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If you’ve just reached the world of eyebrow makeup, don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this section, we answer frequently asked questions about the eyebrow pencil. Will you come with us? But, be careful; once you meet them, you may not want to let them go.

To know where our eyebrow should start, we must align it with the beginning of our nose, on the outside. 


What exactly is an eyebrow pencil, and what is it for?

eyebrow pencil

Let’s start at the beginning. An eyebrow pencil is a makeup product that fills our eyebrows, providing a completely populated effect with a professional finish. Its daily use allows us to show off perfect eyebrows with the desired shape and with long-lasting results.


What types of eyebrow pencil are there?

  • Although today, we can find many eyebrow pencil models, since more and more cosmetics and makeup brands join this new fashion and incorporate this type of products into its catalogue, we can differentiate two main types: Wooden eyebrow pencil: the most classic, we could say. It has a shape similar to the old eyeliners, and there are different shades. They are exact, economical and easy to use.
  • Retractable eyebrow pencil: this is how newer models usually come. It includes a brush and provides a more natural look since its strokes are not as marked. That said, it’s a little less economical than the wooden one.

Also, even if you don’t consider yourself a type, there are eyebrow pencils with a built-in shadow. This shadow is responsible for unifying the result and blurring the strokes to make it look more natural. The choice is a matter of tastes and sees which one you feel most comfortable with since both have good finishes.


How do I use an eyebrow pencil?

  • Contrary to what you usually think, using an eyebrow pencil is extremely easy. Of course, it requires practice, and, as you use it, the results will get better and better. But, if the reason you haven’t joined this new fashion yet is this one, it’s over! Take note of the simple steps to follow: The first thing is to prepare the eyebrows. To do this, comb them (with the comb built into the pencil or with the one you have) always in the hair growth direction. In this way, we will see clearly what weaknesses we should focus on.
  • Once you have perfectly combed eyebrows, wax or trim the hairs that stick out, both at the top and bottom.
  • Now yes, grab your eyebrow pencil and fill the bones that leave the hair to create a more consistent image.
  • Continue with the pen until you get the expected results. And that’s it!

See how we didn’t lie when we said it was so easy? Okay, so far, yes, but I’m sure you’re wondering now how to know what shape your eyebrows need to have to look your best. Don’t worry, we’ll answer you in the next question.

The wooden eyebrow pencil is the most classic, we could say. It has a shape similar to the old eyeliners, and there are different shades. They are exact, economical and easy to use. 


What types of eyebrows are there, and how can I get the most out of my eyebrow pencil?

To get the eyebrows that favour us the most, we must start by knowing the different types of eyebrows. Thus, you’ll know how you’ll have to draw them, and you can get as much out of your eyebrow pencil as possible:

Eyebrow shape types of faces they favour most

Round eyebrows Recommended for women with very marked factions, as it softens them.

Flat eyebrows Ideal for those who don’t want to take too much risk, the angle is almost imperceptible.

S-shaped eyebrows On round or somewhat square faces, this type of eyebrow favours the most, as it softens all shapes.

Eyebrows with angle Ideal for marking the expression, as they fine-tune the face and lengthen it, regardless of the angle’s pronunciation.

Now that we have established the main ways our eyebrows can have, as each face is a world, it is best to see what ours should be shaped based on our specific factions. To do this, specialists recommend following these steps:

  • To know where our eyebrow should start, we must align it with the beginning of our nose, on the outside. To do this, you can place the pencil itself on the nose fin and create a vertical line until the start of the eyebrow.
  • To find the highest point of our eyebrow, where we will create the arc or curvature, we have to create the diagonal that passes through the eye’s centre. We place the pencil-like before, but now we move it until it crosses our eye. At the point where you stick with your eyebrow, we’ll place the highest point.
  • Finally, to see where the eyebrow ends, we move the pencil a little more, this time to the end of our eye. If your hair doesn’t get to that point, the eyebrow pencil will help you fill in the missing space.


How do I know which eyebrow pencil tone suits me best?

This is one of the most important issues when we talk about eyebrow pencils because many women are not encouraged to use them because they think the results are not natural. In addition to the product’s quality, we must choose the right tone to achieve the best finish. To do this, the first thing we need to look at is the tone of our hair (but, eye, on the tone of the root) and choose one or two shades below it. The eyebrow pencil must be a little lighter than hair because facial fat makes the colour darken.

However, this trick may not work for blond hair, as we won’t want to have hardly visible eyebrows. In this case, choose a somewhat darker colour than your hair, but it doesn’t stand out too much. It is also essential that the colour of the eyebrows is in tune with the skin tone:

Skin toneRecommended eyebrow pencil tone.

Light or pink skin Tones that pull towards the ash blonde.

Tanned skin Light brown tones.

Dark skin Matte brown tones.


Can micro-blading be done with the eyebrow pencil?

In case this term sounds Chinese to you, we’ll start by saying that micro-blading is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique. Hair is drawn to hair and usually lasts around three or four days, depending on its quality. And, yes, there are eyebrow pencils for micro-blading. Although this technique is increasingly booming, it is recommended only for the most “expert” in the field, since, being a long-lasting system, they are more difficult to eliminate if the results we do not like. Therefore, it is important to try a normal eyebrow pencil first and take practice with it.


Buying Guide For eyebrow pencils

Buying Guide For eyebrow pencils

Now that you know the world of eyebrow pencils in-depth, you may be considering getting one. If so, don’t worry, here we are also to help you with that task. If you want to choose the one that best suits your needs, pay attention to the purchase criteria shown below:

Type and colour

First of all, as it could not be otherwise, we must be clear about the type and colour of the eyebrow pencil we need. Regarding the type, we noted above that both the wooden pencil and the retractable are very effective and can offer you outstanding results, as long as we know how to use them, of course.

Therefore, this issue will depend solely on our tastes. However, choosing a colour is somewhat more complicated. Remember to look at your hair’s tone and skin to find the colour of eyebrow pencil that best suits you and with which you will get more natural results.

Also, even if you don’t consider yourself a type, there are eyebrow pencils with a built-in shadow. This shadow is responsible for unifying the result and blurring the strokes to make it look more natural. 



Another important factor that influences us when buying an eyebrow pencil is the durability of it. In this case, we must warn you that we do not mean micro-blading or any other method of “tattooing” eyebrows or makeup them with long-lasting treatments.

We refer to “traditional” eyebrow pencils, both wood and retractable. The average duration of this product is about eight hours, so you should not retouch during the day. However, many have a shorter duration. If you don’t want to be constantly watching, it’s best to look at it, too.


Other features added

Finally, if we want to refine the search even more and find the best eyebrow pencil on the market, we can also pay attention to other features offered by the product. In this case, one of the most demanded features is that it is waterproof, especially during the summer months.



Do you dream of populated eyebrows, beautiful and always perfect? Well, you can stop dreaming because you only need an eyebrow pencil to make this image your daily reality. These makeup products have come on a hard footing and don’t look like they’re going to leave for a long time.

Contrary to what it may seem, they are straightforward to use, and the results they offer are excellent. Just choose the tone that suits you best and start practising; you’re sure to do better and better. If you haven’t already reached out to one of them, what are you waiting for to try them?

If you liked our guide to eyebrow pencils, share it on social networks and leave us a comment. And, if you’ve got any unresponsive questions left, shoot; we’re here to help you.

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