How to Choose a Thermos

Today, a thermos is a flask made of plastic or steel, located in a body made of similar material. Current products are intended for the storage of hot and cold drinks, food. Only a high-quality product kept a temperature of at least 50 degrees throughout the day from when it was poured hot. The device is considered an indispensable element at work, fishing, on the road. However, a rare tourist does without a thermos in winter, for example, in the mountains or a desert area. Buying a thermos is a difficult task since there are a lot of types of this product. To know how to choose a thermos, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations.


The principle of operation and the device of the thermos

The principle of operation and the device of the thermos

A thermos is a device used for domestic purposes to store liquid and food at constant temperature indicators for an extended period. The devices can maintain high and low temperatures. Several devices are used as containers for cooking purposes.

The assembly includes an inner flask in the sea, made of polished glass, plastic, or metal. The coating present during contact with food or liquid will not oxidize. The outer container is mainly made of similar materials; its outer part is treated with a unique copper coating, reflecting heat. Between the walls of such containers, there is a vacuum layer of insulation; at the bottom, there is an absorbent substance that removes excess air from the vacuum. Close the container with a key with a layer of thermal insulation. The tightness of the assembly will be provided by a sealing material, for example, silicone. The cup mainly serves as a lid; it is twisted at the top of the thermos.

The main task of the device is to keep the product located in a hot state. The least heat transfer will ensure this from it to the surrounding space. However, when it is required to maintain low-temperature indicators, the reverse process will occur – a small heat transfer from the external environment to the product.


Thermos Buying Guide 

Buying a device should begin with setting the purpose for which it is purchased. When the device is required for domestic use, it is optimal to buy a model of large volumes with a universal plug and a wide throat. For hiking or picnic, it is advisable to use lightweight and compact products.

Case material

The critical parameter is the case material. It will directly affect the quality of the device, the retention of temperature indicators to the maximum for an extended period, and other performance characteristics:

Metal. It has high strength, can withstand shocks and mechanical damage. Such a thermos is great for traveling and hiking.

Plastic. It is characterized by the most negligible mass, costs less than the body of metal. It will be an excellent solution for home use, offices, cottages, picnics, or walks.

Inner bulb material

It is essentially what the flask is made of, where the product will be poured. This indicator will depend on the preservation of the required temperatures, safety since food should not interact with the material:

Glass. The most popular solution was previously in all thermoses. Glass will provide excellent storage, properly retain heat, and easily be cleaned. The principal shortage of such material will be fragility. During careless use, the Glass is damaged, which leads to insufficient insulation. Thermos with a glass bulb is suitable for irregular use in the house or the country.

Plastic. The main advantage is the light mass of the material and its strength. The impact of the flask will not be damaged because it is possible to take on the road such a device in hiking. However, plastic has its disadvantage – it absorbs aromas. After a fragrant drink and dish, it is tough to get rid of the smell, and therefore, there is a high risk that the new product’s taste will mix with it. Not critical such a decision will be those who use the product regulatory for a specific purpose.

Steel. It is the best solution. It is resistant to damage, perfectly retains heat, will not absorb aromas, is easy to clean. Despite the large mass compared to the two past materials, it will remain the optimal solution in many situations. It is optimal to purchase stainless steel, as it will not rust over time.


During the purchase of a thermos, the required volume will be determined, considering the purpose. Then, it is necessary to calculate the stock, taking into account the number of people using the product. Large structures retain heat better, but when the thermos is too large, it becomes a burden in the luggage:

Indicators of small volumes of capacities vary between 0.25-0.5 l. These are thermal musks or small thermos-bullets.

The average volume of the container is mainly in the range of 0.7-1 liters. Therefore, they are considered an excellent solution for liquid food and are used by two people.

Large volumes of containers start from 1.5 liters or more. Such thermoses are an excellent solution for a company of 3 or more people.

Thermos marking

Developers usually label their own devices showing the time for which the device will save the temperature indicators of the product set first. A good product retains the initial parameters of the products up to 1 day and above. Examples:

Marking on the Thermos thermos will mean that the temperature indicators of the liquid will remain or will not drop below 70 degrees for a specified number of hours.

Penguins with the same conditions will guarantee indicators of 50-52 degrees.

Freetime with the same conditions + 55 degrees.

Tatonka: on the same conditions + 40 degrees.

The initial indicators of such developers are usually less than 95 degrees. Therefore, it should be considered; the parameters are less than 50 degrees – warm tea.

Build quality

When choosing a thermos, it is imperative to shake it – any sounds should not appear. Crackling, trembling, improper signal fixation of the flask inside. Such a product will break very soon.

