How To Choose A Good Mattress Brand For Yourself

One of the conditions for ensuring quality and healthy sleep is the right choice of a comfortable sleeping surface. The modern market has a wide range of mattresses. All models have a different design type, filler, and purpose. This article discusses which mattress is best to choose: expert feedback and objective consumer assessments will help understand this.

Choosing a mattress should take into account age, weight, and possible problems with the spine.


How to choose an orthopedic mattress: the main criteria

orthopedic mattress

Many consumers are wondering how to choose the right orthopedic mattress. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the basic criteria that determine the operational properties of the product. These include age, anatomical features, physique, lifestyle, height, weight, diseases of the human musculoskeletal system, and bed size.

Before buying an orthopedic mattress in the presence of spinal diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Determining which is best to choose the rigidity of the mattress, you should consider the age, weight of the person, and possible problems with the spine. Older people are recommended products that have low or moderate rigidity. Thin women and men will be comfortable lying on a soft latex product or a spring model without a layer. For people of medium build, mattresses with a block of independent springs will be suitable. You should buy rigid, springless models or products with reinforced independent springs for those who have a lot of weight.

It’s important! Before choosing an orthopedic mattress for osteochondrosis and other spinal diseases, you need to get a doctor’s advice.

In lower back pain, you should purchase models that take the shape of the body. Hard mattresses will be useful for people suffering from diseases of the thoracic spine. The maximum orthopedic effect is possessed by-products with independent springs and latex models, which are recommended for people with different spinal ailments.

In lower back pain, you should buy models that take the shape of the body

Before choosing a mattress for a teenager, you should consider possible springless options of medium stiffness, which will ensure the correct position of the spine. For the newborn, you need to buy a hard mattress made of coconut fiber.

It’s important! Manufacturers specify the maximum allowable load on the product, which should be considered when choosing a mattress.


Which mattress is best to choose: expert reviews about different types of products

To begin to understand the question of which mattress is better: foam, or spring, or latex – it is necessary to study the distinctive qualities of each type of product. All existing models of sleeping surfaces can be divided into two categories: spring and spring-. Products of the first variant provide support to the body due to metal spirals of varying degrees of elasticity. The springless products consist of layers of fillers alternately glued together.

What are the mattresses with the spring block? These products are divided into two types – with the Bonnel block and the Pocket Spring system.

Mattresses are divided into two categories: spring and spring-free

The spring sleeping surface with the Bonnel system is a mattress with a metal frame made of dependent springs. Each spiral is made of cold-drawn wire. They are intertwined, forming cylinders or cones that interact with each other. On 1 sq m of surface can be located from 100 to 150 four- or five-twist springs, fastened by a rigid frame.

The product with the Pocket Spring system is an orthopedic mattress with a block of independent springs, where each metal element is located in an individual case made of dense fabric. Under the load bends only one or more springs, which are pressured. The rest remain in a stationary position, which contributes to the maximum orthopedic effect.

Unlike the Bonnel system, independent springs have a smaller diameter and a larger number of turns. On one square meter, they are much more – from 250 to 1000 pieces.

The product with the Pocket Spring system is an orthopedic mattress with a block of independent springs.

Between the spring block and upholstery is a layer of filler at least 30 cm thick, which gives the sleeping surface the necessary rigidity, elasticity, providing the product with proper thermal conductivity and water-absorbability. To do this, a variety of materials can be used, among which are most often felt, batting, latex, coconut fiber, foam, swollen cotton, sheep, or camel wool. The last two variants are typical for two-way products such as winter summer.

Unsophryffated mattresses are made from natural or artificial latex, foam, coconut course, flax, bamboo fiber, hollofaiber, Memory Foam, and other modern materials.


Which mattress to choose: strengths and weaknesses of spring products

Before deciding which is best to choose an orthopedic mattress with a spring base, you need to study the strengths and weaknesses of each type. The mattress with the metal frame Bonnel is distinguished by strength, durability, and ability to withstand significant loads. This sleeping surface is characterized by ease of manufacture, which is reflected in the low cost of the product.

