How to Choose The Right Night Cream

Night cream allows you to strengthen daytime care, correct the skin’s aesthetic imperfections, and improve its condition. Certain rules can achieve this effect: cosmetics must accurately correspond to the type of skin and its needs. Let’s try to understand why you need cream at night, whether it is needed for young girls and how to choose the right product to get the best effect.


Do I need to use a night cream for the face?

Our skin is transformed at night – literally. First, regeneration is enhanced during the hours of sleep. According to various studies, the peak of the upgrade processes falls between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. At this time, cells need special night care, especially if the priority is to fight wrinkles and prevent them.

In addition, night anti-aging care can be as effective as possible, as the “susceptibility” of skin cells to certain substances increases—for example, ingredients such as glycolic acid and retinoids. Using cosmetics containing vitamin C, E or H can also plan for a time 2 hours before bedtime.

It should be taken into account that at night your skin may lack moisture. This is due to the activity of the sebaceous glands: at about noon, it is maximum, and by the evening, it decreases. During sleep, fat production decreases, and the protective lipid layer that holds moisture becomes thinner. Therefore, it is necessary to include in your arsenal of beauty a good moisturizing fluid or cream. It should maintain the water balance of the skin and at the same time protect against swelling.

Bleaching cream will be more effective at night. Lightening products in the daytime are reduced since the influence of ultraviolet light in the skin produces more melanin.


How to Choose the Night Cream?

How to Choose the Night Cream

You can find more than one rating, offering to choose a night cream, but most importantly – individual needs. It is necessary to take into account the skin type of the face, its current condition, and the features of daycare. You can find night cream for different skin types in the collections of Lanc’me.

For dry skin

Dry skin is more prone to stress and negative external factors. Its lipid layer is thinner, which makes the water balance disturbed very easily. As a result – a lack of dullness, flax, loss of tone, and other problems. This type of skin requires a cream that effectively hydrates, such as Hydra zen Nuit. It not only saturates moisture and revives the radiance but also gives incredible comfort.


For oily skin

For oily skin is not a suitable product with oil in composition. It is better to give preference to cosmetics with plant extracts that have a beneficial effect on the sebaceous glands, give an antibacterial effect, moisturize, and do not aggravate the skin. A light night remedy can be found in the product line of the Energie De Vie with ginseng, French melissa, and cranberry seed oil.


For problem skin

For the problem skin with frequent irritations and inflammations, you can supplement the main care with a mask Hydra zen Masque Nuit, which can be applied as a night cream. It soothes, saturates moisture, and softens; in the morning, the skin becomes velvety and radiant.


For sensitive skin

Any remedy for such skin should be as delicate and light as possible. To cope with discomfort and start regenerative processes in the skin will help the night cream Absolue Nuit Premium qx. Thanks to the ProXylane molecule and the N-Stimuline complex, it stimulates cellular activity during the night hours, increasing skin resistance and making it elastic and radiant.


With extended pores

The visionnaire Nuit multi-active oil gel is ideal for improving the texture of the skin with enlarged pores. It has a very delicate texture and a unique composition which includes a natural extract of golden kelp, ceramides, a cocktail of oils, and jasmonate.


Signs of aging

The regenerative R’nergie Nuit Multi-Lift will help to get a pronounced and extended lifting effect. It is based on the innovative UP-Cohesiontm technology, which promotes the regeneration of fibroblast cells, energy production to provide deep lifting and smoothing of wrinkles, and apricot oil and care nourishment and enhances skin recovery during the night period.


Top 5 questions about night cream

The best night creams are those that correspond to the type and needs of the skin. Find your perfect cosmetics – half the job; you also need to know how to use it and navigate different day and night cream. This is the only way to achieve maximum effect from home-care skincare.

Can I use a night cream as a day cream?

Whether it is possible to use night cream during the day is one of the most common questions for those who want to make up their personal care program. Strictly speaking, if you apply night cream in the morning, nothing terrible will happen. However, each tool has its own features and “tasks,” so you need to apply them correctly.

The main difference between a day cream and a night cream is protecting the skin: to block ultraviolet light, excrete free radicals, etc. Night Cream – a means that promotes nutrition, recovery, and “rest” of the skin. In this case, it will not protect the face properly from photoaging and negative external factors; besides, it can leave some fat shine on the face. It is for these reasons that it should not be used instead of daytime permanently.


How to apply the cream at night?

Before you use night cream, as, indeed, any other, the skin must be cleaned, it is better to use special products, as conventional soap dries the skin and has an aggressive effect on the protective hydrolipid layer of the skin. The cream should be distributed along the massage lines: from the center of the forehead to the periphery, from the nose to the temples and cheekbones, from the chin – in the direction of the ears. Just before going to bed, you can gently wet your face with a paper napkin.


When is it better to apply for a night aid?

When to apply the cream at night is a fundamental question. A universal solution – an hour before bedtime, if the product contains retinoids and vitamins – for a couple of hours. This time is enough for each component included in the manufacturers, managed to penetrate the skin and not remain on the pillow.


Is night cream useful for periodic use?

Some night creams can not only be applied before bedtime but also used as a mask. In this case, the product is distributed across the face in a dense layer, and its excess after absorption is given with a napkin. This ritual allows you to quickly restore the skin condition, for example, when drying or in other “extreme” conditions.

Night cream often contains a whole cocktail of grooming ingredients. It can be:

Collagen is a protein that is resilient and smooth;

Hyaluronic acid – maintains normal hydration levels and stimulates regeneration;

Oils – nourish, soften, help fight imperfections;

Plant extracts – have an antiseptic effect, remove inflammation, tone, fill with energy.

The Absolue Precious Cells cream mask with brownie oil and Damascus rose essential oil, providing a restorative effect, is ideal for night care.


Do I need to use a night cream for up to 30 years?

Depending on its type and general health, the first changes in the skin can occur as early as the age of 20-25 years. If problems such as dull complexion, loss of elasticity, and fine wrinkles, it is unnecessary to neglect quality care during sleep. When choosing a night cream, it should start from the type. For example, for dry skin, suitable dense products and combined or oily skin owners will be more comfortable using cosmetics with a lighter – gel texture. After 30 years, a nutritious night cream is needed permanently, and after 40 years, it is necessary to use anti-icing products regularly.

Should night cream be included in my care program? The answer is obvious – when used with the right tool increases the effect of day cosmetics. As a result, the skin becomes more taut, elastic, and velvety, and age-related changes decrease and slow down.

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