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Do you know the annoying and energy-consuming scrubbing of your tiles in the bathroom or on the kitchen floor of tiles or linoleum? The lime stains on the kitchen tiles can’t be dug up properly, so you can try so many different cleaning products. What remains is effort and time. Here in the Home Appliances Blog, you will be shown a way to do it easier and faster. Besides, this method is environmentally conscious. Reading the forum means getting good tips on how to do the work better and faster and how it is possible to get an excellent result without chemical cleaning agents. The solution is called a steam cleaner.


What is a steam cleaner?

steam cleaner

The steam cleaner is a device that cleans smooth surfaces with hot steam and without any cleaning agents. Besides, the highly heated steam also kills bacteria and germs. For this, too, no “chemistry leg” is necessary. All this has been packed into a handy device that looks almost like a vacuum cleaner and can be operated in this way. The steam cleaner is available as a domestic appliance or industrial appliance. For example, with some additional parts, sidewalk panels in the outdoor area (e.B. in the garden or on the doorstep) or corners that are difficult to access can be thoroughly cleaned without much effort. It leaves no so-called “streaks”, neither on smooth floors nor on window glasses. A controller can adjust the output temperature So more sensitive surfaces can be treated with only 150°C and less sensitive ones with up to 300°C. Some steam cleaners can also be converted into an ironing station. The different types of steam cleaners

Es gives steam cleaners that look like a broom or mop and are just as easy to use. The only difference is the water tank, in which the water is heated to at least 100° C using a power supply by battery or by the connection in a socket. All steam cleaners work according to the same principle. They differ only in their size and scope of application. The conventional steam cleaner

  • When the water is brought to temperature, you can clean smooth floors, windows, mirrors, laminate, wall and floor tiles and various smooth surfaces optimally and without additives. The steam is ejected with pressure, releases the dirt and, if necessary, lifts it, so that it can then be easily wiped away with the corresponding cloth on the cleaning part. All this happens without residue and smear strips.


The steam broom

  • It is used as a conventional broom and works like a wiper mop. Here, too,
  • the principle is: generate steam – emitting with pressure – dissolving dirt particles – wipe away.
  • Various application areas are stone, laminate, tile and linoleum floors.


The steam vacuum cleaner

This home appliance connects a steam cleaner with a vacuum cleaner. The water is also heated in a tank before use and then emitted with pressure. However, carpets and upholstered furniture can also be cleaned. After dissolving the stubborn dirt stains, the particles are sucked in. With high-flower carpets and thick furniture with upholstery and mattresses, the steam pushes the dust, germs and other unwanted “guests” in the seating and reclining furniture, to the surface, so that the suction function can absorb everything. This, too, happens virtually residues, low in pores and without chemical additives, such as sharp cleaning agents.


The steam duck

  • This home appliance is much handier than its big siblings. It also works small and compact with water vapour. Unlike the others, the device is quite small, the water tank is, of course, a little smaller and needs to be refilled more often. The water heats up to about 100°C. However, it has already cooled down by about 20° C when it hits the surface to be cleaned.
  • The advantage of this steam duck is its shape (like a duck with a long beak) and the areas of application.
  • The additional parts available in stores can be used variably. Since the steamer is a handheld device, even hard-to-reach areas and corners can be very well cleared of dirt. Window cleaning goes with the corresponding essay as if by itself. With the “beak part” you even come under the edge of the toilet bowl to solve the annoying and bacteria-affected urine stone.
  • You will also know how cumbersome it is to clean the heaters in spring. Here, too, the steam duck comes along and pusses out all the dust floes with the hot steam. You’ll save yourself the arduous “fumbling” with the cleaning brush and the hassle if you don’t get into all corners with it.

All in all, the steam cleaner (in every version) is a real all-rounder. It saves time and energy and is above all environmentally friendly and gentle on your floors and smooth surfaces. Only heated, clear water is used and effortlessly removes grease, lime and other dirt of any kind. Areas of application:

Windows and mirrors

Wall and floor tiles

Laminate and stone floors

Carpets and carpets

Mattresses of all kinds

Upholstered furniture of all kinds

Smooth surfaces of all kinds

However, please make sure that your floors are sealed. It is also better than surfaces and floors made of cork, parquet and oiled wooden floors have to be cleaned traditionally. Otherwise, they could suffer considerable damage.


Benefits & Features

Rome with steam protect the environment and is allergy-friendly. The use of water also does not produce harmful vapours. You only need a water pipe from the clean water for what you otherwise need dozens of different cleaning agents. You’ll also save yourself power-grabbing scrubbing. However, a steam cleaner has some drawbacks. It needs electricity that you don’t need when cleaning with bans, scrubbers and brushes. But that is probably to be tolerated in terms of environmental protection, the easier way of working, the saving of chemical cleaning agents and the visible success.


Another small note:

There is a lot to consider when cleaning mattresses and upholstery with the steam cleaner. Since the steam on surfaces made of fabric (i.e. upholstery and mattress fabric) likes to settle as moisture, it is only with caution to approach. However, the hot steam almost completely kills all germs, bacteria and the bed mites in each mattress and annoying (for allergy sufferers also disease-causing). Impurities of the tissue surface can only be dissolved and then wiped away by hand. Please do not treat bloodstains with steam, as the protein building blocks in them harden and “eat” deeper into the tissue.

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