However, long-term exposure to one place soon formed a cavity, creating the effect of a hammock, which significantly reduces the orthopedic properties of the mattress and worsens its performance.

The mattress with the metal frame Bonnel is distinguished by strength and durability.

The Bonnel spring block is a hollow structure where dust and moisture will accumulate. Since the spirals do not have an anti-corrosion coating, such exposure often causes damage to individual elements. During the operation, there may be an unpleasant creaking sound.

When considering which mattress is best to choose for sleep, you should pay attention to the fact that models with independent springs are deprived of the hammock’s effect because each spiral is located in a separate case. When operating, the sleeping surface will be compressed only those springs on which the load is, which provides the maximum orthopedic effect. Independent springs show their elastic qualities, providing the necessary degree of correct point support for each body part.

It’s important! The sleeping surface with a block of independent springs can maintain its original shape for a long time.

The product is not prone to vibrational movements. This feature is important for double mattresses. In this case, one of the spouses will not feel discomfort during the flipping or getting up. Independent springs do not creak because they do not interact with each other.

Independent springs provide the right point of support for every part of the body.

The special structure of the structure affects the high cost of products. In addition, Pocket Spring spring mattresses are not recommended to buy small children, as they are designed for greater weight.


Options fillers for spring mattresses

spring mattresses

Reflecting on which mattress to choose for the bed, it is impossible not to consider the rigidity and elasticity of the spring product, which is determined by the filler option, which is located between the metal spring block and the upholstery. It also contributes to the redistribution of loads, moisture absorption, and thermal conductivity.

Most often, as a layer in spring products is used felt, consisting of layers of cotton connected by latex. The advantages of the material include eco-friendliness, strength, high durability, and durability. It is well ventilated, absorbs vibration and sound. However, quality felt is an expensive material.

Hypoallergenic, thermally conductive, the breathable filling material is baking cotton fibers.

It’s important! The Thermo pressed felt quickly falls off.

An inexpensive filler is batting, represented by a non-woven cloth made of natural or synthetic fibers. However, it is characterized by short-liveness because it is lost in lumps. Good elasticity provides horse hair soaked in latex. Despite the good breathability and durability, the material is characterized by allergenicity.

Hygroscopic, hypoallergenic, thermally conductive, breathable material is baking cotton fibers. However, they quickly get into lumps. Camel or sheep’s wool guarantees the safety of heat and medicinal properties but can cause allergies.

Good stiffness is provided by coconut fiber, which is characterized by low allergenicity, durability, and moisture resistance. Latex has good anatomical abilities and resistance to increased loads while maintaining shape. The disadvantages of coconut fiber and latex can be attributed to their high cost.

Affordable filler is considered batting, represented by a non-woven cloth made of natural or synthetic fibers.

A more affordable material with good performance is Stypolistan. A mattress with a spring block acts as a supporting layer and gives the product the necessary elasticity and elasticity. However, it has a shorter period of service.


Pros and cons of polyurethane mattresses

polyurethane mattresses

Furniture foam, or foam, is represented by foam plastic, which at hardening has the appearance of a sponge-like layer. The material is characterized by good performance. It is absolutely safe for health, as it does not contain harmful substances, metal components that can injure a person. Provolone is a hypoallergenic material that does not harm the skin, which is noted in numerous reviews. The mattress of foam can be used even for allergy sufferers.

Thanks to the mesh structure, the foam has a good air exchange, eliminating a favorable environment for various harmful microorganisms. According to numerous reviews, foam mattresses are characterized by good density, elasticity, and elasticity. They do not sag or deform under the influence of human weight, remaining stable.

Thanks to the mesh structure, the foam is good for breathability.

The mattresses of foam are characterized by anatomical memory, which ensures an even distribution of the load throughout the mattress area. According to reviews, a mattress with a memory effect helps to relax the muscular system of the sleeping person as much as possible, providing a strong and healthy sleep. Products are designed for people of different composition, weight, having different medical indicators because there is an opportunity to pick up the necessary degree of rigidity.

