How To Choose An Ironing Board For The Home

Often homemakers have a lot of trouble: cleaning, washing, cooking and ironing clothes. To simplify and facilitate this process, the best and multifunctional irons are purchased. However, an ironing board will also be highly effective. To date, the developers offer such products for every taste – from the simplest inexpensive devices to active models that help iron the most delicate and “intractable” fabric. To know how to choose an ironing board for the home, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations.


The principle of operation and the device of the ironing board

Each ironing board has typical parameters – a figured tabletop, which is covered with fabric. Differences can be found only in the assembly of supports and the mechanism of folding or adjusting the height.

There are ordinary folding products with legs-scissors – they are regulated only by 2-3 positions due to the support hooks on the backside of the tabletop. There are also retractable or folding devices that do not have legs but only leaving the cabinet or cabinet. Part of the integrated boards are hidden in furniture or a niche of the wall, for example, behind a mirror, and if necessary, recline, taking a horizontal position.

In addition, for the user’s comfort, the developers have created products with various additional functions that make ironing convenient. Such options extend the capabilities of standard devices. These include:

  • heat-resistant stand for iron (reinforced for steam generator);
  • wire retainer;
  • carrying with socket;
  • linen mesh;
  • rollers or add-ons for ironing sleeves and small things;
  • unfolding wings to iron the shirt.


Ironing board selection options

Ironing board selection options

The choice of such a device is often in doubt. This is because the buyer will be faced with combining functionality and compact dimensions, trim weight and strength of the model. The ironing board should have a pleasant appearance and match the size and have specific technical parameters.

Table top Material

The developers offer variations of different costs and duration of operation:

  • Pressed plates. Despite the name, such products have not been made of actual boards for a long time. Today in the course of models made of pressed wood: plywood, chipboard, MDF. For the tabletop to have sufficient strength, it is made thicker; as a result, the mass of the structure will increase significantly. Even under a thick layer of substrate, such plates eventually saturate moisture, swell or stratification under the influence of high-temperature indicators.
    Plastic. Ironing boards made of this material are incredibly light but exceptionally reliable and durable. Thanks to multiple holes, they effectively remove an excessive amount of moisture that accumulates in the upholstery. Only heat-resistant plastic must be used for the manufacture of the countertop. Optimally, when heat-reflecting parameters characterize it – thanks to this, things are easier to iron. But in such a situation, the price of the entire assembly also increases.
  • Metal. Mostly it is steel or aluminium. In the first situation, a heavy, durable and highly reliable material is obtained. Over time, the passing wet steam provokes corrosion with negative consequences (rust on the substrate and cover). When light and water-resistant aluminium is taken, you need to prepare that the board will require careful handling and careful storage.
  • Mesh:woven and solid metal. Some holes guarantee proper ventilation in the second case, but the disadvantages will be poor stability and strength.
  • Wood. Such devices will cost more than metal, but they will last longer, have better quality. Of the negative aspects, a significant mass should be noted. Of the positive: moisture resistance, the base is impregnated with a special dissolute. The iron should not be placed on the device; however, the board with a similar coating is usually attached in the configuration of the stand made of metal.


Working surface size

The choice of surface sizes will depend on the regularity of the use of the board, the volume and dimensions of the linen, on the free space that the user has. The developers offer countertops with various parameters, so it will not be challenging to find a suitable solution. The most popular parameters are:

  • A conventional board comes with a functional coating in the range of 1.1 by 0.3-1.2 by 0.38 m.
  • New products are more significant – they are available in sizes of 1.3 by 0.35-1.5 by 0.45 m.
  • The dimensions of the board-pedestal or chest of drawers in the disassembled form will reach 1.3 by 0.35 m.
  • Integrated boards mainly come with a coating of 1.28 by 0.38 m, but it is possible to make an order to manufacture individual size in any situation.
  • Desktop devices are the most compact – 0.7 by 0.3 m.

