How To Choose The Right Electric Rice Cooker

If you don’t have a rice barge at home, you’ve undoubtedly eaten the best rice in one of your favorite restaurants or pubs. And you know why? Most chefs use an electric rice cooker to prepare rice, which easily and quickly induces a healthy and tasty side dish to the main dish. It is suitable for all kinds of rice, it is produced in different sizes, and a selected group of rice cookers will also offer you more functions, such as steaming.

The offer of rice-eaters on the Czech market may seem quite broad to you, but the opposite is true. Abroad, rice-eaters are more widespread not only in restaurants but also in households. Naturally, therefore, their offer of rice-eaters is also more prosperous.

Tip! If your local assortment doesn’t suit you and you’re traveling abroad, don’t be afraid to go to the home appliance shop.



How does the rice cooker work?

How does the rice cooker work


The Rice cooker works on the principle of steaming rice. That is why the doornail is equipped with a small hole through which the excess steam goes away. Generally bad to say that rice broth is a relatively smart but straightforward electrical appliance for the home. It includes a thermostat that controls the temperature. Once the water has soaked, and the rice is cooked, it will turn off the appliance or switch to heating mode. Thanks to this, you can indulge in non-stick, fluffy, and warm rice even a few hours after it has been fermented.

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to prepare meals. Food retains its vitamins and valuable substances, which, for example, disappear during classic cooking. If you follow the correct dosage of rice and water, you do not have to worry about over burning the grains.

Types of rice-eaters

If you have decided that you want to indulge in luxury rice at home and want to buy a rice cooker, you have two options:

Rice maker in the microwave

  • At first glance, it looks like a classic plastic bowl with a lid for keeping food in the fridge.
  • However, these bowls/pots are made of high-quality plastics and are suitable for preparing rice in the microwave.
  • They are usually sold with steam cooking accessories. In the pot, you can prepare vegetables, for example.
  • However, the microwave rice cooker does not offer any additional functions, and due to the action of microwaves, it can negatively affect the taste and quality of rice.
  • Its purchase price, which ranges from CZK 70, is beautiful.
  • This type of ricer is only usable in combination with a microwave oven.

I was wondering how this ricer works?

Put a pro-rata portion of water and rice in a saucepan, close with a lid, put it in a microwave, turn on the timer, and we have the rice ready in a few minutes. We have nothing further to deal with in this regard – it does not offer us any additional functions and possibilities to deal with electric rice in the rest of the article.

  • low purchase price
  • possibility of preparing vegetables
  • usable only in combination with microwave
  • microwave action can negatively affect the taste and quality of rice
  • does not offer additional features
  • from an electric rice cooker most people like more

Electric rice maker

Perhaps each of us had at least once cooked rice, or you pulled it out of the pot too soon, and the grains of rice were still hard. With this problem, you will undoubtedly be helped by a rice cooker, which will prepare tasty rice in a few minutes, without constantly checking the time and whether there is enough water in the pot.

Each type of ricer offers a broader or narrower range of functions :

  • safety fuse,
  • fully automatic mode,
  • timer
  • the possibility of choosing rice preparation.

The number of functions available usually depends on the price of the device.

There is a rule, the higher the price, the more functions, and vice versa. You will find a range of traditional and multifunctional rice cookers markets, where selected models combine rice cookers with steam pots. You can also prepare whole dishes in more expensive multifunctional jars, such as risotto, soups, meat, fish, etc. You have to answer whether you can use all these features or just simply cooking rice yourself.

You know that: Although rice cookers are primarily intended to prepare only one raw material, rice, there are no limits to imagination. I know people around me who use it to prepare, for example, legumes or noodles. Personally, it seems like an emergency, but sometimes this information can come in handy.

  • Additional functions: safety fuse, timer, etc.
  • possibility of choosing rice preparation
  • the price depends on the other functions

Technical parameters of electric rice cookers

Technical parameters are the critical factors on which you decide which of the products offered is the best for you. So let’s take a look at them:



As we mentioned earlier, the rule applies to ricers. The higher the price, the more features offered and user comfort. However, if you are unpretentious users and expect only the ricer to prepare tasty rice, you will surely need a cheaper option with the basic on/off function. Almost all rice cookers on the market include a mixing plastic spoon and rice measuring cup. The same applies to lights that inform you about cooking or maintaining temperature. Every device is equipped with them. More expensive rice markets display to display more information, but you don’t need it for anything.

More demanding users can expect more from rice-eaters. You can choose from the following features:

Automatic operation

Thanks to this function, the rice cooker works in fully automatic mode. This means that the appliance itself can tell when the rice is ready and, when cooked, keeps it warm without boiling or burning the rice. It is the so-called “Keep Warm” function. Each device has a different length. The minimum is five hours; we usually encounter twelve hours or appliances that keep the rice warm until you turn it off. It is the basis by which almost all rice-eaters are confiscated.


This feature allows us to set the exact time when the ricer should turn on and start cooking. So if you have any processing during the morning or are at work, just put the timer about 15-30 minutes before returning home. The rice will be cooked just as you arrive home, and you can serve it directly on the table.

