How to Choose a Washing Machine Cabinet

On the market, there is indoor or outdoor washing machine furniture, slim or with washbasin/ washbasin, design or minimalist. Read my guide to choose the most suitable model for your home needs.

A washing machine cabinet is a piece of furniture that not only serves to improve the aesthetics of home environments but allows you to make the most of the space and extend the life cycle of the appliance.

Often integrating the washing machine or dryer into the house is complicated because not everyone is lucky enough to have a laundry room or an outdoor veranda. The purchase of a washing machine cabinet allows you to hide the appliance even in critical points, such as in the basement, garage or balcony.

On the other hand, there is a tendency to neglect bathroom furniture and not consider purchasing a washing machine cabinet that favours a more functional and tidy design. In fact, precisely according to the colour and finishes, the cabinet to cover the washing machine will add a more modern and elegant connotation to the room.

On the market, there are washing furniture that differs in material, structure and style, indicated for interior or exterior, to be chosen according to your taste and specific needs, but also to the size you have.


Types of washing machine cover furniture

Types of washing machine cover furniture

The offer of commercially available washing furniture starts with models with an essential design per day. That can be easily fixed to the wall thanks to the supports that often complete the equipment. Alternatively, furniture completely hides the washing machine, then equipped with swing doors or sliding damper for less clutter.

Those who do not have space problems can concentrate on the washing furniture equipped with a side compartment, which is very useful for storing and organizing detergents. This type of furniture generally also integrates the washbasher at the top to perform in a single station all the operations related to the care of laundry.

There is also washing-up furniture with a wardrobe-like structure that offers additional space in the bathroom. These height-developed accessories feature shelves and/or a cabinet to store cleaning products, so you can always have them at hand.

Finally, column furniture, either by day or with doors, stack the washing machine and dryer to optimize the bathroom area in the best way. Usually, between the two compartments, there is a removable top to unload the garments conveniently. Simultaneously, on the back, the two appliances are fixed through an adjustable clamp for greater stability.

The vertical layout of the washing machine and dryer adapts in different contexts, narrow or wide, and can be further flanked by columns with a laundry basket, worktops or chests of drawers and brushes, to set up a comfortable and well-organized laundry room with everything you need.


Indoor washing machine furniture

Indoor curfews are made from different materials, such as wood and resin, and in some cases feature hydrogen ennobled wood panels that withstand moisture well. When chipboard wood is not coated with synthetic material, such as melamine paper, it risks swelling over time and therefore irreparably damaged.


Outdoor washing machine furniture

It should be borne in hand that washing machine boards and circuits do not have protection systems against climatic agents, and the very structure of the appliance is designed to be placed in indoor spaces. This means designing a laundry room on the terrace or balcony necessarily involves buying a weatherproof piece of furniture.

Therefore, the complement to be placed on the outside must be more resistant than the indoor one. The models made of aluminium or stainless steel represent valid choices for durability over time and low maintenance. Otherwise, you can buy PVC furniture, also very simple to clean and specially designed to withstand dust, rain and wind.


Colours, finishes and design

Many companies in the sector make washing machine furniture that combines practicality and design to ensure that the washing machine is hidden pleasantly and functionally, without becoming an element of disturbance. In addition to the classic white furniture, there is no shortage of models proposed with various matt or glossy finishes and shades to allow wide customization.

Some washing covers are particularly well-kept and have pleasant details such as chrome handles, adjustable feet or doors with slow closure. The choice, in this case, depends not only on your personal taste but also on the furniture already present in the environment.

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