How to Choose Ironing Board

Even if one of the least beloved household chores is ironing, we all want to have clean, well-ironed clothes when leaving home. There is no doubt that the feeling that gives us a well-ironed clothes goes far beyond the task itself. Also, if you are thinking of changing iron, here we give you the keys to find the best ironing centres. They will definitely change the idea of the iron and make it much easier for you.

Ironing boards give our garments a more professional result than simple irons. Why? Because they are designed to iron more clothes and all kinds. The advantages are multiple and we will explain them below.


Advantages of Ironing Boards

Ironing Boards

  • Plates faster. Being more powerful than conventional plates, they make this arduous task simpler and faster.
  • The most complicated wrinkles are better removed. They receive steam constantly and the steam stroke is more powerful. It takes less time to iron the most difficult garments.
  • Simple and easy to use. Although it may seem, because of its size, that it should be harder to handle, it should not. Ironing boards don’t weigh as much compared to a regular iron. In addition, the water tank is at the base, not on the iron itself, so its use also becomes more comfortable with this look. This also saves water and energy.
  • Goodbye to lime. Normally, this type of ironing boards has antical protection, so we can rest easy longer and it will last us longer than a conventional iron.


What should I consider when purchasing an ironing board?

  • Pressure. Maybe what we look at most. It’s the force with which the steam comes out. The more bars, the better the result, because it will enter each fabric better. We must look for those ironing boards that have between 4 and 5 bars.
  • Very important. The power of steam serves to soften tissues and “fight” wrinkles. The ironing board will be more productive the more power it has. They can range from one thousand to three thousand watts.
  • Steam stroke. It is important to eliminate the most difficult wrinkles, you have to opt for an ironing board that contains this option. But you also have to make sure that the steam jet is continuous. Well, this will suit different types of fabrics.
  • Motherboard. Fundamental to choose ceramic or stainless steel for the plate motherboard material. They are more expensive but undoubtedly more durable. In the long run, it’s a sure hit.
  • The autonomy of the board. Ideally, we should buy an ironing board with unlimited autonomy. Unlike those with limited autonomy, when we ran out of water from the tank we do not have to wait for the iron to cool down in order to refill the water from the tank.
  • Tank capacity. Especially important if we are going to iron lots of very large clothes or if we have bought an ironing board with limited autonomy. Since we’ll have to wait longer if we run out of water.

We hope that, with these tips, when you are going to change your iron you will opt for an ironing board and you will be able to notice the differences between them. Ironing won’t be the same again!

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