Article on the topic:

Which mattress is better: springless or springy? How not to make a mistake in the choice

Detailed characteristics of each type of product. Pros and cons of different mattress designs. Rating of popular models of sleeping surfaces.

Manufacturers produce a wide range of foam mattresses, which allows you to pick up the product in exact accordance with the size of the bed at a low price.

It’s important! At the request of the customer, you can order the product in individual sizes.

The disadvantages of foam mattresses (customer feedback – this is proof) are the material’s susceptibility to moisture, the effects of direct sunlight, and the shorter life of the product compared to its expensive counterparts.


Varieties of foam mattresses, their characteristics

There are three types of foam mattresses: monolithic, compositional, and puff. The product presents the first version in the form of a solid layer without additional padding. It can have different thicknesses – within 5-15 cm. Composite mattress PPU (buyers’ reviews clearly demonstrate the popularity of the option) consists of a combination of materials, where the basis is a thick layer of foam, supplemented with other layers in the form of latex, felt, coconut fiber, struplast, cotton, flax, spandbond, hollofaiber, verbiage, and verbiage.

There are three types of foam mattresses: monolithic, compositional, and puff mattresses.

It’s important! The composite mattress is considered the most durable product, especially latex and coconut fiber layers.

Puff models consist of different components of layers of the same thickness but different densities. Porolon products are characterized by their versatility, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. The polyurethane mattress can be used for bed, sofa, bed, and cot. There are interesting versions of products that are very popular.

Mattresses with thermoregulation can maintain heat in winter and create a feeling of coolness in hot summers. Products with anatomical memory retain the shape of the human body, providing a comfortable posture. Bilateral asymmetric models are an ideal solution for partners who have a significant weight difference. For fans of changing the rigidity of the product, there are two-way options with varying degrees of rigidity. Traction mattresses have a massage effect, which is achieved thanks to special airbags located all over the sleeping surface.

Foam mattresses can have varying degrees of rigidity. Depending on this indicator, soft, moderately hard, and hard products are distinguished. Soft mattresses are designed for a load of up to 90 kg, moderately hard – up to 110 kg, rigid – up to 140 kg. The denser the product, the more durable it is.

Foam mattresses can be soft, moderately rigid, and rigid

It’s important! The choice of the product should be approached with all responsibility.


Latex mattresses: pros and cons of natural material

Top-rated are latex mattresses, which can be represented by natural or synthetic material.

Natural latex is made from heveyev juice through a complex process, and it does not contain chemical components. The raw material is diluted with special additives and foamed. The resulting mass is then filled with rods, which are placed holes necessary for the material to “breathe.” This helps to get a softer product. The diameter of the rods determines the level of softness.

It is essential for the elderly and those who suffer from musculoskeletal diseases to find out what should be a mattress on rigidity. For this category of consumers, it is necessary that the product was moderately soft and made exclusively from natural latex, which will provide the necessary level of support for the spine. To increase the rigidity of the product, it is often added coconut fiber or horsehair. This latex mattress is suitable for obese people.

Natural latex for mattresses is made from heavy juice.

To create products that have a good orthopedic effect, rods of different thicknesses are used, resulting in different rigidity zones. Latex is characterized by considerable elasticity, which allows the product to withstand a significant load without deforming and not squeezing simultaneously. The material has hypoallergenic qualities. It does not develop pathogenic bacteria. It does not absorb moisture and odors. The porous structure contributes to the immediate evaporation of moisture that gets inside. During operation, the latex mattress does not make a noise, noise, or creak.

Useful advice! The latex mattress should be purchased by people with asthma, as this filler does not develop a dust mite.

The main drawback of latex products is their high cost.