The device’s plug will provide proper insulation, making it possible to retain heat for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to be pressed tightly to the throat to the maximum in the closed state.

The device must not have any internal odors. When they are, it indicates that the developer is saving on material. Such products absorb harmful components and cause damage to health.


The best manufacturers of thermoses – which company to choose

best manufacturers of thermoses

The domestic market is replete with different developers of thermoses. The critical share will belong to European manufacturers, but you can meet firms from other countries. The products of most of the popular manufacturers are pretty well known among consumers of such goods. Those who love hiking and traveling were convinced that the quality of thermoses is relatively high.

Those who do not have the ability or desire to compare characteristics can choose among the following companies:

  • Tatonka.
  • Primus.
  • Thermos.
  • Berghoff.
  • Stanley.

Products from such developers are distinguished by high-quality material of manufacture, proper assembly, strength, and duration of the operation.

Types of thermoses

Before you buy a thermos, you need to determine the goals. For example, a vacuum device is too expensive for a home. It is more logical to acquire an estriostvo with a large hole and a significant volume. The vacuum model is bought for travel. To determine the purpose, emphasis should be placed on the body. The developer specifies which products can be stored inside it.



The assembly of the universal model is quite extensive; the neck has a large diameter. Given this, in such a device, it is possible to store products in addition to the drink. In addition, the cork can be with a valve to make the drinks more comfortable. The lid, as in many thermoses, is a glass or a cup for food. Most universal thermoses have a handle located on the side, so the structure is easily tilted.


  • suitable for drink and food,
  • has a side handle,
  • good price.


  • Large sizes.



The assembly received a similar name due to its elongated shape, outwardly resembling a bullet. Such a product is highly compact and comfortable in transportation. It is enough to put it inside the bag or backpack and place it in any side pocket. The device has a narrow neck since it is intended directly to store liquid. Modern products are equipped not with a cork but with a lid with a valve. This solution will make it possible not to open the cover constantly when you need to pour the drink; because of this, the contents retain the necessary temperature indicators longer. There is also an upper circle.


  • compact size,
  • minimal heat loss is ensured,
  • good price.


  • suitable only for the liquid,
  • no handle.


With pneumatic pump

The device is assembled in the desktop version. It is pretty broad, has a massive lid with a pump at the top, from which the special helmet goes to the bottom. Such covers are in thermos-bullets. The main advantage will be the absence of the need to unscrew the lid to pour the drink constantly. The consumer will only need to press the pump; hot tea or coffee will be served from the hole. Such devices will retain heat during use longer than others. A thermos with a pneumatic pump is optimally suited for use in the field kitchen or the forest.


  • significant volumes,
  • retains heat for a long time,
  • comfort when spilling liquid.


  • Assembly of large sizes
  • does not fit in all backpacks,
  • the cost is more than average.



This variety has an unusual design, which includes 1-3 containers. It is an excellent option for simultaneous storage of products. For example, in 1 container, it is possible to pour liquid, and in 2, but the second dish. In particular, it is comfortable in such a product to endure lunch. This is convenient for those who do not have the opportunity to eat in the dining room or cafe for various reasons. Most models are equipped with a spoon, which is fixed in the side holder.


  • significant volumes,
  • it is possible to store several dishes at once,
  • the assembly has the necessary devices.


  • huge size,
  • inflated price.


Thermo mug

Compact design in the form of a mug and a handle. Such a high-quality device is comfortable for everyday use, for example, at work. Inside it, it is possible to store drinks and food due to the wide neck. In addition, it is comfortable to brew dishes of quick cooking. Products are distinguished by volume and configuration. Some models have a lid that does not need to be removed but will only need to move the special button to drink. In particular, it is comfortable for motorists who want to take a sip on the go.


  • small size,
  • the comfort of use,
  • budget price,
  • a lot of design solutions.


  • Average volumes
  • are not intended for long-term heat retention.


Which thermos to choose

To understand how to choose a good thermos, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the tips:

For a long journey, heavy expeditions, tough hikes, a product with an average volume of 0.8-1.5 liters is chosen. Well, when the device is universal, there is an option to store drinks and food.

For an ordinary picnic, fishing, suitable models-bullets, universal and suki. Volumes are calculated taking into account the number of people. The material inside is made of steel and plastic.

Thermos-sudoku will be an excellent assistant if there is no possibility of cooking.

A thermal mug will be an excellent daily solution. Small volumes are enough for one person, and small dimensions will make it possible to place such a product even in a small bag.

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