How to choose the perfect beer

You’re there with your friends in a pub and the waiter brings the menu. You decide you want a beer, but when you get on the page with the options, you’re bombarded with descriptions like “velvety foam” or “fruity and slightly floral aromas”. You have no idea what that means, so you ask for any of the list. When beer arrives, it is too bitter for your palate, and now you have to drink something you don’t like or waste the money invested.

Don’t worry about it anymore, since with our guide you will know how to choose the perfect beer for you without blinking.

To begin with, you need to understand that there are two types of beer. Ale and Lager. Both are beers and both are fermented from grains. The main difference between the two families is in the temperature at which fermentation occurs. Temperature is important because it affects what chemical reactions happen during this process.

Of course there are many other types of beer on the market, but the types below are the main ones and the ones that are most commonly found within these two families. So let’s look at these main types of beer from the Lager and Ale families.



This type of beer is named after the event of the same name that takes place in Germany. The fermentation process of this beer occurs during the summer, where the conditions are not so ideal and this makes this lager have the taste close to the taste of the original grain.

  • Coloring: Light red
  • Bitterness: Low
  • Well-known brands: Pratinha Conclave, Heilige Oktoberfest


Pale Lager, on the other hand, is much smoother and more balanced, with a taste close to that of bread. Among the subvariations of this type, the most common is Pilsner (or simply Pils), probably the first different beer that any beginner enthusiast will taste.

  • Coloring: Light gold
  • Bitterness: Medium-low
  • Well-known brands: Heilige Bohemian Pilsner, Wals Bohemian Pilsner



This is by far the type of craft beer most commonly found in markets and convenience stores in Brazil. IPAs are known for the high concentration of hops, making although quite bitter, the flavor is floral with touches of pine cone.

  • Coloring: Light brown
  • Bitterness: High
  • Well-known brands: Patagonia 24.7, Kairós Ipanguaçu, Tupiniquim Juicy


A lighter and less bitter version of the IPA, Pale Ales tend to have a lower alcohol content than IPAs, being less bitter and easier to drink for those who don’t like it or aren’t used to a more robust beer.

  • Coloring: Clara
  • Bitterness: Medium-high
  • Well-known brands: Heilige Double Red American Pale, Wäls Madlab Panetone Ale II


Brown Ales, on the other hand, are known for their dark color and malting flavors, usually chocolate or coffee flavored.
They’re a great choice for anyone who wants something stronger than a Pale Ale, but not as bitter as a Stout.

  • Coloring: Dark brown
  • Bitterness: Medium-low
  • Well-known brands: Lohn Bier Double Brown Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale


Wheat beer is the favorite of summer, the most common craft beer and that almost everyone has tasted at some point. The drink is light and refreshing and can be found in markets, outposts and pubs across the country.

  • Coloring: Clara
  • Bitterness: Medium-low
  • Known Brands: Hoegaarden Wit, Erdinger Weissbier


These dark beers are usually confused with Stouts, but they are beers that, while robust, are soft and sweet. For those who want to try the darker beers, but don’t want to jump headfirst into a Stout, Porters are great options to get started.

  • Coloring: Dark
  • Bitterness: Medium-low
  • Known Brands: Anchor Porter, Chicago Blues


These are the most intense and dark beers, made with toasted barley without malt, bringing with it a deep taste of coffee. The name “Stout” comes from English, which means “strong” or “robust”, used to describe both the intense taste and alcohol content of these beers.

  • Coloring: Very dark
  • Bitterness: Medium-high
  • Known Brands: Guinness Draught, Tupiniquim Chocolate, Lohn Bier Carvoeira


Conclusion on the best beers

Friday beer can be as simple or as complex as you prefer, as the world of beers allows you to explore a meacity of flavors, textures and fermentation techniques. With our guide, it’s easier to get to know the type of beer you like the most, or give chances to other types besides the ones you already know.

With that in mind, take a look again at our selection of the top 10 beer brands to buy in 2022. Choose one that looks tasty or that’s completely different from the ones you’ve tasted before and immerse yourself in the amazing world of craft beers!

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