How to Choose an Android TV Box

Buy or not buy a TV Box? Many people have this question because they think that such a device is only used to watch movies, series and the like on TV.

But you can do many things with these boxes, like play music, play games, and even surf the web.

Given the limited content of free-to-air television or standard cable schedules, watching that more personalized, interactive programming ends up being nearly impossible without internet connectivity.

An alternative to ensure new entertainment options on television, without the need to acquire a Smart TV, is through the use of a small device called a TV Box.


What is a Android TV BOX?

Android TV BOX

TVs Boxes are like computers; they have an operating system that works independently of any other device. So, you can access the Internet, apps, or even some games, turning your ordinary TV into an intelligent model.

Like smartphones, the TV Box usually has an Android system adapted and optimized for its television operation.

This is the main reason why many people buy a TV Box. This device is a discrete device running Android that installs on your TV, usually via HDMI.

As soon as you make the connection and set everything up, the main screen appears, and you can choose what you want to watch: Netflix, YouTube, TV shows, etc.

What a TV Box can do:

  • Stream movies and TV shows using Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and other streaming apps
  • Watch videos from Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, plus internally stored videos
  • Run Android games and emulators from older consoles like Super Nintendo and Playstation 1
  • Install and use many Android apps that are also on your phone
  • Easily surf the web on your TV

They are mainly used to stream high-quality video content to users, streaming their favourite TV shows and movies.

While streaming media is their primary use, they can do just about anything a smartphone can do. Games and emulators can be downloaded from the Play Store for the TV Box to become a console, usually having USB ports or a Bluetooth connection for you to connect a controller.

And you can browse the Internet with Chrome and access any website as usual, even with a keyboard and mouse.


How does a Android TV Box work?

How does a Android TV Box work

A TV Box connects to a TV, usually via the HDMI input, and then connects to the Internet via wireless wifi or wired Ethernet.

Once it is connected to a TV and the Internet, applications can be installed. For example, you can install a YouTube app to stream videos.

It is also common to find USB ports, memory card readers, antennas, among other resources.

The best thing is that you can play music via MP3 or Spotify because you have Android, for example, internet browsers, chat tools, and various other apps. It’s a convenience of your smartphone on your TV screen.

Don’t forget that when using streaming platforms, your internet speed is equally important.

Connecting to the TV can be done through more common inputs such as HDMI or RCA. This ensures that most TVs are compatible with this device.

Box TV models still feature Bluetooth, which expands connection opportunities and allows for wireless installation.

It should be remembered that Box TVs also allow content storage, such as movies, series and new applications. To do this, the storage capacity can vary from 1GB to 32GB, depending on your need.


How to Choose Android TV box 

To help you choose your TV Box, we have selected some top-selling models with the highest quality.

Engel Engel En1015k Android TV Receiver License Google 4k Y Hdr 2Gb Ddr Ram 8Gb Flash Bluetooth 4.2 Micro Sd Dual Band wifi Rj45 2xusb brand: Engel.

It is a Tv Box that has the Android Tv 9.0 operating system. It will put at your disposal a fantastic world of content, applications and different games so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your living room. Licensed by Google and the official applications of Netflix, HBO, Spotify…

Thanks to the built-in Chromecast function, you can launch different applications.

Android TV Android Tv Xiaomi Mi Box S 4k 3840×2160 Quadcore A53 2GB 8GB wifi Dual band Hdmi Bt Android 8.1.

Minimalist design in a black and compact size. Multilanguage, Includes 68 Languages.

Compatible with Netflix. Resolution 4k Hdr. Operating System Android Tv Os. Android games. Google Home. Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound

Android tv box q4k216w 4k quadcore (16+2gb) leotec. CPU: Quad Core 1.5GHz AML S905W ARM Cortex A53. RAM: 2GB DDR4. GPU: Penta-Core Mali 450MP @ 750MHz. ROM: 16GB expandable by microSD (max. 64GB).

Ethernet port: Yes, 10-100Mbps. WiFi: Yes, 802.11 b/g/n. USB 2.0 ports: 2. HDMI output: 4K*2K@30fps resolution. Infrared port: Yes. Remote control included: Yes.

With our recommendations, you’ll be ready to give your TV a significant upgrade. But know that to consume 4K content, your TV must have this capability. If this is not your case, no problem; it will present the videos with the best possible quality.

It is essential to note the number of USB ports offered by the TV Box and additional connections.

Remember that being a device with an Android system, installing the TV Box is usually intuitive and straightforward, with just a few clicks so that everything is ready for use. Some elements will be essential, such as the Internet, to access the content online, and a television to play the content.

The installation order will usually follow the following process. First, you will need to connect the TV Box to the plug, the TV, and the Internet. When you turn on the device, it will start with questions about location, internet password, and user email.

After a quick setup, everything is ready for use. Some devices even allow set up directly through the phone. But rest assured, everything was designed to facilitate the user experience, so no very complex problems will arise at the installation time.

Discover in our store all the TV Box models on the market and all the accessories you need to live the incredible experience of the contents on your television.

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