The pros and cons of a synthetic latex mattress

Before choosing a mattress on the bed from artificial latex, you should study the features of the material. It consists of a certain number of chemical components. The main advantage of the material is its low cost. Its unnaturalness is considered to be a significant drawback of the product. The material can cause an allergic reaction. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin. For allergy sufferers, this is the most inappropriate option.

The main advantage of synthetic latex is its low-cost Synthetic latex has some distinctive performance qualities similar to those of its natural counterpart. However, it has a shorter shelf life. The material is destroyed much faster, crumbles, and fails. The low cost of the product compensates for this disadvantage.

You can distinguish natural latex from synthetic in appearance. The first option has a grayish color and creates the appearance of a greasy surface. The artificial material has a yellowish hue.


Holton: an innovative filler for mattresses

Deciding which mattress is better (customer feedback will help understand this issue), you need to pay attention to the great popularity of the latest material used to manufacture sleeping surfaces. Holton is made from polyester synthetic fiber. Its single component has the appearance of a spiral spring. As a result of the interweaving of vertically placed fibers by the thermo-gluing method, a strong structure is formed. It quickly restores its original shape after deformation, providing comfort.

Hollon is characterized by ecology, lack of toxins, and other chemical compounds. The material is characterized by ecology, the absence of toxins, and other chemical compounds in its composition. It is not prone to combustion, does not absorb moisture and odors, has a long period of operation. In comparison with other materials has a good heat-saving effect. The Holton withstands dry or wet treatment at temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius, after which it takes its original form.

As a mattress filler, the material can be used in combination with cotton, wool, bamboo, or coconut, which allows adjusting the product’s level of elasticity and rigidity.

It’s important! The mattress from the hollow can be easily rolled, packed, and transported.

Due to their good performance and affordable value, hollow mattresses are top-rated among consumers today. Customer feedback reflects that the product provides the most comfortable and comfortable conditions for a night of healthy sleep. In addition, thanks to such a mattress, you can turn any surface with flaws into a perfectly flat place to relax.

As a filler of mattresses, the hollow can be used in combination with cotton, wool, bamboo, or coconut.


Which mattresses are better: options for fillings for spring-free products

When deciding which is better to choose an orthopedic mattress, experts’ feedback on various fillings will help to clarify the situation. In addition to the above materials, sleeping surfaces can be manufactured using other options.

The hollofyber has good qualities. Despite the artificial origin, this filler is not inferior in its properties to natural materials. A large number of small spirals represents its structure, so the product is characterized by elasticity. The material well passes air while keeping the heat, does not absorb smells and moisture, does not deform under the influence of a significant load, and retains its original shape and structure for a long time.

Coconut coir is used to give increased rigidity to the mattress, obtained from the coconut palm’s interfertile nuts. The material is represented by rigid fibers 15-30 cm long, which are collected in a beam, and between each other, they are connected by latex mass. Coconut coir is characterized by ecology, elasticity, high air permeability, waterproofness, resistance to odors, hypoallergenic, bactericide. These qualities are of particular importance when deciding which mattress to choose for a newborn.

Sheep or camel wool can be used as a mattress filler

It’s important! The level of rigidity of the mattress will depend on the thickness of the layer of coconut copra: 1 cm of material will get a product of medium rigidity, and 3 cm – very hard.

For two-way mattresses with the effect of “winter-summer,” sheep or camel wool is used. The material has a high degree of elasticity, good insulation, helps to remove moisture from the body, and evaporates it.


Innovative fillers for springless mattresses

springless mattresses

When choosing an orthopedic mattress, pay attention to viscous foam with the effect of memory form. The material is characterized by anatomical qualities, allowing evenly distributed over the entire surface of the body load, repeating its contours. A light, almost weightless surface prevents the formation of bedsores.

Innovative material, close in its properties to latex, is pro latex, characterized by high elasticity, durability, and large loads.

Of particular popularity are orthopedic mattresses filled with viscous foam with the effect of memory form

The knitted three-dimensional fabric with a relief structure is characterized by good heat exchange. It freely passes the air and has a massage effect. The material is placed in mattresses in the lower back area.

