How to Choose Engagement Ring

Every girl dreams about the offer of a hand and a heart since childhood. She imagines when and how a beloved man will make this serious step and the golden ring for the engagement. How to choose the right size? How much do engagement rings cost? And what should they look like?




In the past, when marriages were rarely made for love, the ring donated by the beloved served as a sign that the groom will be able to support the bride. But by our time the tradition began to be romantic, and the ring turned into a symbol of serious intentions of the guy to his beloved. In Ukraine, calling a girl to marry as in American films is becoming more popular. Therefore, more and more people are wondering how to choose engagement rings.



The Europeans chose the ring finger and left hand for this. Their ancestors believed that there was a vein that leads to the heart. The girl wears the ring until the wedding day, and then – keeps in a nook. In some families, the decoration becomes a family heirloom and passes from parents to children. In our country, the engagement ring is put on the same hand as the wedding ring – on the right. It became fashionable after the wedding to wear two rings on the ring finger: engagement and engagement. Although there are no strict instructions on which finger to wear an engagement ring, the bride can wear jewellery independently.



Engagement rings aren’t just a decoration. A young man will present it, what emotions will take hold of the girl when she first sees the ring, she will remember for many years with warm emotions. Therefore, the choice of decoration should be approached with all responsibility.


How do you know what kind of ring she likes?

Classic engagement rings look the same – a ring decorated with one precious finger. More often than not, it is a transparent diamond. In the more budgetary options is finite. Such a ring will suit any girl. Therefore, if a man does not know the girl’s taste preferences, he better stop on the ring of such design.

If the bride-to-be mentioned her love for a certain kind of stones or the guy looked in the box, what jewellery prefers his beloved, you do not need to experiment and find something similar.


The budget of the engagement ring

Talk about money – the topic is very personal, so prescribes etiquette. But it is impossible not to touch him. Of course, the dressing rings prices are not small. By the way, at the beginning of the 20th century, there was an opinion that the ring must necessarily have a diamond and stand at least two salaries of the groom. Many adhered to this tradition, but it turned out that this opinion was imposed on people by an American diamond company.

The most reasonable solution in choosing the engagement ring’s budget – to focus on the possible amount and not to jump above the head.


How do I know the size of the ring?

This question scares men the most. The wrong size ring is inconvenient to wear; it can get lost. But the wolf is not so terrible… Here are some tips on how to determine the size of the engagement ring:

  • The easiest and most reliable way is to ask your girlfriend’s best friend to find out what size of ring your girl wears carefully;
  • Try to put the girl’s ring on your finger, and in the place where it sits tightly, put a mark with a pen;
  • take a piece of paper and a girl’s ring, circle his circumference with a pen, go with a leaf to the jewellery store;
  • When the girl is asleep, thread or a prepared strip of paper wrap around her finger. But be careful, if you wake her up, the surprise will be spoiled.


Metal and stone choice: what to bet on

Metal and stone choice what to bet on

Choosing the metal of the engagement ring

The classic engagement ring is made of gold. But it doesn’t have to be yellow. White, red or pink is also suitable for this decoration. Golden engagement rings are presented in the range of the Golden Age jewellery factory.

Platinum looks noble and exquisite. Also, the metal is very durable and does not lose its lustre after many years. But its value is much higher than gold, so not everyone can afford to buy an engagement ring made of platinum.

In rare cases, silverware is chosen for this purpose. For example, if a girl is allergic to other precious metals or likes jewellery exclusively made of silver. The silver ring cost for the engagement will be low, but the durability of silverware can not boast.


Which stone to choose for the engagement ring

If everything is clear with metal, the choice of stone is ambiguous. Superstitious people avoid wedding rings pearls, which prophesied young tears, opal – foreshadows misfortune, ruby – blood.

But the diamond, on the contrary, has a very positive symbolism for the bride and groom. It means the longevity of the relationship because this mineral is famous for its durability. That’s why engagement rings with a diamond are trendy. The stone’s size does not matter: the masterfully designed little pebble looks beautiful and bright in the correct frame.

If you stop on this stone, the best engagement rings with a diamond made of white gold.

If the budget does not allow you to buy an engagement ring with a diamond, it is worth looking at the finite products. It looks just as bright but costs much less.



Unusual engagement rings like people extraordinary and bright. Therefore, designers, jewellers, and even programmers come up with how to attract couples’ attention in love.

So, a few years ago were made original engagement rings with Braille. People who don’t see can read a declaration of love or the start date of a relationship.

The urban version of the exclusive engagement ring is equipped with a reminder function. This mini-computer can remember the date and for 24 hours reminds the owner of it, heating up for 10 seconds.



The Golden Age Jewellery Factory offers a wide range of engagement rings that will not leave your chosen one indifferent. And if you want to give an unusual ring, the masters will be able to make it to order.

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