Upholicacy and cover

For upholstery of the board and sewing, the cover uses certain types of fabrics. The case is always insightful and will be in contact with the iron and things. For its tailoring, the following varieties are used:

  • Sailcloth.The material should have a high density, unpainted, and optimally unclarified. Things with such material will not slip, the cover is washed without difficulties, but too hot iron will quickly leave tans. It is an excellent solution for everyday use.
  • Cotton fabric.Budget thin covers of bright colour, which do not differ in long-term operation. They are made of natural material and add a colourful appearance to the product. When the developer saves on paint, steaming white clothes on such a coating will form “translated pictures” on things.
  • Heat-resistant synthetics. To date, such covers are more often found on the branded board. Non-stick properties distinguish them, and some can reflect heat, facilitating the ironing process.
  • Carbon fibre. Technologically high-tech and sufficiently durable material that reflects the infrared radiation of the iron and does not allow hot steam to pass. Optimal for hard-to-smooth fabric like flax.

Regarding padding, then it is necessary to take into account how various materials behave under the influence of steam and elevated temperature indicators:

  • The substrate of synthpop deforms after a while, lowering the quality of ironing – it should not be used.
  • Foam. Quite economical and short-lived material has low density.
  • Batting. It is characterized by proper elasticity but too quickly accumulates moisture. Such padding is suitable only for boards made of plastic and metal with a perforated countertop.


Other parameters

Choosing an ironing board is quite tricky, but it is possible to significantly speed up the process when you focus on such aspects:

Legs of the product. It is an essential part of the structure, which is responsible for durability. Therefore, it is required that they are reliable. It is optimal when they protrude beyond the edge of the product in width. In such a situation, compactness suffers somewhat, but resistance increases significantly. The material for manufacturing is lightweight, with optimal use of aluminium. The mobility of the device will depend on the mass.
They are fixing the legs of the product. Methods are diverse: bolts, all sorts of welding, rivets. The most unreliable method is considered rivets since they will loosen in the use process to sit loosely. The most reliable solution is deemed to bolt.
Height fixation. There can be two varieties: stepped and smooth. When considering such a function, it is worth remembering that a soft focus will make it possible to adjust the height. The disadvantage of smoothness is that the elements will soon loosen and become unusable. Often it is proposed to use a board with a stepped fixation, which is devoid of such a problem. Such a product provides only three levels of height.

Additional features

Devices for greater convenience: products from the most popular developers are often equipped with pre-paxessoirs. Initially, it does not seem that this will not add any variety to the work, and there is no need for such devices. However, consumers properly appreciated all the advantages of advanced functionality.

  • Unique stand for iron sole. It is an additional device that will help store the iron nearby when it needs to be set aside and fixed. Usually, this is a different mount on the side (extended or folded).
  • Fixation of the extension cord wire. A large number of users faced difficulty when the wire interfered under their feet. Such a design will make it possible to cope with such a problem; the cord will be securely fixed, hiding in a special one so that it will not inconvenience during operation.
  • Special board for ironing sleeves (or any other edges of clothing). When the user regularly irons shirts, blouses, this function will be handy. It is optimal to purchase a removable or foldable board.
  • Extension cord with the socket. Not in all cases it is possible to put the product next to the outlet; often, you will need the help of an extension cord. If the extension cord comes as an option, it will save time carrying and switching in sockets.
  • Special department for ironed things. This option is present as a compartment and in the form of a special hanger, here a lot will depend on the product and the developer. The presence of such a bracket will not be mandatory but not superfluous since it will make it possible to hang things directly at the board without heading to the cabinet.,unique; here

It is not at all required that the above elements are present in 1 device. Ideally, these functions will become details that will make the use of the device convenient for use. Do not get involved in additional accessories; the product, equipped with many functions, will be massive and uncomfortable for storage and operation.


The best manufacturers of ironing boards – which company to choose

best manufacturers of ironing boards

In the store, you can find many ironing boards made of various materials, with a particular method of unfolding and characteristic features of the assembly. However, it is difficult to determine how long a particular device can last at once. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to focus on the name of the developer. The following brands produce high-quality devices for ironing purposes:

  • Philips;
  • Bosch;
  • Hausmann;
  • Nika.

To know which ironing board to choose, you should familiarize yourself with the best manufacturers models and select the board you like best. It is essential to find out all the nuances and then select the most comfortable product.


Types of ironing boards

Since modernization is constantly moving forward, this leads to the fact that there are traditional products and other devices with a unique design today. Each homemaker chooses a model that is suitable directly for her. Despite the relatively simple design of the device in question, the developers are trying to improve the classic products, forming new varieties.


