How To Choose A Water Filter Correctly

 After all, it depends on the health, well-being, the longevity of a person. And since clean, with optimal indicators of softness, water today is quite rare, you have to resort to artificial filtration. This is due to the pollution of underground sources and the water system in large cities and small towns. Today you can find a huge number of devices for mechanical and chemical cleaning of different brands. And to understand which water filter to choose, it is important to determine which pollutions will be to fight first of all. It is necessary to know the composition of the water supply/well. If you do not have this information, give a sample of water for analysis.

By studying water filters, how to choose drinking purification? Many people ask this question. Here you need to understand what exactly is to be cleaned, the degree of water pollution. Let’s understand the varieties of devices in more detail.


Water filters, which one to choose? Classification of cleaning systems

Classification of cleaning systems

One of the most budgetary ways to improve water quality is considered a filter jug. It is simple constructive, uncomplicated to use, does not need installation. A special interchangeable cartridge is used for cleaning. Under the influence of gravity, water seeps through the filtering material and is purified. How to choose a water filter jug? Depending on the final filtration goal, the cartridge applies to:

  • Aquagen fibers can clean water from heavy metals, organic compounds (pesticides, phenol, chloroform), and active chlorine.
  • The capillary membrane is a material that can hold back particles measuring 0.01 to 0.1 microns – such as large organic molecules, some bacteria, and viruses, colloidal particles.
  • Activated carbon. Organic components are removed using water flask filters.
  • Ion exchange resin. It will be needed for high-hard water.
  • Bactericide supplements. Affect the reproduction of microorganisms inside the cartridge during its application. Often the main component is silver ions.

Among the benefits of a water jug:

  • Convenience
  • Compactness
  • Cleaning speed
  • Mobility
  • accessibility.

Before deciding how to choose a filter jug, it is important to consider – cleaning with it is considered minimal (allowable further use for drinking, cooking, but children under 3 years of age can be given only after boiling). It would be best if you also were prepared because cartridges will have to change quite often – the frequency and volume of consumption are taken into account.


Which water filter to choose? Flow system as a pre-cleaning option

A more advanced water purification system is flowing. It is located under the sink, the water that has been cleaned comes through the tap. Adaptation is a radical method of cleaning. If there is a question, what filter… the last one will be more effective. Note that to install, you need to provide a place under the sink and a specially removed crane. The connection takes place directly to the water pipes and the mixer.

Which to choose a water filter for the sink? It also depends on the composition. You can eliminate both excessive rigidity, impurities of metals, etc., and organic components (here, for example, you need activated charcoal). The device involves increased filtering:

After a thorough cleansing, it is permissible even to give water to children without resorting to boiling.


High-tech devices – reverse osmosis systems.

Perfect technology is the reverse osmosis filter. Which to choose, what criteria to focus on in this case? First of all, let’s understand the design of the device. At heart – mechanical filters, allowing to clean from rust, sand, ammonia, chlorine, etc. Thanks to the equipping of the reverse osmosis membrane with micropores 0.0001 micropores, it is cleaned at the molecular level. Once all the stages are passed, the water accumulates in a special tank. Pollution finds a way out in the sewers.


The system consists of:

  1. Pump. It is necessary at low water pressure.
  2. Pressure reduction. On the contrary, it contributes to lowering excessively high pressure in the pipes.
  3. Tourmaline cartridge. Structures the liquid.
  4. Mineralizer. It helps to enrich water.
  5. UV block. Responsible for sterilization.
  6. Capacity.

Before choosing the reverse osmosis filter, it is important to consider the dependence on electricity supply and the need to maintain optimal pressure. The resulting water is suitable for drinking directly from the tap (ideal water treatment for infants). Lovers of natural tea, coffee will appreciate the quality.


How to choose a filter: important criteria

How to choose a filter

Looking for drinking water filters? Then the first thing to determine:

  • Whether there are restrictions on the location of the filter device;
  • Average water consumption;
  • The extent to which cleaning is required
  • financial opportunities.

