How to Choose Skincare Products for Your Skin Type

Below you can find a small guide made to choose the cosmetic that best suits your needs.

Today there are countless cosmetics and beauty firms, making it very difficult to choose which one to buy. For this reason, buying a cosmetic could result in a large investment or a waste of continuous money that will not provide you with results if not chosen well.


Choose the part of your body where you want to apply it.

The main factor to consider, since it is not the same a face cream as a body cream. Or a bath gel and shampoo, as both products have different compositions, textures and uses. You wouldn’t use body shower gel to wash your hair, would you?

Depending on your skin type

Depending on your skin type

It is determined by genetic factors mainly. However, depending on lifestyle and environmental conditions, it can affect your balance. To do this, you should examine the skin type.

This is another aspect, very decisive to take into account when choosing the best cosmetic. To do this, I detail the 4 most common types of skin, namely:

  • Dry skin: rough touch, sometimes rough and cracked looking. It is a skin type that reacts delicately to external aggressions and sudden changes (humidity, temperature, environmental conditions). Touch is sensitive. This aspect is usually caused by a low number of epidermal cells, lipids and sebaceous glands that make up the “hydrolipidic wrapping” of the skin.
  • Normal skin: we could define it as the right “balance” in touch, feel and appearance. It is characterized by having fine pores, smooth and soft texture, pink or uniform colour, absence of impurities, and not being prone to sensitivity.
  • Oily skin: corresponds to a type of skin with excess secretion of seborrheic cells, commonly known as “seborrhea”. Ways to identify this type of skin: they have huge and obvious pores, excessive brilliants, and paleness; blood vessels cannot be properly distinguished with the naked eye. People with acne problems or “black pores” often respond to this type of skin.
  • Unlike dry or oily skin, mixed skin is usually characterized by a predisposition to oily skin in the “Zone T”, which corresponds to the forehead, chin and nose. In this area, you can see excessively enlarged pores with some impurities. However, the type of skin on the cheeks is usually normal or dry.


Decide which budget you plan to spend

There are many different forms and ranges of cosmetics on the market, each with similar characteristics and functions but very different. It is not the same to buy a face cream for home use for professional use, because the results they will give you will be very different. That said, we distinguish in:

High-medium-range cosmetics

These are cosmetic products commonly used for professional use. Depending on the brand, prices usually start from 30 or 40 euros and can reach up to 200 or 300 euros (even more). In high-mid-range products, the results are noticed much earlier than a low-end product, as the concentration of ingredients is more intense and therefore of much higher quality.

The main reason is due to the complex formulation process used by these firms, as it usually has the best specialists and is composed, to a large extent, of highly qualified medical and scientific personnel, responsible for guaranteeing the best quality of their cosmetics, from and during the production process until it reaches the hands of the final consumer.

Their main advantage is that they care much more about designing products focused on a totally personalized use to each specific user type, so they are totally suitable to apply on all skin types.


Cheap cosmetics, low range

Here it would basically encompass cosmetic products (facial, body creams, contours, etc.). More marketed to the average consumer. Depending on the brand, prices can start from 3 or 5 euros to approximately 20 euros.

They are usually the typical cosmetics that you can find in any boutique, supermarket or large areas. These are usually large multi-brand companies, better known as”white label”. Unlike high-mid-range cosmetics, these firms are not usually taken care of in-depth to formulating the product and the ingredients used during its elaboration.


Depending on the ingredients and composition

It is essential to pay attention to this aspect because, according to your needs, you will need to choose a cream, cleanser or serum that fits the results you are looking for.

To do this, once you have examined the skin type, if you suffer from sensitive or reactive skin, it is advisable to use a product based on a composition of organic ingredients. This ensures that you will not suffer side effects as they are naturally sourced ingredients.

Depending on the texture

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the right cream, cleanser or serum for you is its texture. It’s a feature not to overlook because even if you don’t have too much relevance, it will greatly improve your experience when it comes to using it.

If your skin is dry, you will have to choose a product that collects a moisturizing formula and provides nutrition, so the composition of ingredients must be concentrated to restore the natural balance, so its texture must be unctuous.

However, if your skin is oily, you should choose a product with a lower concentration and “astringent” principles. Light textures and you must greatly impact correct facial hygiene before application to ensure the correct preparation of the skin, toned, and so you can have the best result.


My best recommendation when choosing the best product

Once you have taken into account the above points, I recommend that you not get carried away a priori by those cosmetic products that are most bombarded in advertisements or ridiculously cheap costs. Many of these firms ensure rapid action and results in a relatively short period of time. Miracles don’t exist.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many of the low-end cosmetics marketed on the market today, although the price and presentation may be attractive to the naked eye, is not the best purchase decision since no results are guaranteed at all in the short term.

I highly suggest that, before buying, you take a minute to take a look at the composition of ingredients and the degree of concentration of them, because although two different brands expose the same product, the quality of the ingredient and its concentration differ greatly from each other.

Finally, do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist if you have any questions that may make you uncomfortable or if you are not segur@ before using any cosmetic product or are curious to contrast what I teach you in this guide. A wise choice in time will save you many upsets or possible skin problems in the future, while your skin will thank you.b

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