How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Some people believe that every resident of Russia already has vacuum cleaners. But statistics show that this is not the case. Until now, some Russians prefer to use a brush with a mop or even a regular broom. It’s time to stop it! It’s hard to believe, but the vacuum cleaner copes with cleaning much better than any hand tools! But it only applies to good models. Unfortunately, on the shelves of stores, there are many completely unworthy vacuum cleaners, the purchase of which is gladly imposed in the eyes of sellers-consultants. How not to get caught in their bait? How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will be most convenient to use? Our article will tell you about all this.

It should be noted that this material considers only standard models of vacuum cleaners. We do not mention the methods of choosing a car vacuum cleaner, as they are very different. Electric brooms with steam cleaners pass by; vacuum cleaners are not actually considered.



The different models differ the most in the type of dust collector used. If earlier dirt from the floor fell only in a cloth bag, now created devices with a different method of collecting dust.


The most inexpensive and practical dust collector is still a bag. But be careful! Cheap models of vacuum cleaners can be endowed not with fabric, but with a paper bag. Needless to say, it’s easy to damage? If in a good way, then such a package should be used as a disposable, the benefit of their kit can be found in any electronics store.

Interestingly, the paper bag has an undeniable dignity. He doesn’t let any dust through him! You can’t say about fabric products – the smallest dust particles theoretically break through them, quickly polluting the filter, which will be discussed a little lower. Also, tissue dust collectors are very difficult to empty. Another such bag from time to time you need to wash is difficult to call a hygienic occupation, not to mention that the washing machine may not like such a high volume of dirt. If you do not want to do it, then your vacuum cleaner will begin to produce harmful bacteria and, quite possibly, even ticks. In short, a vacuum cleaner with a bag is cheaper than the rest, but its use brings some inconvenience.


Dust container

And this is a more interesting option. Vacuums with a container are noticeably more expensive, most often they make a little more noise, but it is much easier to use them. It is enough to remember that the container does not need to be replaced, it is easier to empty, and instead of washing it requires light washing. If you are afraid of the high noise level, it is worth looking towards more expensive vacuum cleaners. On their so-called flagships, large manufacturers are trying different ways of sound absorption and resonation, some of which work very well.


Water filter

And this is a relatively recent development. There is no container or bag in the water filter vacuum cleaner. There is only a container where water is poured. The air with dust passes over the water, after which it remains all the dirt contained in it. Such vacuum cleaners do not make a lot of noise, but they also have drawbacks. First, such devices should not be turned over, especially during their operation. Secondly, before cleaning will have to look into the bathroom to fill the device with water. And some people may not like the large size of such a vacuum cleaner.



Previously, vacuum cleaners were not supplied with any filtration system. In this regard, no one was surprised that the device at launch spits out a cloud of dust. It’s harder to imagine that now. Even in the cheapest model, there is a similar filter in the form of a foam pad. The other thing is that he barely performs his duties.

If your family is home to at least one allergy sufferer, you need to choose a vacuum cleaner with a quality filter. Typically, the best thing about small dust particles is to delay the HEPA filter, which will have to be changed from time to time. A set of such filters is usually put in a set with a vacuum cleaner supporting them. Even so, you’ll ever have to visit an electronics store to buy additional filters.

If you want to complete the destruction of dust and allergens, you will consider buying the already mentioned vacuum cleaner with a water filter. Only such a device traps more than 99.9% of the dust.



Some consumers feel obliged to purchase the most powerful vacuum cleaner. We hasten to warn you; high power may be a disadvantage of your chosen model. The fact is that usually, manufacturers achieve an increase in this parameter by increasing the size of the engine. This leads to the fact that such vacuum cleaners take up a lot of space and make a much stronger noise. Do you need it? Not to mention the fact that high power will necessarily affect electricity bills. The funny thing is that some vacuum cleaner owners rarely use full power – most often they use a less “sucked” mode, in which the device makes less noise and still copes with its duties.

Focus on power, depending on the coverage of your floor. If there is parquet in your apartment, then even the most infirm vacuum cleaner will cope with its cleaning. A large suction force is required only if you have carpets. And be sure to pay attention to this parameter in living in apartment cats or dogs.



The first vacuum cleaners worked very simply. Their motor was spinning a spiral, resulting in an airflow that sucks all the dirt inside the device. Now the situation has changed. If the engine you should not be interested in, you can think about the support of wet cleaning.

