How to Choose the Right Gas Stove

Even though new homes are increasingly installed electric stoves in recent years, many homemakers still choose as much as possible reliable and tested gas columns and gas stoves. This is not surprising because gas stoves have so many advantages over electric ones.


Benefits of gas stoves

Benefits of gas stoves

First of all, of course, it is low price and availability. Gas stoves are much cheaper than electric stoves, and they also save on electricity. It turns out much more profitable to use a gas stove than an electric one.

There is no denying that the gas stove is very easy to use and requires only minimal care. Also, dishes cooked on a gas stove get much tastier and richer than cooked on electric stoves. Another advantage is the ability to instantly change the temperature, which is not in electric plates.


Lack of gas stoves

Of course, both gas and electric stoves have their own drawbacks. Gas stoves are not as safe as electric ones because if there is a gas leak, there could be a fire. Another drawback is that the gas stove is not as mobile as the electric one. It is connected to a gas pipe, so moving it at will is difficult. Also, repair and independent maintenance of gas stoves are impossible if the stove malfunctions will require a specialist’s help.


The technical characteristics of gas stoves and their design

Gas stoves are usually made of stainless and heat-resistant steel. Manufacturers always try to make dashboards as practical and easy to use as possible. They are made from various materials, so you need to know the pros and cons of each to choose the right gas stove.

The most common are gas stoves with an enamelled surface, usually white. Their plus is that they are affordable for everyone. And minus only one: the enamelled surface is challenging to clean from the traces of cooking, and sometimes, during the cleaning of the surface, it may appear scratches.

More expensive are polished or matte surfaces. Their advantage lies in the stylish design, and such slabs will fit perfectly into the interior of the luxury kitchen. Also, this surface is easily washed off from fat, but it is necessary to clean such a stove with special detergents for polished surfaces. However, a small drawback is that there are traces of fingers on such a plate when touching it. It is necessary to try hard that the stove constantly sparkled and glittered.

The so-called glass-ceramic surfaces are also gaining popularity. Their advantages are obvious. They look very stylish. With the stove’s right care, it can serve you all your life because the material is very durable and resistant to any temperature load. There are almost no drawbacks to such a panel except for the price. Glass-ceramic slabs are exquisite and are presented in three colours: black, white and brown.


The size of the gas stoves

The size of the gas stoves

Any plate, including gas, is chosen so that it fits in the area reserved for it. If the kitchen’s size is large, you can safely choose a gas stove with a wide cooking surface. Many companies now offer slabs with special adjustable legs. It sounds tempting because it is so convenient when the slab’s height can be adjusted to itself. Usually, the standard size of gas stoves height from 850mm, and depth 500-600mm. They have cooking surfaces measuring 500× 500mm or 600×600mm and can fit even in the smallest kitchens.


Gas burners

Usually, gas stoves had four gas burners. Modern manufacturers offer you various options, ranging from plates with two rings to plates with five or six rings, and these rings of different sizes, which is very convenient.

There are also models of gas-electric plates, which have three gas burners, and one electric one. Such plates are better to buy those people who have interruptions with gas or electricity in the house.

Thanks to this variety, now each mistress can choose a stove with the desired number of rings. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the frequency of cooking in the house and the stove’s necessary load. Also, the rings have different capacities, which can be set up yourself depending on personal preferences. At a certain capacity, you can prepare complex dishes, stew meat, vegetables, etc.

The largest ring usually has the most power. Additionally, it has a design that includes, if necessary, another series of flames, which is very convenient when you need to cook something very quickly and urgently. In addition to plates with a round shape of rings, you can meet and gas slabs with oval and even triangular shapes. This modern innovation is suitable for any form of utensils and, if used correctly, will never spoil the edges of the dishes. Another advantage of these rings is that they do not need to be covered with heavy bars.


Different types of ovens

In modern gas stoves, you can find a huge variety of built-in ovens. In addition to the usual for us, gas ovens can also be found ovens that run from electricity, gas grill, which is much more economical than electric grills. Almost all manufacturers equip gas ovens with a special air circulation system, which serves as the basis for even heating of dishes.

Electric ovens have their advantages over gas so that they are easier to adjust. They have special multifunctional systems with which you can change the heating mode and choose the necessary temperature. In gas ovens, it is not always possible to adjust the appropriate temperature with ease. Modern ovens, both electric and gas, are equipped with a secure door system. Doors can be with a double or triple anti-strike layer of glass. And glass is made of heat-resistant and high-quality materials.

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