How To Choose The Correct Screwdriver Bit For The Screw?

A modern screwdriver is a universal device that is actively used in everyday life. The purpose of such a powerful tool is to twist and unscrew screws, self-cutters. In stores, there are dozens of models of similar tools, which are divided into several categories. Before choosing a screwdriver, you should determine the criteria and conditions under which it will be used.

The price range of the described category of power tools is wide so that everyone will choose a model for themselves on the expected budget. The choice depends heavily on the operating conditions. For home use, only technical parameters are relevant. Professional use will require more expensive and powerful versions with a removable battery.

Next, experts of the online store Vencon have compiled a list of general tips on how to choose a screwdriver and what to pay attention to in the first place:

  • Don’t choose the cheapest and weakest model, even if you need a power tool for one day’s work.

Often, if necessary, to collect a garage, a canopy, or an aviary for a dog, the most affordable screwdriver is purchased, as it is needed only for one or two days. However, intensive work for several hours can lead to the burnout of electronics in weak versions. Therefore, for intensive work from one hour, you need to choose medium and high power options, regardless of the type of power.

  • If you don’t know which firm to turn around to, focus on the technical parameters.

User reviews indicate that even domestic manufacturers have the same durability as brand models. The power tool of the type described is relatively simple, so the internal design is almost the same. Choose a model more relevant in technical parameters: power, speed of rotation, mode of operation, the diameter of the cartridge, and others.

  • Choose a screwdriver with an additional reverse function – this will allow you to instantly twist and unscrew screws or self-cutters (not all budget models have this mode of operation).


Choosing a screwdriver for home and work

Choosing a screwdriver for home and work

The first question that buyers of such a device ask themselves is the type of food. Today, models with a network cord (the tool only works from outlet 220 B) and a replacement battery are offered.

Before choosing a screwdriver on the battery, you need to determine what conditions and for what purposes it will be used. The fact that the battery power is limited, so a high-quality model of the screwdriver with a network cord can be more powerful. On average, one battery charge is enough for 100-250 twisted self-cutters or screws. As for battery life increases, the power of the device decreases, which increases the spinning time and increases the load on the engine.

The battery itself is also limited. The manufacturer points out that it is enough for several hundred cycles of charging and discharge, after which it will require the purchase of a separate kit for a particular model. Complexity can arise if the screwdriver of the owner is long and such a version is no longer available. So you have to take some time to find the right battery, identical in power and attachment.

They have battery screwdrivers, and their advantages, which are the autonomy of operation. Network models usually have a cord up to one meter long. This is not enough to connect the device to the nearest socket, so you always have to use an extension cord. If the work is carried out outside the garage or at home, additional expenses will be required. Also, the network tool is difficult to work at altitude (for example, if you are engaged in assembling frames, high furniture, structures, sheds, gazebos, garages, and the like).

So before you choose a battery screwdriver, you have to determine how important autonomy is to you. After all, network power tools in this category can cost several times cheaper than options with a removable battery.

Network screwdrivers are more affordable. They have the same level of torque, regardless of the time it takes. The minimum speed is 250-300 rpm. This is enough to drill holes in boards up to two centimeters thick and twist self-cutters in them. To work with thickened material, you should choose a more powerful model. The average for heavy working conditions is 750-1300 rpm.


which screwdriver will be optimal for work and the house

To know at once which to buy a screwdriver for home or work, you need to study the above working conditions and the factors of choosing a tool. Next is an objective list of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device.

Benefits of power tools from the network:

  • Maintaining nominal power, regardless of running time;
  • The ability to work indefinitely without interruptions for recharging;
  • Lower cost of power tools, compared to versions with a battery.

Weaknesses of the screwdriver working from the network:

  • The complexity of work at altitude (it isn’t easy to hold exactly the tool together with a long wire and extension cord);
  • It is impossible to work without an extension cord and socket 220 B (the work area is limited to a few tens of meters from the socket).

Based on the list of advantages and disadvantages, it is relevant to say that the network screwdriver is the best solution for an apartment or a private house. At the same time, you need to stock up on an extension cord for 5-20 meters to ensure freedom of movement with a power tool in your hands. The average resource of such devices is not limited. According to users, on average, one model withstands 2-4 years of active operation.

