How to Choose Headphones For Games

Do you like browser toys like Game of Thrones, adventure action or urban simulators? It is fascinating to build empires, fight for land, participate in military battles and smash zombies. But is it so interesting for your family, who have to listen for hours to the sounds of gunshots and the screams of the characters? If you’re tired of “Make it quieter” and “Turn off the sound, it’s time to buy a headset for gamers. No more playing through the speakers and adjusting to the household. You can participate in exciting battles in the game headphones even at night when everyone is fast asleep. Gala Center will tell you how to choose a headset for browser games and stay happy with the purchase.

What’s special about the headset

Many users buy computer accessories for fabulous money. Is it a waste or a reasonable investment? High-quality sound is the basis of a realistic, addictive game. Giving out surround sound, headphones allow you to feel in the centre of events and plunge headlong into the virtual world. Besides, you can adjust the sound you please, without worrying that the household will be angry and neighbours beat with a spoon on the batteries.

This accessory has unique characteristics, sharpened for gaming. Therefore, the criteria for choice here are completely different from regular headphones for music and cinema. In gaming headphones, you won’t enjoy the perfect sound of classic songs and modern rock songs. But they can hear the slightest sounds: whispers, quiet steps, rustling bushes, gnashing metal and other game sound effects. A gaming headset’s key task is to make the player’s stay in the virtual world super-realistic and the sound clear and voluminous.

High-quality headphones for online toys allow you to locate the enemy and trace all his steps quickly. The microphone neutralizes the extraneous noises around the gamer, taking only his voice. And clearly, without echoes, wheezes and other interference. This technical solution provides quality communication with all team members.

What headphones are suitable for browser games

Open – good for music fans and movie screenings. They don’t put pressure on their ears; they don’t feel on their heads. The computer accessory does not provide 100% sound insulation. The user hears everything that is going on around him, and the household hears the game sound effects. You can use it for games if you live alone in an apartment where there is perfect silence.

Closed headphones provide perfect sound insulation. In the room can sleep child, the cries of zombies and fantastic characters he will not wake up. The gamer also does not hear the surrounding sounds. Even if there is a disco in the next room, it will not hurt to enjoy the gameplay. In such a headset, you can hear even the quietest game sounds.

Semi-open is the golden mean between the two previous models. Soundproofing is higher than in open models, but it is not complete. Some of the sounds from the world around you are audible, but it’s as weak as it does not distract from gaming. But nearby people will hear screams and shooting in the online game.


Which game headphones to buy are wired or wireless?

Speaking of comfort, the wireless option undoubtedly wins. Players often immerse themselves in the gaming process, forgetting about reality. After the decisive goal, you want to get up sharply and jump with happiness. The wires will not allow this to be done and will quickly return to the real world. Besides, they often cling to a keyboard, a cup of coffee or a mouse. But what’s better on the technical side?

A wired headset for the computer connects via USB input—good models with a built-in audio system that delivers clear surround sound. Accessories with mini-Jack input do not have such an advantage.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones run at a distance of 10 meters and provide good quality communication. The second option is a headset with a radio connection. Their range is about 100 meters, but the operation time without recharging is limited – about 4 hours.

It’s simple here – you can play with the wire for 24 hours a day. The wireless accessory will ask for charging in a few hours. Perhaps at the most crucial moment of building a virtual empire.

Buying Guide For Gaming Headphone

Buying Guide For Gaming Headphone

#1. Frequency Range. The standard range of 20 to 20,000 Hz is suitable for gaming. It is not necessary to invent and look for something unique.

#2. Impedance. The higher the score, the better the sound. The best value for a gaming accessory is 32 Oma.

#3. Loudness. Experienced users are advised to buy gaming headphones with a sound level of about 100 DB.

#4. Harmonic distortions. In budget models, the percentage does not exceed 15%. In the luxury class – 0.1-0.5%. In the top headset – no more than 0.2%. The smaller the figure, the less wheezing, echo and other distortions.

#5. The length of the wire. If you decide to buy wired headphones for toys in the browser, take care of the cord’s length. The optimal value is 2 meters.

#6. The presence of a microphone. A mandatory item in the list of criteria for choosing gaming accessories.

#7. Imitation of surround sound. This feature is present in USB models with a built-in 9.1 sound card. It easily creates the effect of presence.


Forza List: Budget Gaming Headphones 2022

Talk about characteristics can be long, but it is better to consider the range and choose the model. If you are not ready to give a tidy sum for a computer headset but love to play browser strategies and wars, the Rating Forza is created for you. You will be able to buy budget gaming headphones that provide a comfortable gaming process. Why Forza? The electronics manufacturer creates high-quality mobile accessories that are no inferior to promoted brands. The latter invest a lot of money in advertising companies and make you pay for the Firm. When choosing, always pay attention to 2 things – the build quality (no squeaks and backlashes) and the presence of a loud microphone (without wheezing).

№1. Forza Wireless Headset Has a built-in 400 mAh battery. Works without recharging 18 hours. Guarantees pure sound and deep bass. A top game model with soft pillows and an exclusive design.

№2. Collection Forza wireless headphones – New 2022. There is a built-in microphone, memory card support. The 300 mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of battery life. The reception area is 10 meters. The reproducible frequency, resistance and sensitivity fully meet the above-mentioned selection criteria—a versatile option for listening to music and online toys.

№3. Forza Wireless Gaming Headset is another 2022 sales hit. It has an exclusive design. Soft ergonomic pillows give comfort during long-term use.


  • 10 hours of listening
  • built-in slot for the memory card
  • Range – 10 metres
  • Connect via micro USB.

The difference from the previous model is the smaller battery capacity.

№4. Full-size overhead headphones Forza Plus rotates 180 degrees and is adjustable in height. Provide good sound insulation. There’s a built-in microphone.

№5. Ruler computer headphones with a microphone Forza is the perfect solution for video calls, online broadcasts and gaming. The simplest low-priced model for those who want to play without hitting the wallet.

You can buy play headphones in bulk from The Forza manufacturer on the Gala Center

website. The range includes a wired and wireless headset for gamers at bargain prices.

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