How to Choose the Best Freezer [Buyer’s Guide]

The choice of household appliances is simple only at first glance. The buyer needs to learn many details and learn to understand the technical characteristics of the product and sellers-consultants. We decided to make it easier for you and put together all the information on choosing a freezer. You will find out what they are in design and what parameters should be paid attention to when buying. In conclusion, we offer an overview of the models of the best freezers for the house.


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What are the freezers?

Specifications – the main thing when choosing freezers, but first, you have to decide on a constructive performance. They are horizontal and vertical, stand-alone and embedded. Which freezer is better? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer: the choice will depend on the size and design of your kitchen, personal needs, and aesthetic preferences.

Horizontal cameras (lari) you’ve probably seen in the shopping halls of grocery supermarkets. They are equipped with a transparent retractable lid and have a single internal space (there are no shelves, at best, there are baskets for storing different products). This option is ideal for the store: the buyer does not need to open the freezer to consider the contents, and the necessary goods are easy to extract from the basket. If you live in a spacious house and like to stock up for the winter, a roomy stall can also be a good solution. For a small apartment, the horizontal camera is hardly suitable: it takes up too much space.

Vertical camera (casket) is a familiar classic: a box with a swinging door in the front, the inner space of which is divided into comfortable shelves and trays. In such a freezer, you can store different products without fear that the smells will mix. The vertical camera does not take up much space and is suitable for any kitchen.

Separately standing and built-in freezer cabinets differ only in aesthetics. However, cameras of the first type are varied in design, which allows you to choose a suitable solution for the kitchen with any interior. But if you want the freezer to be discreet, a built-in option is appropriate. This technique is placed inside the kitchen cupboard, and it does not become dissonant with the interior of the room.


What characteristics to look for when choosing

What characteristics to look for when choosing

Although we will talk about quite objective parameters, here too is not all obvious: the choice always depends on the purpose of purchase. It is impossible to say for sure which freezer is better for the home: large or small, with a deep freeze or cooling only up to -12 degrees Celsius – all determined by your needs and capabilities.


Here everything is clear: the more products you are going to freeze, the more roomy camera you need. If you want to provide a winter supply of fresh vegetables and fruits a large family and meter kitchen allows, choose a freezer height of 150 cm or even 185 cm. If the priority for you is saving space, buy a compact camera.


The number of compartments

This option is sometimes even more important than size. The number of compartments is not always proportional to the camera’s size, but most of these characteristics are interconnected. In a small freezer, 85 cm high, usually no more than two or three compartments, units above 150 cm can hold seven or more compartments.


Freezing power.

The manufacturer most often denotes the characteristics of the product’s weight, which can be frozen for 24 hours. On average, this figure is about 15 kg/day.


Freezing range.

In the labeling, this characteristic is indicated by “snowflakes”: their number indicates the minimum possible temperature:

Up to -6 degrees Celsius.

Up to -12 degrees Celsius.

Up to -18 degrees Celsius (most of the models on the market);

Below -18 degrees Celsius.

What do these figures say in practice? At -6 degrees C, the products can be stored no longer than a week, at -18 degrees Celsius – about three months. If you want to provide a family of freshly frozen vegetables, fruits, and berries until next summer, choose a freezer with the designation “Yu.” Some cameras are equipped with a super-freeze function, which allows you to keep the products fresh as much as possible.


Energy Class.

The characteristic indicates the energy-saving properties of the equipment and is denoted by the Latin letter. Class A indicates that the device is highly cost-effective. The best freezers are labeled as A-or-A. The lower the class, the more energy the technique consumes.

High energy-saving properties are an advantage, of course, but it’s not relevant for everyone. Sometimes there is no point in overpaying for this characterization. If you use the technique for a limited period of time in the year (for example, in the summer season), it is advisable to save on the purchase and buy a class C or D device.


The No Frost system.

Automatic defrost is an absolute plus: the cell will not freeze ice and form frost. For the owner of the equipment, this means comfortable operation, saving time and effort to care.


The Type of Management.

Three types of freezers are distinguished by this criterion: mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic. The difference is simple: the turn of the handle regulates the first temperature mode, the second has a thermostat, the third is equipped with a “smart” touch display.


The duration of saving the cold without connecting to the power grid.

If there is no power, the temperature inside the chamber remains low for some time. This period is longer in cold-powered freezers. If the cottage or home often cut off electricity, it is wiser to choose such a camera: the products will be safe for up to 30 hours.


Choose the best freezers: what does the market offer?

Choose the best freezers

Based on the specifications and feedback of Internet users, we have compiled the top best freezers according to the editorial board. Our brief review presents models of all categories.

Compact freezers

Liebherr GP 1476-20 is a small but fairly roomy premium freezer with sizes 85.1 × 60.2 × 62.8 cm and a useful volume of 103 kg. Contains four sections with easily advanced containers made of transparent plastic. The wide temperature mode of operation allows the device to use in unheated rooms (up to -15 degrees Celsius) – on the balcony, veranda, in winter at the cottage.

The freezer has electronic control and the highest class of the A.I., Thanks to the super-freeze mode. The products retain maximum freshness. The freezing power is up to 11 kg/day. The device is equipped with a cold battery and maintains a sub-zero temperature when power is cut off for up to 24 hours.

Users note the almost silent operation of the freezer (39 dB). Of the additional useful features, there is a lock from children and a warning signal about faults.

The cost of the device – about 24,000 rubles[1].