In the rating of orthopedic mattresses, a special place is given to products from strouttofaiber, which experts call “smart” filler. The material is two parallel planes, between which vertically placed fibers are placed. They have properties similar to the spring structure, which allow optimally redistribute the load.

The basis of the material is polyester, which is characterized by durability and durability. To give the strottofiber special qualities allows the use of natural components in the form of the horse, wool, linen hair, coconut, or palm cobra.

It’s important! The material is used for medium and reduced rigidity mattresses.

Innovative material, close in its properties to latex, is pro latex

Stuttofaiber does not cause allergies, does not succumb to rotting, burning, does not absorb moisture and odors, is not a breeding ground for dust mite, is characterized by elasticity and the ability to restore from after removal of load.


Mattress case: an important accessory to the sleeping surface

To prolong the life of the mattress and preserve its pristine appearance is a case that covers the surface of the product on all its sides. It protects the internal filling from contaminants and moisture. The case can be removable or non-removable. The first option for easy operation is equipped with lightning.

Before choosing a mattress for the child, you should take care of the quality of the case. It is made of natural (in flax, cotton, and wool) or synthetic material. The product is additionally impregnated with special components that repel moisture, dust, thereby increasing its strength. Natural materials are characterized by hygroscopicity and thermal conductivity. However, it is much more difficult to care for them than for synthetics. In addition, they have a higher cost.

Useful advice! The best solution for making a mattress case is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers.

For people with allergies, the best solution is a hypoallergenic case

According to experts, the best ups and downs for the mattress is the jacquard. It has 80% cotton and 20% synthetics, which is considered the optimal combination. Jacquard has a high resistance to exposure of any kind.

No less popular materials for the protective cover are satin and by. Such surfaces are pleasant to the touch. They provide convenience and comfort in hot weather. Polycotton is a semi-synthetic material containing up to 40% cotton. This case is distinguished by strength, resistance to shrinkage, and durability of bright colors. However, it has less hygroscopicity and breathability as opposed to natural materials.

High aesthetic qualities characterize polyester cases, but such synthetic material practically “does not breathe” and causes the slip of bed linen.

To extend the life of the mattress and preserve its pristine appearance, use a case.

For people with allergies, the best solution is a hypoallergenic cover on the mattress, which does not promote irritation. It should be necessarily removable. It is recommended to wash at a high temperature for the destruction of bacteria. Older people better choose a removable case of natural wool. In summer, it can be removed, and in winter, it will provide additional warmth and comfort.


Anti-bed mattresses: their pros and cons and how to choose the best

For unhealthy people who spend a longer period of time in bed, you should buy a special sleeping surface. Before choosing an anti-bed mattress, you need to consider how immobilized the patient, weight, and sweating level, for what period the mattress will be needed.

To make an anti-bed mattress, rubberized fabric or PVC film is used, touching which is pleasant to the body. Although constantly lying on it is not very convenient, the material is characterized by practicality and ease in care.

Tube anti-bedsore mattress is used in the case of bedsores 2-4 degrees

Useful advice! To ensure a more comfortable stay on a rubberized anti-bed mattress should be used sleeper underwear made of natural materials.

Anti-bed products come in several kinds: mesh, tubular, micro-inflatable. The first version is presented by models, on the surface of which are cell cameras filled with air with the help of a compressor. The pressure in the cells changes one by one, resulting in a light massage effect. This helps prevent the formation of bedsores, removing swelling and pain in the patient, providing him with a comfortable sleep.

According to experts (as seen from the reviews), the inflatable mattress is used mainly to prevent bedsores or in the initial stage of their development. Tube anti-bed mattress is used in the case of bedsores 2-4 degrees. The product’s surface consists of transverse tube cylinders, which are alternately filled with air, contributing to the emergence of massage movements, which improve the circulation of body parts.

Before choosing an anti-bed mattress, you should consult a doctor

For obese people with a strong level of sweating should buy an anti-bed mattress with a micro-blow. For maximum comfort, the product should be equipped with a silent compressor.


