How to Choose Beard Trimmer

A major concern for millions of men around the world is the need to have a well-groomed beard. Job interviews, dates, parents’ evenings, and other events can be disrupted if one fails to care for his beard properly. While it doesn’t matter to hockey players if they grow their beards during their season, that can’t be said about the average man.

A wild and crazy growing beard might sound like something very nice, but if you want a professional look, then your beard isn’t supposed to make you look like you just woke up under a bridge or a cardboard box. Using a beard trimmer is the best and easiest way to make sure your beard doesn’t make you look like you belong in the ZZ Top.

So you’re going to buy a beard trimmer? Know that beard trimmers are different from the company that markets them. In addition to whether the attachments are built-in or whether you need to click them on the shaving head, the most important aspect of a beard trimmer remains the ability to care for your facial hair in the style you prefer, without having to call on a barber for that.

Some beard trimmers are bulky and angular, while others have heads that pivot into three dimensions, reducing the likelihood of your skin getting irritated. Some contain lubricating oil applied to your skin at the touch of a button, while others work better dry. Some work in the shower, and with some, you can also trim the hair in your nose and ears.

With such a wide variety of beard trimmers, it’s hard to know exactly which one is the best for you. Each company has its own style for its beard trimmers, and they each have its advantages and disadvantages. Trying to determine which is the best trimmer can be tough for some. What properties should you pay attention to, and what extras should you hope will be included?


How to Choose Beard Trimmer  | What Should you Pay Attention to?

What Should you Pay Attention to

Battery life

Battery life

An important aspect of an electronic beard trimmer is its time to charge it and how long it takes to recharge. This is especially important if you forgot to shave and you have an important meeting at 9:00.

It’s common for you, while you’re running out of the house, to reach for your trimmer to find it’s no longer charged. So while you’re late, you’ll run back inside to pick up your charger, but in the meantime, you’ll arrive at your meeting even later. For some trimmers, it can take up to 12 hours for them to charge, so it’s better to stop at the supermarket to get a disposable razor if you still want to get your beard for your meeting. Some of the top trimmers only take one hour to charge fully, and sometimes they even have a fast charging option, meaning you’ll have enough power to take care of your beard before your meeting.




In our current world, having a beard is part of the modern look. While some people, like the stars of the “Duck Dynasty”, wild and have crazy beards, that is impossible for normal people. If you’re one of those people who’s always had some facial hair, then the thought of shaving it off with a beard trimmer can be a nightmare. That’s why you should look out for the best beard trimmer that also has fittings. Most beard trimmers have attachments that can be placed on the head of the shaver, while, with the newer models, the trimmers are built-in at the bottom of the device. To make your choice use our beard trimmer top 10.

Fittings are important to maintain your look decently. You want to look forward to a bar trimmer that comes with different fittings. You want a trimmer with attachments that are easy to attach and use, and that can be connected to the device without any problems. You also want a trimmer with an attachment to trim your eyebrows and hairs in your nose and ears. This attachment, which is specifically intended for older men, makes the process of wild and crazy beards so much easier. However, the trimmer attachments’ main purpose is to allow you to take care of your beard in the comfort of your bathroom, hotel room or car.


Moving head

Many of the models you may have used have a fixed head on top of the device in the past. Devices with these types of heads still work efficiently, but depending on your skin type, this method can give rise to unpleasant and painful irritations. The only way to avoid this is to use a trimmer with a moving head.

Philips and Braun’s new models have moving heads that reduce the risk of skin irritations while also shaving shorter and more accurately than any older trimmer. In the case of these Philips BodyGroom trimmers that we will evaluate later, you will get a trimmer with a head that can move in 3-D and with “pre-trimmers”, you can adjust on each side of the head that allows you to obtain the desired shave while only going over the same place once.


Size/Ease of travel

As a businessman, you are aware of the importance of a good shaver. While many men feel more comfortable carrying their Gillette razor blades and shaving soap, it’s sometimes much easier if you can bring an electronic beard trimmer with you when travelling. For most electronic beard trimmers, you will need a little more space in your luggage. But some are small, light and efficient, so they make it a lot easier for you.

Some of the older models of beard trimmers were angular, much like hairdressers’ professional clippers. Although these devices work well, they can still be difficult to handle for trimming your own facial hair. These are large products that also occupy a lot of space in your travel case, but just as the technology has improved in other areas, this has also happened in the field of beard trimmers. The devices have become smaller and require less maintenance than older devices. And since you no longer need to bring a razor and shaving soap, you no longer have to worry about your canister of shaving soap exploding or opening in your luggage, turning your clothes into a mess.

Your turn

Buying a beard trimmer should not be too big a task for you after reading these tips. It’s something you need especially if you have a special beard, but don’t worry, follow this advice and choose the device that’s best suited for you.

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