How to Choose Jewellery

Jewellery is an integral part of the wardrobe. They can emphasize the individuality of the style of its owner, harmoniously completing the created image’s integrity. Of course, fashion dictates its laws, but to not get lost in a wide range of jewellery, it must be guided by the basic aesthetic rules.

  • Don’t put on too many decorations at once. Even though jewellery is sold in sets, it is necessary to observe the “rule of three” – no more than three jewellery at a time. The larger the jewels, the smaller they should be. Remember that everything put on you at a certain point should be perfectly combined in colour and style.
  • The main rule is that you can’t mix multiple metals in one image. Precious and semi-precious stones should be combined with caution. It is best to choose minerals of the same price level. Transparent sparkling stones can be connected to opaque stones of smooth colour, but only if framed by one metal.
  • Jewels should be perfectly combined and complement your outfit. It is important to pay attention to the colour of clothing when choosing jewellery. The bright coloured outfit is best suited to silver, white gold or platinum with transparent stones. Coloured gems look great on warm shades’ clothes, and iridescent opaque stones look spectacular on a purple, blue, or green. At ceremonial receptions and social events, stylists recommend wearing long earrings, wide bracelets, massive necklaces with minimalist dresses. With motley outfits will look appropriately discreet, simple jewellery: a narrow ring and bracelet, pendant, brooch or pearl thread.
  • Choosing jewellery, it is important to take into account your age. Young girls can safely wear bright, large jewellery with multi-coloured stones decorated with fabric, fur or leather. For businesswomen, expensive and discreet jewellery with precious stones and pearls will be suitable. More mature women to face earrings and rings with expensive inserts.
  • Jewellery should also be matched to the colour of eyes, skin and hair. On golden, tanned skin will perfectly play jewellery of silver and white gold with pearls, rock crystal, turquoise, pink quartz, opal or onyx. On white skin look great mottled (jasper, agate)and cold (tourmaline, ruby, azure) stones. Blondes to the face of delicate shades (coral, moonstone, pearls, turquoise), red-haired – purple and green (malachite, emerald, amethyst), brunettes – warm shades (onyx, amber, jade).
  • When choosing earrings, pay attention to the shape of the face and hairstyle. Owners of a slender neck or elongated face can safely choose flowing earrings. Possets or droplets will fit into the face of a rounded shape. Massive rings and rings look good on large hands. Graceful long fingers should choose a thin bezel of gold or silver with a gentle scattering of stones. If you prefer to wear multiple rings, remember that they should be combined in style and metal.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rules. When choosing jewellery, the main thing to follow your taste and inner mood and these recommendations will help you make the right choice.

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