Rating of mattress manufacturers: the best domestic companies

It will help determine which firm is better to choose, the rating of domestic manufacturers, which represents three major mattress manufacturers: Ormatek, Askan, and DreamLine.

Which mattress is better to choose? The largest domestic company producing sleep accessories is Astana. The product range is designed to preserve all operational properties and unique orthopedic qualities. Mattresses are made of hypoallergenic materials, providing a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Mattresses from Askan are top-rated Products are distinguished by their high anatomical abilities, thanks to which the human spine will be in the right position throughout the night sleep, without deforming and not warping at the same time. Ascon’s mattresses occupy the average level (not at the expense of quality). The product can be bought from 4 to 35 thousand rubles.

Deciding which firm is best to choose a mattress, you should consider the range of products of the Ormatek plant, the second-largest manufacturer of accessories for sleep. The company mainly specializes in the production of spring mattresses. The range is represented by 150 products with different fillings made from environmentally friendly and safe components using innovative technologies.

In addition to standard products, this manufacturer of mattresses in India can make a sleeping surface by individual standards. Popular series include mattresses with the system of independent springs Smart Spring, premium products of the 1000/Premium, unsalted models of the middle price segment Optima with fillers of latex, foam, coconut fiber, and variants in Flex rolls.

Considering which firm is better to choose a mattress (customer feedback will help make the right decision), it is worth paying attention to the high quality of DreamLine products. It produces a wide range of spring and spring-free models of high quality of performance and affordable cost. All products are made from bio-inert and hypoallergenic materials. The catalogs show 14 series of mattresses of varying degrees of rigidity, having different fillers. The maximum weight threshold in adult models is 170 kg.

DreamLine manufactures very high-quality mattresses.

It’s important! There is a special line for children of any age, where the products provide anatomical changes of the growing organism.


Ranking of the best foreign mattress manufacturers

Deciding which firm to choose a mattress, you need to study the features of products of foreign manufacturers, among which you can distinguish Seal, Simmons, and Serta.

The Anglo-French company Simmons has been known on the global market for more than 90 years. The manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of high-end models from natural materials, among which a special place is reserved for specimens on double blocks with independent springs. Mattresses of varying degrees of rigidity represent the range.

There are varieties of double products designed for pairs with a difference in weight. The maximum weight threshold of mattresses is 140 kg. You can buy two single mattresses, the same size and shape but having different rigidity. The price of a single-bedroom mattress is 12-18 thousand rubles.

Among foreign mattresses, manufacturers can be identified as Seal, Simmons, and Serta.

Determining which firm to choose a mattress with good orthopedic properties, you need to pay attention to the products of the American manufacturer Sealy, which produces quality products, time-tested. The mattresses have several levels of stiffness. They are equipped with knitted, natural, soft, pleasant-to-the-touch fabric, which does not stretch over time.

The technology of making products uses “smart” springs, thanks to which the point support of the person’s entire body during rest is provided. To prevent the sides from sagging, the edges of the mattresses are reinforced with fine foam.

It’s important! The development of each new model is carried out with the involvement of the best orthopedists and surgeons.

Sleeping surfaces are presented in a wide range, allowing one to choose an anatomical or orthopedic model. Mattresses produce only standard sizes at a relatively high cost.

Mattresses of the American manufacturer Sealy have excellent orthopedic properties.

Third place in the ranking of manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses is occupied by the American company Serta. The manufacturer is constantly expanding the range of products, which is carried out thanks to numerous studies in the field of sleep. The application of innovative developments makes it possible to produce premium models that provide maximum comfort, contributing to full, healthy sleep.

All products are equipped with a patented Serta Aero System, which allows you to remove moisture and contribute to a high degree of ventilation of the inner layers of the mattress.


