How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer

A man’s image is made up of small details, and well-groomed vegetation on the face is an integral element of the stylish image. If you understand how to choose the best trimmer for a haircut, beard and moustache, you can achieve a really chic result. The right device will allow you to perform neat daily styling at home. With it, you can avoid the hair chaos on your face and provide professional care for your beard – no worse than in a barbershop.


6Tips: How to Choose the Best Beard Trimmer

The Main Functions of Trimmers

The Main Functions of Trimmers

Growing a beard is only half the battle to create an attractive brutal image. To keep it in perfect order, you need to visit the barber regularly, and even better – to pick a good trimmer, which will give it a neat shape. The main purpose of the appliance is the quality care of the moustache, backendards and beard. Modern devices have ultra-sharp blades so that they can perform a wide range of tasks:

  • levelling and cutting vegetation;
  • Complete removal of bristles from the face;
  • edging and shave off excess hairs protruding from the edges of the moustache or beard;
  • Getting rid of excessive density;
  • giving the beard the necessary shape

Considering which trimmer is better, note that many advanced models are equipped with nozzles to remove unnecessary hair in the nose, eyebrows, and even delicate haircuts in intimate places. The devices can be used to trim the vegetation on the face and model hairstyles, which allows men to look their best.

Power supply-mains or offline

There are many important factors to consider to choose the right trimmer model. One of them is the type of power of the device. Depending on this criterion, all devices are divided into several types:

Trimmers with built-in battery are convenient for travel or business trips because they provide mobility for the user. It takes about 4 hours to charge the battery fully, but if you choose a battery model, it will run autonomously for up to 100 minutes after recharge. It is not bad if the trimmer’s case is placed an LED charge indicator, which informs the user about the battery’s current state.
Network trimmers require a connection to the power grid. Often they have voluminous dimensions and are heavier in weight, as they are endowed with wide functionality. The advantage of these models is that they do not need to recharge and replace the battery. But if you decide to choose a network device, it is desirable that the power cord rotates and has a length of at least 1.8 meters.
Combined trimmers combine two types of power (battery and network). When the battery is discharged during the haircut or shaving, it can be immediately connected to the power grid by a special adapter.
If you decide in advance which trimmer is best suited to your requests, it will be much easier to choose and buy the most acceptable device.


Which blades are better?

Which blades are better

Often we choose a technique based only on its price or manufacturer. And this is not quite true because the durability and reliability of any electrical appliance largely depend on the quality of its materials. In trimmers, the blades, which can be made of ceramics, stainless steel, titanium and alloys, require special attention. They affect how long your device will last.

Ceramic knives are more expensive, so rarely used in home models. It will be much more practical to choose a trimmer with stainless-steel blades or steel with spray (diamond, titanium, carbon). They provide long-term operation of the device and allow you to shave off the hairs without painful pulling. The blades should have a minimum distance between the prongs. In this case, they will be better at capturing short bristles.

Trimmer knives have the ability to periodically dull. To sharpen them, you will need professionals’ help because the attempt to perform an independent sharpening can lead to unbalanced built-in cutting elements. To avoid breaking the trimmer and get rid of unnecessary costs for the restoration of blades, when buying, it is better to choose a model equipped with self-sharpening knives.

Length adjustment

On the Internet, you can often find messages from users like “advise a good trimmer for beard and moustache.” As the counter reviews from experts show, an important factor determining the device’s choice is the range of adjustment of length. The more it is, the higher the opportunities for men to embody the desired image.

In different models of the trimmer, the length is adjusted by interchangeable nozzles or a special lever. Devices equipped with a regulator allow exposing the haircut level in the range of 0.4 to 20 mm. The adjustment step is usually 0.5 mm, and in some variants, reaches even 0.2 mm.

The chosen length is usually displayed on the device’s body, so the man does not need to guess what option is installed on his trimmer. Thus, devices from the company Braun are equipped with a special circular scale, which performs up to 39 settings of the length of the haircut. As the reviews and tests show, this solution ensures the maximum accuracy in edging.

Adjustment by nozzles is considered less preferable because it complicates the choice of length and leads to the trimmer unevenly trimming hairs and bristles. To achieve an excellent result, you should choose a combination device in which the length will change both ways. This will open up more opportunities for beard care.



The request “advise how to choose a trimmer for a beard” can be seen on many websites and forums on the Internet. No wonder, because any man who plans to buy this device wants to get a handy assistant and learn the maximum information about the devices’ features. According to experts, when buying a trimmer for a beard, it is important to pay close attention to its equipment because many different nozzles and functions make it easier to care for the appearance.

The trimmer set can include interchangeable hair nozzles of different lengths, eyebrow treatment, removal of vegetation from the ears or nose. It is good if the device comes with a comb, which serves as an addition to the lever’s settings. In particular, Braun trimmers are equipped with two combs designed for hair cutting at a length of 1-10 and 11-20 mm.

A big plus, if the box has a razor, or rather – a razor nozzle, which helps to achieve perfectly smooth skin or perform the edging of the beard and moustache without irritating the face. Another necessary device – an accurate nozzle-trimmer for trimming the edges of the beard. Its small prongs carefully remove vegetation and help effectively simulate the contour of the hair cover.

Almost all trimmers are equipped with a special brush, which qualitatively cleans the device after the styling. Some machines have razors for a more accurate and clean shave, as well as charging stations designed to recharge the battery. The roomy trimmer and razor-wire case provides reliable protection for the device and makes it more comfortable when travelling.


Design and convenience

Its ergonomics and ease of use are of great importance when choosing a trimmer. It is important that the body of the device lay comfortably in hand, did not slip and did not cause inconvenience during the procedure. All buttons should be placed functionally to be quickly reached with your finger in the process.

When buying, it is advisable to choose a trimmer, which can automatically adapt to different voltages. Thanks to this feature, you can safely travel the world and connect the device to any networks in the range of 100 to 240 ER.

Waterproof body and wet cleaning capabilities under running water;
floating head to care for the beard in hard-to-reach places;
The illumination that allows you to detect and remove even barely noticeable hairs;
vacuum hair absorption for easier care of the device;
Laser guidance system, through which you can achieve a perfectly smooth contour of the beard;
rubberized coating of the case, which excludes the slippage of the device from the hands.
Have you studied the review but have not yet decided which trimmer to choose to care for his beard? In this case, please pay attention to Braun models in our online store. The devices are equipped with steel sharp blades and a productive Autosense engine, which provides the device’s constant speed even when edging a thick beard. The machines provide comfortable combs, allowing us to adjust both long and dense vegetation.
If you decide to grow a beard or moustache, forget about scissors, electric razors and simple machines. The Braun trimmer is the number one device for any man who wants to control his own style with maximum comfort!

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