How to Choose the Right Food Processor for Your Kitchen

Kitchen robot, blender, chopper, food processor… there are so many small appliances in the kitchen that it is difficult to distinguish them. We help you differentiate them and decide exactly what you need. Plus a comparison of the best food processor on the market.

A food processor is a machine that helps us in the kitchen. It can be very simple or more complicated. But it differs clearly from the blender because it only serves to crush wet foods to make smoothies, creams or soups. And the cooking robot because this one, in addition to preparing recipes, cooks them. Simple, isn’t it? Well, it’s not that much! Because each of these little appliances becomes more complete over the years, looking more and more like each other.


What is a Food Processor

Food Processor

Suppose we mix fruit and/or vegetables and some liquid (juice, milk, vegetable milk) to make a smoothie or a cream with its fibre and pulp with the blender. And the cooking robot is like a pot, a frying pan, and an oven, which also peels, chops, grinds, chops, bats, squeezes, kneads, and prepares top-notch dishes.

The food processor makes it easy and fast to cook, performing for you most repetitive tasks such as cutting onions, grating carrots, chopping herbs or nuts, crushing tomatoes, making a sauce… And if you have accessories, you can get to make the dough, assemble clear… To get an idea, you can get home and have a gazpacho in 10 minutes.

It is a small appliance that entered the professional and domestic kitchens in the 60s, medium-sized, composed of motor and plastic containers to perform all functions. You are accompanied by various sets of discs and blades specific to each use.

Most of these functions can also be done with an arm mixer with accessories. Well, it’s another option. Only you have to choose each time the add-on you need, while the processor is always ready, ready to help you.

What a food processor is for

A good food processor will help you:

  • Grate all kinds of vegetables or cheese in a moment, using their discs.
  • Fillet the onion or any vegetable in a few seconds to make your sofrito.
  • Also, chop them to the size you want, including nuts. If you put basil, garlic and pine nuts in, in a moment, you have pesto done. It is ideal for making tomatoes for a sofrito.
  • Sauces: just put in the desired ingredients, crush and mix.
  • Vegetable purees and pates: crush and mix all kinds of vegetables, nuts, spices and herbs and always have the fridge a resource to complement dishes or save makeshift meals.
  • Liquefy and squeeze.
  • Frozen fruit ice creams and sorbets: crush and mix them with sugar, lemon, mint… At one point, you have an exquisite dessert.
  • Make bread doughs or pastries.
  • Assemble clear to the snow point, with how laborious it is by hand! with the specific accessory or whipped cream.

Get used to having it ready on the kitchen surface and use it for anything you need. You’ll see how quickly you prepare food, and with what a good level of finishes. In fact, you’re going to see that the food processor does it better than you do and faster.


Healthy cooking with a food processor

Having a machine ready to prepare all kinds of dishes in a moment with vegetables, vegetables, and fruits helps you eat healthily. Each brand includes numerous recipes with its processor to take advantage of it, and numerous vegan recipes need the food processor to make them.

For vegan cooking, the cold-pressing blender, food processor, wok, dehydrator and ice cream maker are the must-have utensils. With the processor are made crudiveganos cheeses and pates, butter and nut flours, recipes with crushed vegetables as a base, the classic coleslaw salad, vegetable milk…

For example, you can make a Mexican omelette in a moment and fill it with roasted chopped vegetables, a few zucchini spaghetti or a vegetable plate, a cabbage salad with todi type of vegetables and small cut nuts, cut some aubergines to batter them or some potatoes to fry them, cut the vegetables for soups or potages, prepare vegetables for pasta, couscous or rice, make a pesto to accompany any dish.


The best food processor

As always, when we talk about small appliances, there is no “the best” or “the worst” but the most suitable for your needs. So bad is buying a straightforward one if you love the refuelling, as one too complete if you are only going to use it to grate, cut and crush (among other things because they will fill the kitchen with accessories that you will not use or invest time in knowing what they are for).

What’s the best home food processor

The first thing you have to think about is what capacity you want the food processor. If it’s too big, it’ll take up more space in the kitchen and weigh more: if that’s no problem, go ahead! If you prefer something more just to, value the minimum capacity you need, usually 1 litre (a 2-litre container is approximately 4 people).

Then think about complexity. You can have a processor where you increase the speed. Or very sophisticated, with timer, turbo speed… The more complex, the more time you have to spend learning how to use it, the more things you can do with it.

And this brings us to the accessories… There are blades for chopping, cutting in julienne, discs for grating or slinging, paddles for beating and kneading, juicers, spatulas… almost half a hundred functions! Some are included in the price, but others are optional. Make sure you stay what you need.

Power is another key factor, especially if you are going to use it a lot. The more powerful, faster and thinner itches, for example, and the more it can be used without overheating. 600W is the minimum power to work smoothly.

Also, note the details:

  • its components are made of stainless steel so that they do not rust and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • That has non-slip legs, so it doesn’t move when it’s at full power.
  • That your lid has anchor safety.
  • Design details like a wide mouth to introduce large foods.
  • That’s easy to clean.


Professional food processor

Professional processors are often large to make large meals and offer multiple functions. That’s why most brands reserve their small, more complex appliances for the high-end or professional.

What you’re looking for in a professional food processor is to do the most functions on the same machine, so you invest only in one and get the most out of it.

Its engine’s power exceeds 1000W since it has to be able to crush frozen food, and its container is of great capacity. It is made of high-quality materials.

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