How to Choose A Good TV

We all know how complicated it is to choose a TV due to the many models and new features that appear on the market every day. That’s why we’ve decided to help you make it easier for you to make this decision, and that’s why you’re just going to need to focus on these 5 key points:


5 Tips: How to Choose A Good TV

5 Tips How to Choose the Best TV

Set a maximum price:

if you set an initial budget, you will try to get the best TV with the best value for money which is very important to take advantage of offers and manage to find your ideal TV.


Choose the right size:

Not because it’s the largest TV, you’ll see better, because depending on how far you are, the image may get worse. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these guidelines according to your distance to the TV, and you will achieve the best image experience. To calculate it, you must take into account:


TV type:

From the wide range of existing models, you have to choose the type of TV that best suits what you are looking for to make the first screen and start focusing on something. Therefore, you must choose between LCD, LED or Plasma, but how do they differ?

The plasma TV consists of two crystals containing a mixture of gases that are converted into plasma thanks to the electric current and thus generate light. Because of its operation, the Plasma TV has excellent image quality and is very fast but is only suitable for models over 37″.

For their part, LED and LCD TVs are practically the same, the only difference is the type of backlighting since, in LCD TVs, lighting is used by fluorescent lamps and LEDs as their name suggests, they use LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode), which means great savings and more uniform lighting.

Our recommendation is to choose an LED TV as it has the latest functions, its thickness is lower, and the power consumption is deficient.


Image quality:

this point is essential when choosing your TV once you already know what type and measure you want. We recommend that you value the following points:

  • Viewing angle
  • Nativity of movements
  • Screen lighting
  • Black levels
  • Rescaling quality


Other features:

When you start to see, the specification sheet is careful because, first of all, you probably don’t understand many things. Secondly, certain specifications are best seen in person. It’s best to focus on the most important values to see if the TV really meets our expectations.

  • Sound: it is an essential feature. However, it should not be given primary importance since TVs with excellent sound quality are usually raised in price. A soundbar can help you increase the quality for a lower price.
  • Design: This part is essential because, in the end, your TV is part of your furniture and has to be in line with the rest, so one of the most important points is that you like its aesthetic, other not, you will not miss a technical detail.
  • Smart TV: if you are looking for a smart TV, we recommend Samsung or LG.
  • Connectivity: You’ll need to keep in mind if you want it to have internet connectivity. To do this, you must be a Smart TV and have a WiFi connection.

If you follow these 5 points, you will choose your TV in less time than you could imagine.

We recommend the new Samsung UE40H5003AW Full HD 40″LED TV but, if you are not convinced, you can see many more models in the TVs section of our website or call us at 91798 55 88 to help you with the choice.

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