How to Choose Stabilizer For LED TV

Did you know that the voltage goes down from the regular 230V to 150-160V? Such a drop could harm your electronic appliances.

To safeguard the appliances from such voltage drop, people use stabilizers.

Basically, voltage stabilizers help in correcting the voltage of electronic devices to ensure a stable and secure power supply. These appliances help in safeguarding your devices from any fluctuations.

But what should you look out for while buying a stabilizer? By the end of this article, you will know how to pick the best stabilizer, especially for your TV.


Components of the Best Stabilizer for a TV

Best Stabilizer for a TV

To get a comprehensive idea, we have elaborate on all the factors that could help you get the best stabilizer for your TV.

Type of Stabilizer

Before you decide on the stabilizer, it is crucial to get the right kind.

We recommend you go for wall mount stabilizers. This kind of TV stabilizer will prevent it from coming in contact with water. Moreover, it will keep the appliance away from the reach of children.


Capacity of the Stabilizer

The capacity of the stabilizer can be determined by the load of the appliance. For example, as we are choosing a stabilizer for a TV, you must note down its total power consumption.

The standard voltage is 230V, and the frequency is 50Hz. You can calculate the maximum power of the stabilizer by simply = 230 x current rate on the TV.

20% is suitable for TV as they are mostly residential systems.

For example, if you have a 32” TV, a stabilizer with 90-120 V is suitable.

A stabilizer with 140-290 V capacity is suitable for a 40-42” TV.

Likewise, a 65” TV will need a stabilizer of 180-280 V capacity. Lastly, if you have a 75” TV, we recommend you go for a stabilizer with 140-290 V.

Note: This can vary according to the brand.



The winding material of a stabilizer plays a crucial role when it comes to conductivity. You can either choose the one with copper or aluminum material as both of them are good conductors of electricity.

It helps in reducing the power loss.


Digitized Stabilizers

Look out for digitized stabilizers for your TV.

These types of stabilizers are based on a power-saving technology with more features and enhanced technology. Moreover, they are more reliable.

These are preferable for TVs as they give accurate readings and outputs.



If you want to connect more than one appliance to a stabilizer, ensure that it is capable of doing it. You can check its compatibility at the time of purchasing it.

Always remember that a stabilizer used for a fridge might work for a TV, but it might not be possible the other way around.



Before you settle on a stabilizer, check whether it has the Overload protection feature.

This feature will allow the stabilizer to switch off automatically as soon as there is a short circuit or overload. It will help you protect your appliances from getting damaged.


Time Delay Response

Along with the aforementioned features, you must also check if it has the time delay response feature.

This will help you during short power cuts by balancing the current flow.



It is best to have stabilizers that could easily display the voltage change information.


Cabinet Materials

If you wish to protect the electric circuits of stabilizers, you will also have to check the cabinet materials. This will enable the stabilizer to function without any external disturbances.

Generally, there are three types of cabinet materials: plastic, ABS, sheet metal.

Plastics are more durable and resistant to water. They are thermally non-conductive while also providing a shock-proof facility.

On the other hand, the ABS is known for its toughness and electrical insulation properties.


Size of the Stabilizer

The compactness of the stabilizer must be considered if you have limited space. Moreover, it would be more helpful if you have a wall-mounted stabilizer.



The cost of the stabilizer depends on its capacity as well as the brand. You can choose the one that fulfills the needs of your appliances as well as fits your budget.



Generally, stabilizers come with three-four years of warranty.


Does your TV need a Stabilizer?

Does your TV need a Stabilizer

TV stabilizers are also known as Voltage Stabilizers. They are essential if you wish to keep your electronics safe from sudden voltage drops or fluctuations.

As voltage fluctuations is a common phenomenon around the world, you cannot risk your expensive TVs to get destroyed due to it.

It is true that modern LED TVs come with stabilizing capacity built-in. But if your TV does not have that feature, you will have to buy a separate stabilizer.


The Best TV Stabilizers Companies

To make it easier for you, we have enlisted the best TV stabilizer companies:

  1. V-GUard
  2. Monitor
  3. Microtek
  4. Everest
  5. Syscom
  6. Apex
  7. Livguard
  8. Arctic


FAQs About TV Stabilizer

Do you need a stabilizer for LED TVs?

Generally, you do not need a stabilizer for your LED TVs. But you can protect your LED TVs from sudden surges with a voltage stabilizer with surge protection.


How much do stabilizers cost?

Voltage stabilizers can cost anywhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10000. It depends on the capacity, material, and brand.


Can you reduce your electricity bill with a TV stabilizer?

No, you should not expect your electricity bill to go down with a TV stabilizer.

The main purpose of a stabilizer is to protect your appliances from surges and voltage fluctuations.

As there are different types of stabilizers, some might consume more power than others. For example, voltage stabilizers might consume less power than mainline stabilizers.


How to repair a TV stabilizer?

As these are complicated appliances, you must not try to repair a stabilizer. If it starts malfunctioning, you must get it repaired with a professional.


Last Word

Voltage fluctuations are becoming a common sight, and it is our responsibility to save our appliances from them. We hope that the aforementioned article was helpful enough in making you understand the importance of voltage stabilizers.

So, do not wait any further. Get one today and protect your electronic appliances for uninterrupted usage!

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