The standard and most popular type of device, which unfolds to the state of a high table. In the assembled state, compact, relatively comfortable and straightforward, when the user is accustomed to ironing standing.

There is a stepped height control in earlier models – it is still possible to meet it on inexpensive products. Modern designs are supplied with a smooth unfolding, which will make it possible to expose the height of the tabletop directly under the growth.

In addition, today, some hybrid models will quickly turn into clothes dryers and stepladders – an excellent solution for a small apartment where there is no place to store various devices.



  • proper durability;
  • compact dimensions of the countertop;
  • most models are equipped with a removable cover, which can be washed or changed;
  • in the configuration, there is almost always a stand for the iron;
  • rubber pads on the legs will not scratch the surface;
  • inexpensive products provides a cord holder or a separate socket;
  • functional hybrids with a dryer, linen mesh, etc., are available for purchase.


  • massive in the unfolded state;
  • significant mass.


“Younger sisters” floorboards with somewhat shortened legs – a height of 15 cm As can be seen from the name, such devices are installed on a table or some other flat coating and then used as ordinary devices.

Here the dimensions of the countertop are much smaller than usual (often 0.7 by 0.3 m) because they are not very convenient for ironing bedding. However, to put in order the shirt or skirt on the device in question is authentic.


  • extremely stable;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • simple unfolding;
  • comfortable in storage – it is possible to hang on the wall on a unique hook;
  • transportation is possible.


  • uncomfortable to iron bedding, curtains and other large dimensional items;
  • not too reliable and strongly bent.


Any housewife dreams of such a device. The device does not need to look for a place; there is no need to wear a massive product throughout the home. Such devices will not spoil the interior at all, turning invisible.

The integrable product is a headset component and hides behind a mirror or a decorative door in a separate niche. Such models are comfortable to use and as practical as ordinary boards but not mobile – they will not be transferred to another room or taken on the road.


  • compact dimensions and unusual style;
  • the same functionality as in ordinary ironing boards;
  • comfortable assembly/disassembly system;
  • option to select any design of the “wrong side”;
  • strong mount in working condition – such a device will not turn over;
  • withstand the mass in the range of 20-50 kg, taking into account the selected fasteners;
  • often sold with an integrated outlet.


  • will not be able to move to other places;
  • there are no additional options (hanger, dryer, shelf for linen, etc.);
  • inflated price;
  • the assembly is massive and needs a highly reliable mount.


This category includes hybrids that look like a cabinet or chest of drawers with a collapsible countertop as an ironing board. Such a design will save space in the room; in addition, it is functional and practical.

With little effort, the cabinet will turn into a comfortable and reliable device, and on the shelves or in boxes, it is possible to store things, iron and other accessories. It is essential to choose a style and colour that is in harmony with other pieces of furniture in the apartment.


  • extremely functional;
  • extremely stable;
  • well combined with the interior;
  • on shelves and in boxes it is possible to store various accessories.


  • are not mobile, although it is still possible to rearrange them;
  • when the cabinet is placed too close to other furniture elements, difficulties are unfolding the device.

Which ironing board to choose

Often the question arises, how to choose a good ironing board. To make the right choice, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations:

For students and people on the road, a desktop model with a countertop made of plastic or aluminium is suitable – small, mobile and highly lightweight.
For spacious cabins or dressing rooms, it is possible to buy a transformable board-pedestal or chest of drawers – space and money are saved. It is necessary to choose products with a bed of satin, a durable cover made of synthetics or canvas so that the device does not need to be pulled after a year.
For small apartments, an integrated board is suitable. It is possible, for example, to place it in the corridors or even in the living rooms and decorate it as a mirror. However, during the selection, you should purchase lightweight materials, for example, thermoplastic or aluminium, so that the fasteners withstand the mass of the tabletop.
For large families in a private dwelling or spacious apartments, it is optimal to purchase a full-size floor fixture with a countertop made of metal or plastic with parameters of 1.5 by 0.4 m. Optimally, when it is equipped with a heat-resistant stand for an iron and a linen shelf. Such a product should be purchased by those who use a steam station instead of ordinary iron.

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