How to Choose the Right Printer for Your Home Office

The first thing we need to know before buying a printer is to be very clear what use we will give you to get the best out of it possible.

It is widespread for us to ask ourselves which printer is most suitable for our house, office, etc.

For this, we have some tips that will help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Having a printer at home makes a lot of sense in recent times, whether it’s to work from home or for little ones or teens who need to print or scan their jobs for school.


When Buying a Printer


  • The first question we have to ask ourselves is, what will I use the printer for? For example, to print only, to scan, to print large formats, print photos, from laser ink… Answering this question is essential to start choosing a specific type of printer because if we only want to print, it is good for us with a simple printer, but if we are going to want to scan, then we must choose a multifunction.
  • Once we are clear about the above, we should look at the print speed or the same “ppm” (pages per minute). The range is extensive, being between 4 and 800 ppm.
  • Another important factor in print quality. In this case, laser printers have mostly higher print quality but only print in black and white. If we want to print in colour, we should opt more for a multifunction, which also reaches very high print quality standards, especially when printing photos.

The quality of a printer is measured in dpi (dots per inch). The normal is 1200 dpi. If the use you are going to give is aimed at higher quality prints, such as graphic designs, photographs, etc., you must choose a printer with at least 4800 dpi.

In recent times, ink tank printers have come to market. They still have slightly higher prices than the rest, but they have the advantage that they do not use cartridges but a tank where you can recharge the ink. This makes recharging much cheaper than having to replace a cartridge.

These types of printers can be ideal for high print volume and high-quality inkjet printers.

  • Print type. If our idea is to take advantage of the paper and print double-sided, we need to make sure that the printer we will choose has this functionality. Some printers do this automatically, and others need manual folio change.
  • Wi-Fi connection. This point is no less important than the previous ones, as it means being able to place the printer anywhere in our house or office, without the need to connect it to a cable. In turn, it allows printing from any device, mobile or other, that can be connected via wifi to the printer and send our documents directly to print.
  • Price of consumables. We must assess the price of the printer itself and the subsequent cost of replacing the cartridges or toner. This issue can be a not very pleasant surprise when it comes to replenishing the ink. It is important that before purchasing a new printer, we check the prices of your cartridges, both original and compatible. That way, we won’t get any surprises later.

After all these points, you may be wondering what’s profitable to have a printer at home? It will all depend on the use that will be given to it. If we plan to make a deficient and almost occasional volume of impressions, it may not be profitable. Printers need continuous use to stay in perfect condition, both ink and heads. If you are going to make a high volume of prints, without a doubt, the answer is clear, and you need a printer at home.

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