How to Choose Children’s Pillow 2022

Do you want to buy the best pillows to provide your child with optimal comfort?

There are many child pillow models on the market. As you know, good bedding and a suitable pillow and mattress are essential to the good growth of toddlers. The sleep phase is significant for children’s health, which is why you need to pay special attention to the choice of pillow.

If you’re wondering which children’s pillow to choose, you’re in the right place!

Our team of bedding experts gives you tips and wellness tips to help you find the perfect pillow. Also, discover our favourite brands’ good plans to get a cheap child dodo pillow in this article.


Children’s pillow: from what age?

It is essential to remember that pillows are not recommended for babies under 24 months of age. This can be dangerous for the infant, as can having stuffed animals and blankets in the cot (choking hazard).

From 24 months, the pillow can relieve your baby in case of light snoring, nasal clutter or gastroesophageal reflux. You can also opt for a small baby cushion.

The pillow can also be a good choice if you find that your baby falls asleep more easily when his head is slightly tilted.

Finally, when the baby’s shoulders become wider than his head, it’s best to start making him sleep on a pillow. This allows good maintenance of the cervicals.


Adapt the pillow to your child’s morphology

How big is your child’s size and weight?

Be aware that adult pillows are not suitable for children: they do not, of course, have the same weight or morphology. As a result, children’s needs are different. If you give an adult pillow to a growing child, he or she may suffer from poor sleep and posture in the medium term.

For your child, prefer a small, shallow pillow (less than 10 cm tall), evenly spreading the small head’s weight and support. The ideal size is 40 x 60 cm.

If your child is used to sleeping on his stomach, choose a flat pillow to allow good posture at the spine.

Anyway, your child should not sleep without a pillow.


Finding the right level of firmness for your child

Because of his small size and lightweight, your child does not feel the firmness of a pillow like adults. An adult pillow that you consider half firm will be far too hard for him.

Don’t choose a firm pillow, as this could accentuate the pressure points. Conversely, a too soft pillow will not be enough to maintain the child’s neck and head properly.

Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a polyester pillow, specially designed for children, with a suitable filling. The children’s memory pillow is ideal: it keeps the head according to the child’s weight and position.


All the criteria for choosing a child cushion

When choosing a children’s pillow, the main criteria to consider are:

– The size and shape of the pillow

– The filling and the level of firmness

– Your child’s habits (sleeping position, restless sleep…)

– Hypoallergenic material

– Composition that is safe for the health of the child and complies with EC standards


The best composition of a child pillow

The best composition of a child pillow

The children’s pillow’s material does not have fundamental importance; it all depends on your toddler’s sleep preferences and habits. The key is to have sufficient support for the cervicals.

Organic cotton pillows

Very fashionable in 2022, an organic cotton pillow ensures a safe sleep for your child, thanks to a material that has not been treated with chemicals. These pillows are in contrast to pillows made from synthetic materials. Nevertheless, we find that these cotton pillows sometimes offer less good support.


Feather pillows

Children’s pillows in feathers and downs are the flattest. They often have an extra layer of foam to bring firmness.

These pillows are perfect for your child, especially if he prefers a flat pillow and if he tends to sleep on his stomach.


Hypoallergenic pillows

Hypoallergenic pillows help protect your child’s health, especially if treated with anti-mites and antibacterials. This type of pillow helps to limit the risk of allergic reaction.

By opting for a hypoallergenic and synthetic material, you get a pillow that lets air through and does not create irritation for the baby’s skin.

There are also thermoregulatory pillows, which limit your child’s perspiration for more comfortable nights.


What shape should a child pillow have?

Rectangular pillow for children

Wondering what the ideal shape is for a child pillow? Rather rectangular, square, or cross?

We recommend that you opt for a rectangular neck pillow, which will properly hold your child’s head, even with its many positional changes at night. Besides, the rectangular pillow allows the head, neck and spine to be properly aligned.


Ergonomic pillow for children

The ergonomic pillow provides your child with a better quality of sleep. This type of pillow is specially designed to be at the right height and promote the smallest growth, limiting the pressure points. The spine is perfectly aligned and supported.

Your toddlers benefit from restful sleep and an optimal position.


Children’s memory foam pillow

During the night, children tend to move a lot and change their position. The memory-shaped pillow provides good support throughout the night, even in the event of restless sleep. Indeed, its foam material adapts to each change of position, perfectly marrying the shape of the child’s head.

Thanks to its viscoelastic properties, the memory-shaped pillow offers support that is neither too hard nor too soft, ideal for the little ones.


How do I maintain a children’s pillow?

As a hygienic measure and to keep your pillow longer, we advise you to:

– Change the pillowcase regularly

– Choose an anti-mite and antibacterial pillow

– Wash your pillow regularly to remove traces and regain that feeling of freshness

– Aerate the room regularly

– Tap the pillow regularly to keep it in its original shape


Bottom line: what pillow to buy for your child?

In short, the children’s pillow should not be too firm but should still provide sufficient support to the neck and neck. So choose foam pillows or feather pillows with a thin layer of extra foam. For maximum comfort, ergonomic pillows and shape memory are recommended. Finally, choose a hypoallergenic and synthetic material, which allows air to pass through and limits perspiration. Be aware that there are children’s pillows with all types of patterns to please girls and boys.

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