What kind of rice do you want?

With this feature, you can choose which rice you want to prepare and how to cooks it. For example, you can choose whether to prepare rice for sushi or chicken with a sprinkle instead.

Features for your safety

Each rice cooker has more or fewer safety functions, depending on the type. The primary safety function that each ricer has is the holes on the lid. Steam can thus escape during cooking without any risk of overpressure.

For more expensive models, for example, you may encounter a feature that instantly shuts down the rice plant when water shortages are detected. The safety fuse will do the same if the pot overheats. Switching off the appliance when the rice is cooked can also be considered a safety function.

Other advanced programs

Quality multifunctional rice cookers can offer us a more comprehensive range of functions that will allow us to prepare the whole dish in a saucepan without using the stove. The multifunctional pot will “replace” our plates, oven, and pressure cooker. For example, it will offer you the function of healthy steaming, baking, cooking under pressure, cooking soups, meat, fish, vegetables, mash, and so on. They are therefore rather multifunctional devices, which also have the function of a ricer. The frequency of use of the multifunctional ricer will undoubtedly be greater than that of an ordinary ricer. However, you have to expect a higher purchase price.


Volume and size of the device

Another critical factor in the selection of the ricer is the volume of the cooking vessel and the total size of the ricer.

Rice-eaters are available in many size variants:

Rice broth with a capacity of 0.5 liters

This is a category of small rice-eaters, which are more suitable for a family of two or three or a single couple. Suddenly, a small rice cooker can prepare a portion for three borders.

Rice broth with a volume of 1 – 1.8 liters

The medium-sized rice cooker is an ideal choice for a family of four. From one prepared portion, four people are 100% and will remain to be added.

Rice broth with a capacity of 2 liters or more

Large rice cookers are suitable for a more prominent family and wherever rice is cooked in bulk. A larger volume can pay off, for example, if you want to prepare rice for more days in advance or if you often cook for guests.

People who want to buy a rice cooker usually cook rice more often. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to pay increased attention to the volume of the cooking vessel and the total size of the ricer. And that is what the overall size of the device is related to.

If you want to cook rice often, you will not want to store the appliance constantly in the kitchen, but you will keep it on the worktop. Then it’s up to you how much space you’re willing to sacrifice for the ricer. If you decide to store it in a locker, consider its weight and shape – you want it to be a story as possible.

It is Produced in various designs. You can find stainless steel rice or stainless st in different colors on the marketh plastic in other on the market’s marketers it on the line; you can choose from models that will flatter your eye.

Weight of prepared rice

The entry ‘maximum permissible weight of rice’ is also closely linked to the volume of rice. This indicates the total importance of rice that the appliance can prepare during one cooking. The larger the rice cooker, the greater the importance of rice you will be able to qualify. Most often, you will encounter a range from 0.7 to 1.5 kg and more.

Electricity consumption

The consumption of ricer is mainly related to its size, performance, and speed. The larger the volume and quantity of cooked rice, the greater the electricity consumption. One appliance can cook for less time than the other, but it can have higher average consumption and vice versa. But with this device, it’s not necessary to deal with it extra. It is not in operation every day; its consumption is not extra large and does not run for a long time in a piece. A lower electricity bill is much more important to have an economical washing cooker or dryer in category A+++.

How to take care of maintenance

Maintenance of the appliance is not particularly complicated. Most rice-eaters have a removable cooking vessel, which you can usually wash in the dishwasher. However, you should check these parameters before purchasing. The inside of the boiling vessel is usually Teflon or stainless steel. Both surfaces are easy to clean; beware of poor quality Teflon when choosing. If the non-admirable surface of Teflon is disturbed, it can burn in a pot of rice and do more harm than good.

Advantages of cooking in a rice cooker

Most of us prepare rice either in boiling bags or with a bulk directly in a saucepan. Both variants are fast, and if you choose a quality product, then good. However, even better quality rice is not as good a taste as in a ricer. You can burn the bulk rice in a saucepan. With a bag, you can’t test whether it’s cooked enough.

Rice prepared in rice:

  • has a better taste,
  • all nutrients are retained,
  • has an optimal consistency,
  • thanks to the unique properties of the device, the rice remains inducted and warm even a few hours after cooking.

If you prepare a complete meal with this device, you will save a lot of time and piles of dirty dishes.


How to cook rice in a rice cooker

Put the right amount of rice and water in the rice cooker. Most often, the ratio corresponds to 1.5-2 pieces of water per 1 piece of rice. However, some rice-eaters have opposite features marked on them. One shows the amount of rice, the other the amount of water. The principle works by measuring the amount of rice on the appropriate line and, on the second feature, the amount of water corresponding to rice.

  • Rinse or soak the rice (soak only for the type of rice that requires it).
  • If you want, add seasonings and other spices.
  • Close, start to select the appropriate programs for better models.
  • After a specific time, the device switches off; some models maintain even the appropriate temperature.
  • After switching off, your rice is ready to eat; for better distribution of taste and aroma, it is recommended to let it go under for about 10 minutes.
  • Now you can open the ice maker and serve delicious rice.
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