The Atlant M 7401-100 is an example of excellent value for money. The freezer is compact in size 85 × 55 × 58 cm, with a useful capacity of 85 liters. Inside, temperatures of up to -18 degrees Celsius are maintained.

The freezer belongs to the class of A and consumes only 177 kW⋅h per year. Works almost silently (42 dB).

Of the disadvantages, we note the possibility of use only in heated rooms, the lack of super-freeze mode, the System No Frost and the battery cold.


Vertical Freezers

Liebherr GNP 4355-20 is a premium freezer from a German manufacturer. It has a capacity: it has a useful volume of 268 liters with 185 × 60 × 66.5 cm. The interior space is divided into eight sections; shelves are made of tempered glass, containers are equipped with a convenient roller retractable system.

Electronic control, the No Frost system, the super-freeze mode, the highest class of energy efficiency of the A-, the presence of two cold batteries, and autonomous operation of up to 20 hours – all of these features indicate that the model belongs to the premium class. Complement the picture stylish design, LED lighting, color display with temperature and status indicators, signal sensor open door and malfunctions, and the appropriate module – also the remote control function. The noise level is only 38 dB: the freezer is very quiet.

The price of the device corresponds to its class and is about 70,000 rubles[3].

The Samsung R 32 M 7110 SA/WT is an exceptionally roomy freezer: the useful volume of the camera is 315 liters at a fairly compact size of 185.3 × 59.5 × 64.4 cm. The interior space is divided into seven sections (six shelves and four drawers). There are also two pockets on the door. The distinctive features of the model: touch control, freezing power of 21 kg/day, class of energy consumption A, the presence of the system No Frost, the mode of fast freezing, LED lighting, external display. There are open door alarm features and protection from children. There is no cold battery, but battery life reaches 12 hours. The noise level is 40 dB. The model comes in a stylish silver color.

Estimated cost of freezer – 60,000 rubles[4].

The Gorenje F 6181 AW is a mid-range model with mechanical control. The camera’s dimensions are 180 × 60 × 64 cm, a useful volume of 270 liters, inside eight sections. The functionality is quite modest: there is no No Frost system, malfunction alarms, and an open door. But the model is pleasantly surprised by the performance of 25 kg/day and the ability to maintain cold for 28 hours after disconnection from the network. Pleased and the price of the device – no more than 30,000 rubles[5].

Freezing lari

Hansa FS 150.3 is a small, tidy model measuring 84.5 × 76 × 56 cm with a useful capacity of 146 liters. The freezer is perfect for the cottage, especially when you consider the battery life period of up to 30 hours. The device has an economical energy consumption: Class A, the annual energy consumption of 183 kWh⋅h. The inner space of the camera has an antibacterial coating.

In general, the model can be described as simple and inexpensive: it does not have modern options, such as the No Frost system and electronic control. But the price corresponds to about 16,000 rubles[6].

On the note

The field of application of freezers has recently become wider: if not so long ago they were used only in the industrial segment, today well-known manufacturers produce rather compact models for home and summer. Many of them have the same functionality as vertical cameras: No Frost system, electronic control, energy efficiency.

Liebherr GTP 2356-23 is a freezer with the ability to be used in unheated rooms (up to -15 degrees Celsius). The device’s dimensions are 91.7 × 112.9 × 76 cm, with a useful volume of 200 liters.

The model belongs to the premium class and has the corresponding characteristics: control with a sensor with a digital temperature indicator, class of energy consumption AJ, super-freeze mode, Stop Frost system to reduce frost formation, the duration of work when power outages 68 hours. There is protection from children and alarms about faults, an open door sensor.

The approximate cost of the model is 55,000 rubles[7].

Embedded freezers

Bosch GUD 15 A 50 is an 82-× 82 × × 54.8 cm built-in freezer with a useful volume of 98 liters, consisting of three sections. The device is equipped with electronic control and has super-freeze, a system of cold floors for storing products with different temperature requirements. A.C. energy class: the freezer is quite economical in operation. Thanks to the cold battery, the device maintains the optimum temperature during the day after the power outage. Additional features include alarms, food storage calendar.

The approximate price of the model in stores – 34,000 rubles[8].

Electrolux EUN 1100 FOW is an electronically controlled freezer built into a niche with a standard size of 81.5 × 56 × 55 cm. The device has enough capacity for such modest dimensions – 98 liters, has four boxes. The performance is also impressive – 18 kg/day. The camera supports the fast freeze mode with automatic disconnection. If not food, it keeps a sub-zero temperature for 18 hours.

Purchase an embed freezer of this model can be about 50,000 rubles[9].

Which freezer is best to choose, each buyer decides for himself. For those who are most important to save space, a compact or built-in option is suitable, and if the priority is a useful volume, it is worth preferring vertical classics. For use in the country is an indispensable function of long-term maintenance of cold when power outages, and those who above all appreciate the benefits of fresh products, can not do without a system of rapid freezing. The models are varied, and finding a good quality freezer at an affordable price is not a problem.


Where can I buy a freezer?

The answer would seem simple: there are a huge number of home appliance stores. But the range, price policy, terms of service are different everywhere. Ivan Valeryevich Kovalev, director of the retail chain Fridge.Ru, talks about the peculiarities of buying freezers in different outlets:

“With the development of online commerce, many began to buy goods, including household appliances, online. It is really convenient: you do not need to spend time visiting the salon, and prices in online stores are lower than in conventional. But online purchases from untested sellers are risky. Therefore, before making an order, ensure that the store exists for a long time, has a permanent address and details, and an authorized service center serves the equipment.

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