Rating of mattresses with Bonnel spring block

One of the popular products of medium rigidity is, as evidenced by numerous reviews, the spring mattress Optima Strong Practice plus. This model is suitable for most people who do not suffer from musculoskeletal diseases and have no problems with excess weight. The model is designed for a load of up to 110 kg. Between the Bonnel springs and the case are buffer layers in the form of felt from hypoallergenic material and synthetic foam. The mattress case is made of cotton material impregnated with antibacterial composition. You can buy the model for 8.7 thousand rubles.

Has good reviews of the seasonal Balance Status mattress. The product is 19 cm high. On its perimeter is a box of high-density foam so that the edges of the product do not deform under the influence of load, which allows preserving the original shape of the mattress for many years.

Between the Bonnel springs and the case are layers of felt, hypoallergenic material, and synthetic foam.

The maximum weight threshold is 110 kg. The cost of the product is 7.5 thousand rubles.

In the ranking of the best mattresses for sleeping with a spring block, Bonnel worthy place takes the model DreamLine Classic. The metal base is complemented by a filler of dense foam, which provides a moderate rigidity of the product, which contributes to a comfortable sleep. The mattress case is made of the quilted blaze. The model is designed for a maximum load equal to 90 kg.

Among the soft models is the Sealy California Plus mattress, a two-way “winter-summer” orientation. The special technology of production of the product made it possible to exclude the absolute dependence of metal springs. The outer contour does not interact with the central part, which avoids the appearance of the hammock effect. The springs here work on a special principle. Their rigidity increases with an increasing load so that a good orthopedic effect is achieved.

The metal spring unit is complemented by a latex substrate and orto Foam orthopedic foam with a memory effect. Layers are fastened with each other rather than glued together, which excludes the appearance of chemical odor. The maximum weight threshold of the product is 100 kg.

One of the most popular spring mattresses is Optima Strong Practice plus.


Which mattress to choose with a block of independent springs: popular models

Opens the ranking of the best mattresses with a block of independent springs model DreamLine Eco Foam TFK. The mattress has a mild orthopedic effect that preserves the anatomical performance of the product. This is due to the elastic block of independent springs made of TFK steel, which (in the amount of 250 pieces) occupy 1 sq m and a two-layer substrate of foam and flax-jost.

The mattress is equipped with a cover of cotton jacquard, simple on the hollow. This model is characterized by increased strength and pomp. The product is designed for a maximum load of up to 120 kg.

Ascona Sleep Style Spring has numerous positive reviews. The unique design of the spring mechanism will provide good 7-zone support to the most vulnerable areas of the body. The mattress is designed for a load of up to 140 kg. The spring block is reinforced around the perimeter by anatomical foam, eliminating deformation changes in the body. The mattress is equipped with a quilted knitted case, impregnated with the antibacterial composition of Aloe Vera. You can buy the product for 10 thousand rubles.

Before you choose a mattress of high rigidity, it is worth paying attention to the model Ormatek Season Max, which, thanks to good elasticity, will suit couples with a difference in weight and families with children. Good heat and air exchange is provided by a layer of coconut fiber, which is fastened with a spring block polyester, so that during sleep on such a mattress reduces the level of sweating. You can buy a mattress for 15 thousand rubles.

Considering which mattress is the best, it is impossible not to mention the one-sided model Serta Kilimanjaro medium rigidity. Thanks to the unique combination of fillers in natural latex, memorial, hypoallergenic foam with bamboo charcoal, natural linen create full-fledged orthopedic support of a high level. The cover of the mattress is made of quilted cotton. The product is designed for a maximum weight of up to 140 kg.


The best soft springless products according to reviews about mattresses

Determining which is best to choose a mattress for sleeping adults, you should consider the model Ormatek Ocean Soft, consisting of four layers: Memory Cool with cooling effect (remembers all the contours of the body under pressure and temperature), the foam layer Memorix with the effect of memory (contributes to maximum relaxation by the full immersion of the human body), cell foam, evenly distributing the load on the surface, and Ormafoam, which gives the mattress a great elasticity.