Most vacuum cleaners only offer dry cleaning. It is the most simplified process – you drive on the floor with a brush, and she tries to collect dust, hair and other pollution. Then it all goes off in a bag, container or container of water. But some instances allow wet cleaning. They allow you to forget that the floor after using the vacuum cleaner should also be washed. It would seem that the dream of any hostess! However, such devices have several undeniable drawbacks:

  • The washing vacuum cleaner is large in size, so its purchase in small one-room apartments is not recommended.
  • They can not do the appropriate cleaning in rooms with linoleum or another smooth surface – will have to use the usual mode.
  • Most often, cleaning vacuum cleaners make an increased noise level, which is also not like every buyer.

Perhaps, to recommend the purchase of this type of household appliances is only allergy sufferers. No matter how powerful the vacuum cleaner is, the smallest particles of dirt in carpets and walkways remain. If the average person does not react to them, the allergy sufferer may start a runny nose or sneeze. And you won’t even know what caused it! The vacuum cleaner allows you to reduce the probability of it, if not solve this problem. If he does not have enough power to suck all the dust, the smallest he will nail to the depth of the carpet water.

Of course, you can always wash the floor yourself! If you think that this activity does not give you much trouble, then the vacuum cleaner can not even be considered.



The last criterion of choice is difficult to overestimate. Be sure to check the vacuum cleaner! To do this, you can contact the seller-consultant or look at the specifications – they usually specify what exactly the buyer will receive. As a rule, a variety of nozzles should be supplied with the vacuum cleaner. Their number varies from two to six – a larger user usually does not need.

  • The yellow nozzle is present in the vast majority of sets. It is a small tube, one of the ends of which is strongly narrowed. This allows it to squeeze into different angles. It can also clean the battery. In short, a useful thing, without which it is difficult to do.
  • The turbo brush is designed for high-quality cleaning of carpets and furniture from wool, hair, poplar fluff and other debris. This brush rotates – it is due to the flow of air through it. Due to this rotation on the floor or furniture, there is not a single hair. The downside of the turbo brush is a slight decrease in suction power.
  • The oval brush has a short tin pile. It should clean vertical textile surfaces (curtains, wall carpets) and soft furniture.
  • The round brush is ideal for cleaning complex surfaces, such as plafonds or mouldings, and furniture with carved pattern and artsy handles. You can also walk through the bookcase with such a nozzle. The brush has a long soft pile, so it is almost impossible to cause any damage.
  • Brush with natural bristles will not prevent expensive flooring owners – laminate, parquet or even artificial stone. Such a nozzle will remove any pollution, and you will be sure that it will not leave on the surface marks in the form of scratches.
  • The brush is similar to a traditional turbojet. The only difference is that it has nothing to do with airflow. Rotation provides, as it is easy to guess, electric current. The advantage of such a nozzle is the smaller noise it makes. Also, it does not reduce the force of suction. However, it is noticeably heavier than a conventional turbo brush. The manufacturer does not recommend using such a nozzle for cleaning carpets, the pile of which is longer than 1.5 cm.



If you think about all the companies involved in the design and creation of vacuum cleaners, you can easily lose count. This type of household appliances has gained such popularity that it began to be produced in almost every country. Of course, quality devices are created only by a few companies. If you do not want to scratch the parquet or finish cleaning with a broom in your hands, it is better to focus on their products.

Chic vacuum cleaners are made in Italy. For example, Krausen products boast a powerful engine and the presence of an electric breaker! And EuroFlex is trying its best to achieve a vacuum cleaner’s minimum size with a water filter. It is a pity that in our country devices from these companies are almost impossible to find.

But in Russian retail, there is a huge amount of equipment from Electrolux. It is usually not very expensive but serves for years. In the Swedish giant range, there are even battery vacuum cleaners, about which this article is not written a word. The fact is that such devices are far from ideal. You know, no battery will be enough to provide a huge suction power.

We also recommend you look at Samsung, Bosch, Bork and Philips products. Their vacuum cleaners are present in any price segment. However, we hope that you will not look in the direction of devices, the cost of which – less than five thousand rubles. The fact is that these and other companies’ budget products are endowed with an extremely unreliable electric motor. Such a motor can easily break. In most cases, this happens after the expiration of the warranty period, which for such models does not exceed 1 year.



On the expanses of the global web, you can find many angry reviews that leave buyers of vacuum cleaners. Often people complain about the large size of the device. Sometimes they are not caused by anything – much less often, the creators increase the dimensions to supply the vacuum cleaner with a nozzle compartment.

Consumers also complain about the noise emitted by the vacuum cleaner. This applies to buyers of about half of the models presented on the Russian market. It just so happens that on noise insulation and engine any manufacturer saves more often.

Slightly less often, buyers complain about the lack of power. The fact is that there is no ideal in this regard. You will understand that the suction force is not enough only if you immediately compare your purchase with a more powerful unit. We recommend buying a “golden middle” – vacuum cleaners with medium power. So you and the force of suction will be satisfied, and the electricity bills do not go bankrupt.

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