Please consider that to maintain a normal state of the body. A person needs to consume 1.5-2 liters of clean water every day. There will also be additional costs – for example, for compotes, tea, coffee, soups, etc. (it is about 1 liter). Therefore, on average, a family of 3 people for a month will need close to 270 liters. In the case of the jug, this scenario will have to change interchangeable cartridges for filters every month. With sharpening, cleaning devices are easier – the resource of interchangeable elements is up to 8 thousand liters, and back osmotic systems – up to 6 thousand liters.

Taking into account the characteristics of these types of cleaning devices, you can choose the best option. And it will be appropriate for anyone – do not chase the maximum performance because there are certain deadlines during which cartridges are effectively cleaned. For example, a filter-jug cartridge serves up to 3 months, and in fact, up to 1-2 months. In flowing systems – up to 6 months, in osmosis – up to 6 months. lower filters, up to 12 months. – upper (membrane up to 24 months).

Making the right decision to buy and install the filter will help accurate laboratory examination. It will clearly determine the degree of water rigidity. If, for example, the figure does not exceed 8 mg-eq, you can safely buy a running filter for water. If the parameter exceeds 8-12 mg-eq, only the reverse osmosis system with a membrane, which does not miss the salt stiffness, is effective. Also, it is only able to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus.

The cost will depend on the type and brand you choose. In our online store, Vencon presents systems of integrated water purification, jugs, Edie appliances from manufacturers:

Mechanical filters will help remove the weights, large particles that can not dissolve in the water. They can be both self-fishing (if possible directly connected to the sewer) and disposable – the chosen option will also affect the device’s price.

In this case, you may need chemical filtration; it will be possible to get rid of stiffness, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, etc. For these purposes, you can buy a column filter, which consists of a vessel with a filtering substance and a tank for salts. The latter helps to restore the cleaner.

There are also cabinet filters for water purification – the essence is the same as in the column, only all the components are in one case, and they look more neat, compact.

A feature when choosing a chemical filter – you need to have on hand an accurate analysis of water to determine the number of points of withdrawal, the volume of consumption (the number of households). This is the only way you get quality purified water.


What do you need to know before you buy?

The device must be properly cared for during operation – then do not always have to turn to professionals. What is the responsibility of the owner of the filtering devices?

  • Purchase new cartridges for mechanical cleaning. There will be a filter that cleans sand and rust, filters for cleaning water from chlorine and swamp odor, etc., an important point – to monitor the amount of expenditure, to monitor the timing recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Buying a membrane. The mode of application and quality of water from pipes are important criteria. On average will have to be changed every 1-1.5 years. At the end of this period, you need to purchase a new filter for household water.
  • Recovery of the softener (when it is present). Chemicals are used.
  • Cleaning the valve – high-quality flushing, prevention of failure.
  • Refiling or replacing the filter material. You’ll need to buy a filter filler (for example, for softening or dehydration).


Is water purification not just for drinking?

Today’s state of water pipes wants the best – the water in our taps gets in a terrible state. Carrying rust, sand may also need clean water from hydrogen sulfide,

ammonia, algae, salts, etc. White plaque, sequence, getting into the water pipe of sand particles and weights – the most common problem of our time. You need to pick up the main filter, which happens to be metal, plastic, made of doped steel. Which preference depends on the quality of the incoming water. But in any case, the advantages of using such installations on the face:

  1. Water tastes natural.
  2. They have small dimensions.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. The cartridges are easy to pick up based on the water parameters.
  5. The maintenance period of home expensive equipment, pipes, and water accounting equipment is extended.

Which main water filter to choose? Here it would help if you had the advice of a specialist, as in installing a cleaning device. Installation is quite complex, carried out on the input of water pipes in the dwelling. Replacement cartridges also choose not at random but after water analysis. Only so your contribution to the health of the family will be really justified – you and your loved ones will drink quality, perfectly purified from foreign components water.

Want to know more about options for your home and how to choose main water filters, reverse osmosis system, washing device, or cleaning jug? We are ready to answer the actual questions of our Vencon managers.

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