The one-way mattress is equipped with a knitted hypoallergenic mesh case with enhanced thermoregulatory properties. The cost of a single-bedroom product is 35 thousand rubles.

Soft springless mattresses provide a calm and comfortable sleep.

Characterized by flattering reviews, Mr. Mattress Foxton L, a latex mattress made of natural foam with perforation, promotes good air exchange. The material is characterized by 16-component biocrystal insulation, which improves energy flows in the human body, which has a beneficial effect on the immune system. The product has a removable cotton case with a synthetic face. The mattress can withstand a load of up to 100 kg.

Another equally popular soft sleeping surface is the Vegas model, made of natural latex. It has three cross-sectional rigidity zones, which achieve no high level of body support buandhe optimal distribution of load.

The product is equipped with a non-removable antibacterial knitted case, which includes bamboo. This texture is recommended for people with sensitive skin. Thanks to natural fibers in the form of viscose and bamboo, the surface quickly warms up. The maximum load on the sleeper is 130 kg.

Vegas mattress model fitted with non-removable antibacterial knitted case.


Mid-sized, springless mattresses review reviews of models.

DreamLine’s DreamRoll foam mattress has many positive reviews. The product is characterized by a small thickness (10) cm, which allows you to twist it into a roll without damaging the structure of the mattress. In its decomposed form, it quickly takes on its original form without losing its operational characteristics. The product is characterized by high anatomicalness, good in-air, and breathability, hypoallergenicity. The mattress can withstand a load of up to 120 kg. The price of the mattress is only 5 thousand rubles.

If you can not decide which mattress is better: foam or spring – it is worth paying attention to the inexpensive model of medium rigidity Ormatek SkyRoll of foam-propylene, to which on one side added a layer of the memorial, memorizing the anatomical features of the human body, and natural latex, which provides proper elasticity of the mattress. The cost of the product is only 11 thousand rubles.

Deciding which is best to choose a mattress for the bed, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the model Ormatek Ocean Max, characterized by a medium level of rigidity. The product is made of a memorial, repeating the outlines of the human body to provide comfortable sleep conditions. A significant advantage is a specially designed case with the effect of memory from stretching knitwear. The lower part is represented by a three-dimensional mesh, which provides good ventilation of all mattress layers, improving thermoregulation. The price of the product is about 50 thousand rubles.

The Ormatek Ocean Max bed mattress is made of a memorial that repeats the outlines of a person’s body.


Which orthopedic mattress to choose: a review of hard products

As evidenced by numerous reviews, the best mattress of increased rigidity is the unsdynate model Ormatek Palma, which is characteristic of alternating natural layers of latex, coconut cobra, and felt. The product is well elastic, providing point support to the body. The model has a non-removable knitted case, simple on the hollow. The height of the mattress is 23 cm. It is designed for weight up to 130 kg.

Among the popular hard springless products can be identified model DreamLine Mix Slim. Natural latex and coconut cobra are used as fillers, which alternate between themselves, thus providing a two-way orientation of the product with different levels of rigidity. The mattress evenly distributes the weight load and ensures the correct position of the spine.

According to numerous customer reviews, the mattress is not deformed during operation. The product can withstand a load of up to 120 kg.

Numerous reviews show that the best mattress for increased rigidity is Ormatek Palma.

Considering the question of which is better to choose a mattress (customer feedback should be taken into account), it is worth noting the good orthopedic properties and excellent anatomical effect of the Model Ascona Eco-Line Firm. The mattress is characterized by an increased level of rigidity, which is provided by the layering of natural elastic latex and coconut cobra. The product is created by Turn Free technology, which excludes its deformation changes during operation. The mattress is designed for weight up to 150 kg.

The article discussed in detail how to choose an orthopedic mattress (mattress). The feedback of buyers and specialists will certainly help to determine. However, buying a sleeping surface, you need to check the comfort and convenience of the product on yourself, taking into account the parameters and anatomical features of the body. In case of impaired musculoskeletal function, you can not do without the advice of a doctor.

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