How to Choose the Right Beard for Your Face Shape

Beard – one of the most important attributes of the male image, which emphasises the image, displays the character and individual style of any man. But how to choose the shape of a beard so that it does not change to the worst the contours of the face? The wrong hairstyle will negatively affect the appearance, so before the haircut, men should carefully examine their type and choose the shape of the beard, taking into account the type of face, physique, colour and hair structure.


How to determine the shape of a beard by the type of face

The main task of any beard is to create a contrast and focus on certain features of appearance. Since men have different shapes of the face, they need to emphasize the individual characteristics of appearance. There are no universal solutions, so considering which beard to choose, it is necessary to study the appropriate haircut forms for a certain type.

Let’s make a reservation – to form a hairstyle carefully, you need to use a trimmer. A device is an electric machine with sharp blades, which carefully trim unnecessary hairs. Click here for a link to our article detailing what a trimmer is.


Which beard is suitable for a square face?

Which beard is suitable for a square face

The exterior with a square contour is considered masculine, so when choosing a shape, it is important to choose a hairstyle that will not hide the natural brutality. The basic principles of a haircut for the face-square – clear strokes on the cheekbones, shorter vegetation on the cheeks and thick on the chin.

Short Espanyol

Figuring out how to pick up a beard on the face’s shape, it should be noted that the short Espanyal will look more spectacular on the face with plump lips. With it, you can make a visual stretch of the chin and give symmetry of appearance.



The haircut got its name from the famous computer game, in which you can see brutal men with a thick and elongated beard. The length of the hair in the chin area should be at least 15 cm. Haircut “Skyrim” will be more fashionable if you paint the vegetation in a colour that contrasts with the hair’s shade on the head. It is better to choose a yellowish or reddish tone.


Perfect shape for a rectangular face

If you don’t know how to pick up a beard’s shape for a rectangular face, try to make it wider. Choosing a suitable hairstyle is not difficult, but it is advisable not to use haircuts like Espanyoek, which can produce the opposite effect.


Skipper’s beard

This beard is worn without antennae to draw attention to the chin area. The strip of vegetation should be located throughout the jaw area, which will make the chin more massive. To make the skipper’s beard look perfect, the hair should be regrowth to a length of more than 2 cm.


Wide tanks

For a long time, this hairstyle was considered obsolete, but it is again a trend in recent years. Its key feature is long sideburns, which gradually pass into the moustache. It is important to outline the shape accurately, so we recommend reading our article on using the beard trimmer correctly.



Considering what other beard to choose for the face-rectangle, you can give preference to “Shirma.” Vegetation on the chin is cut short, and the moustache is completely removed. On the lower jaw remains a wide strip of hair, which gives the appearance of symmetry.


Round face – which beard to choose?

Round face beard

If a man has a round face, the main principle of a haircut is stretching and lengthening. This will help in such techniques as cheekbones with oblique lines and preserve greater density in the chin area.


The anchor beard helps to visually stretch the face’s contour, focus on the chin and lower jaw. To make the hairstyle neat, the face’s vegetation should be trimmed with an even line, completely removing the hair under the lower lip. The only exception is the rectangular strip, which should be left on the area between the mouth and the chin.


Van Dijk

For a round face, you can choose Van Dyck’s image, which involves the presence of a moustache and an essay. Vegetation in the chin area allows you to visually pull the face and get rid of the characteristic swelling characteristic of a round-faced. The whiskers don’t have to be wide. Otherwise, they will round the contour even more.


Goat’s beard

The hairstyle involves a smoothly shaved face, except for the chin, where there is a miniature beard of elongated shape. There is no moustache in the classic performance on the face, but if you want, you can grow long whiskers and even wrap them up.


Suitable beard for a triangular face

Suitable beard for a triangular face

If a man has a triangular face, he should choose a shape that can balance the wide chin and narrow forehead. This will help such types of hairstyles as “Podkova” or “Old Dutchman.”


The haircut provides neat strips of vegetation on the lower jaw’s sides, which rise perpendicular to the corners of the lips and pass into a thin moustache. Such a beard does not tolerate sloppy lines, so the man should regularly adjust the contour.


Old Dutchman

An old Dutch haircut is a square beard of medium or large length with an almost complete absence of moustache. At the top of the chin leave only a small strip of vegetation that connects the lips with the beard. This haircut will emphasize the individuality and make the triangular shape of the face more proportional.


A diamond-shaped face – what to choose?

When the face is diamond-shaped, the man has a narrow forehead with a chin and a wider part in the cheekbone area. To give the appearance of symmetry, you can extend the face down, focusing on the massive chin area. To do this, the haircuts “Old Dutchman” or “Bandholz” are suitable.


Under this name hides a luxurious beard of rounded shape at least 15-20 cm long. At first, it will not be too well-groomed but later will allow its owner to cut anything.


Beard for trapezoidal face

When the trapezoidal shape of the face should be visually narrowed down the lower jaw to remove the accent from the massive chin, for such a person, you can choose hairstyles “Toad” or “Skipper’s beard.”



When creating a beard, “Toad” should leave hair on the whole face, shaved only the upper part of the cheeks and the moustache’s contour. The area of shaving depends on the length of the beard. If it is large, the vegetation is removed from the earlobe to the corners of the mouth. At the middle length, the hair is shaved between the corners of the lips and the middle of the jaw and at a small length – from the temple to the mouth.

The easiest thing for men with an oval face. They will suit both three-day bristles or beard “Balbo” and any other haircut of the preferred shape. The main thing is to choose an interesting style and regularly take care of the vegetation with a trimmer, making the hairstyle no worse than the barber.


How to choose a beard not only in shape

Even though the shape of the face – one of the key criteria of choice, when choosing the type of beard should consider other criteria – thickness and hair colour, male height, physique.

Hair thickness

If the chin’s hairs are too thin or rare, it is unlikely to form a large and voluminous beard. It is better to choose a light bristle or a small beard like “Brett” or “Short Espanyol” in such a situation. With thick and thick hair, you can not limit yourself in fantasies – this vegetation allows you to choose any shape according to your wishes.


Texture and hair colour

To choose a really suitable beard, its shape must be approached individually. For men with different colour and texture of hair, there is one general tip – brown-haired or brunettes are more suitable for small and not too thick beard, red-haired or blond can do a haircut thicker. You can learn about how to shave your beard to achieve the desired result from our article.


Physique and growth

If you want to choose a really suitable beard when choosing it is important to observe the proportions not only on the face but in the entire appearance. If a man is small in stature, a long beard will look inharmonious. It is better to limit yourself to a short and not very voluminous hairstyle. You can walk with a more impressive beard at a high or medium height, but to choose the optimal solution for a haircut, you should consider the overall physique.

If you have decided on your way, it remains only to figure out how to choose a trimmer for the beard and buy the most suitable beard trimmer. We recommend you to go for purchase in our online store. We can choose reliable trimmers from Braun that will provide 100% control of your style. The devices are equipped with ultra-sharp blades and a powerful Autosense engine, which allows you to achieve the perfect modelling of the beard from the first movements.

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