Benefits of battery screwdrivers:

  • The ability to work remotely, regardless of the proximity of the socket;
  • The possibility of developing high nozzle revs.

Among the drawbacks are limited running time, limited battery capacity, and the weak power of cheap models.

If you need a device without a network wire to work or at home, it is more urgent to take high-quality, expensive variants of battery screwdriver. This will reduce the time it takes to charge and provide stable power when working even with hard materials.


How to choose battery screwdrivers: we study the specifications

To know which one to choose screwdriver, you also need to have the technical knowledge of each category of power tools. Before you choose a battery screwdriver, you need to pay attention to the type of battery. This will determine the duration of the device from a single charge and the overall battery life.

The following types are Ni-Mh (nickel-metal-hydride), Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium), as well as Li-Ion, and lithium-polymer (Li-Pol). It can supply a large current in the first case, but the device’s power is less than that of other batteries. Ni-Cd-type devices have more energy-intensive than the aforementioned version.

Nickel batteries are used less frequently, as they are physically more likely to be discharged if they are not used for several weeks. Lithium batteries are more practical, but they are not without drawbacks. For example, in extreme cold, the battery is reduced by 30-50%. The optimal capacity option is 2 AAH. Pay attention to this metric when choosing to ensure yourself the device works in a few hours.

In the description, the most common indication of the mode of work is “hitless and reverse.” This means that the screwdriver can only be used in the standard model of rotating the nozzle in one direction or the opposite. The minimum power is 400-800 w. Professional use will require 1000 W to ensure stable and smooth operation even at high loads. Low values are relevant for battery screwdrivers, which are designed for simple tasks.


How to choose a screwdriver for a home by characteristics

How to choose a screwdriver for a home by characteristics

Network screwdrivers are selected by power, by the type of cartridge, and by the speed of rotation of the nozzle. In the first case, you need to select models with a minimum capacity of 600 w, as mentioned above.

You also need to take into account the speed of rotation of the nozzle. The higher it is, the smoother and more stable the drill or screwdriver will enter the tree, metal. At a low speed of rotation, it is difficult to work on a thick tree and metal and the risk of overheating the motor. The diameter of the cartridge in most models is 10 millimeters, which is the standard.

In the list of characteristics, there is a paragraph about the type of cartridge. Today, fast-clamping or hexagonal cartridges are excreted. The first option is more practical in everyday use, as you won’t need to use a separate hexagonal key to replace the nozzle. A single-ft or two-MFT cartridge is tightened manually. The first option requires less effort – this design is more often installed on expensive screwdrivers.

The hexagonal cartridge requires the bit to be clamped with a separate key included in the device’s kit. Such screwdrivers are always equipped with bits with a different tip, which can be changed with one hand, and then tighten the connector with a small key.

When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the overall weight of the tool. Battery models weigh 0.5-1 kilograms more than network options, which can lead to long-term inconvenience. If the screwdriver weighs up to two kilograms, it will reduce the accuracy of its use and accelerate the onset of physical fatigue of the operator.

Few people notice such detail as the location of the handle. Some power tool models have the standard form of a “gun,” while others have the handle shifted to the center to stabilize the center of gravity. The second option is more convenient for frequent use – the load is distributed and centered in the handle itself, which requires less effort.

More screwdrivers

Manufacturers can add additional features for power tools. They do not affect the power or efficiency of work, but if they are available, the use of a screwdriver becomes more comfortable.

Among these functions can be identified as illumination near the handle to illuminate the work area (simplifies the use of power tools in a dark place). Also noteworthy is the impulse mode of work, which is easier to work with sour screws, self-cutters.


Overview of the most popular brands of this type of power tool

To simplify the final choice of model, you need to specify the most popular brands under the logos of modern power tools. This partly depends on durability and cost, so the choice of a particular manufacturer should not be neglected.

  • Makita is a Japanese company that manufactures high-quality power tools (founded in 1915);
  • Dnipro-M is a Ukrainian manufacturer that develops and manufactures power tools in the affordable price segment (most of the models are made in China);
  • Bosch is a German company that does not require a separate presentation;
  • Vertex is a power tool company in Taiwan;
  • Forte is a certified Ukrainian power tool manufacturer.

It is not recommended to purchase products from unknown manufacturers. Given all the above recommendations and tips, you can avoid buying problematic devices.

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