70 cm. Usually, they are bought to put under the sink of a certain type. Well, washing machines with vertical loading are not so diverse. Usually, their height is from 85 to 90 cm, and the width and depth are 40 and 60 cm respectively. Exceptions happen, but very rarely.

The best way to start choosing a washing machine is to measure the space allotted to it. So you immediately exclude those models that do not fit into your kitchen or bathroom.



You must have already heard about embedded appliances. This is a special type of appliances, thanks to which the kitchen frees up a certain amount of space. The technique of this type is disguised as furniture – the top has put a countertop, and the front part has a hinged lid. All this makes the kitchen aesthetically attractive; all appliances fit perfectly into the interior.

Embedded washing machines are no different from their standard counterparts, except for the appearance. They necessarily have a changeable top lid, so that instead it could be put a countertop. The front panel of the device is often supplemented with a separate lid so that the washing machine does not stand out against the background of the same locker or refrigerator. If you do not have any built-in appliances in the kitchen, you do not need a washing machine of this type.



Any washing machine with front load is capable of pressing. To do this, the drum unwinds to a very high speed, and further work remains for centrifugal force. She literally squeezes drops of moisture out of the walled linen drum. The more powerful the motor – the faster the drum spins. Most often, the user chooses the press at 800 pm.

Now there are several common engines, which are endowed with washing machines. The most interesting should be the inverter motor. It has high efficiency and a large operational resource (more than 6 years). And it works quieter than any collector engine. Such motors can rotate the drum guided by any algorithms. The machine equipped with such an engine offers a large number of programs.

The engine’s rotor is usually connected to the drum by a special belt. Unfortunately, this element can break in a few years, which will force you to contact the service centre. Such a problem is devoid of direct drive engine. In this case, the drum is its continuation – all sorts of intermediaries do not exist. Such motors work even quieter, efficiency increases even more, and the lifespan can reach 10 years.

The washing machine’s capacity is measured in kilograms of dry laundry. The average device can hold up to 6 kg of all clothes. There are less roomy models – they are noticeably cheaper. And there are real monsters, which loads up to 8 kg of laundry. And these are not mentioned washing machines used in laundries. Their capacity – one and a half to two times higher, to pay for it has large sizes of the device.



Management type

Mechanical control now has only washing machines with vertical loading, and even then not all. In the vast majority of other models, electronic, mechanical control is used. This is when all sorts of rotary handles and buttons are used, although in fact all the information is processed by electronics. This principle of management is the most convenient; anyone can get used to it. While this can not be said about some expensive washing machines, where electronic control is used – all the information must be entered with a touchscreen LCD.


Washing programs

All appliances have a different number of washing modes. Sometimes producers in their advertising campaigns even start to brag about their number. But in fact, pay attention to this option is only if you regularly wash non-standard fabrics. And with the washing of ordinary clothes and clothes will cope absolutely any machine. It is advisable to make sure only in the presence of the program “Children’s clothing” – when using it the device rinses underwear much more actively. This eliminates all traces of powder so that the child’s skin will not be allergic. Sometimes this mode is replaced or supplemented by the “Super strip” program.



If your apartment does not have room to dry laundry, you have to fork out for a more expensive washing machine. But it will be endowed with built-in drying. All things after washing in this case, remain inside the unit. There they wither under the influence of hot air. However, it should be noted that this function will work adequately only in half the load from the capacity specified on the washing machine. It would help if you also prepared for increased electricity consumption.



The technical characteristics of any washing machine indicate the noise level. This is a critical parameter because unknowingly some people acquire terribly noisy instances. Such devices are audible even from another room. The least noise is made by the cars with vertical loading and those models in which the engine is built with direct drive. Most of the sounds are made when pressed – because at such moments the drum rotates at a very high speed.


Colour and design

Perhaps, the colouring and appearance of the washing machine should be guided last. However, you have the right to decide to buy a non-standard device, painted in blue, silver or red. Here it all depends on the interior in the room where the thing you bought will be installed.




The German company Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 1886. Since then, it has produced a huge number of electrical appliances. The whole technique is distinguished by traditional German quality and recognizable design. The corporation’s greatest profit comes from the creation of power tools, construction equipment, and automotive components. Bosch household appliances are also known around the world.



The South Korean company LG Group was founded in 1947, shortly after World War II. It was originally called Lak Hui Chemical Industries. The reduction of the name to LG occurred only after the merger with Goldstar. Now the financial and industrial group is engaged in a variety of areas. Household appliances – this is just one of the areas that bring not the largest profit. Perhaps LG washing machines have the best ratio in terms of quality and price.



The South Korean brand Samsung is now best known for smartphones and tablets. However, during its existence (founded in 1938), the company managed to produce a huge amount of equipment and go into the chemical and financial industries. You can find Samsung washing machines in stores. They are not distinguished by the highest price and a good set of automatic modes. In the range of the company, there are also devices with non-standard body colour.



The BEKO brand is owned by the Turkish company Koz Holding Durable Goods Group. It was created at the time of the Turkish corporation’s entry into foreign markets. Now under this brand is produced a large number of various household appliances. BEKO washing machines have a simplified design and a low price tag.



Among the existing German companies, Siemens is one of the oldest. This enterprise was founded in 1847. The Germans are actively working on the production of electrical equipment, medical equipment and even railway transport. Therefore, it should not be surprising that their washing machines are endowed with high-quality electronics, and the life of such devices can reach a decade and a half. The downside of Siemens technology is only the high cost.



Whirlpool Corporation was founded in November 1911. The American company has been working on improving washing machines for years, although it has other household appliances in its range. The company earns the most money in the U.S. and Canadian markets. In our country, finding Whirlpool washing machines is much more difficult. And at the cost, they will be inferior to similar competitors, brought to the store, not because of the ocean.

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