How to Choose a silent kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys belong to the category of equipment, which is to create comfortable living conditions. These devices eliminate intrusive odors and steam produced during cooking, prevent the appearance of fat accumulations on the ceiling and nearby furniture. Silent chimney in the kitchen will clean the air with minimal sound exposure and maintain a calm atmosphere in the house. However, too loud a working mechanism can deprive the comfort of the household and cause a number of negative consequences for the well-being of all family members.


What are the quietest chimneys for the kitchen?

The volume during the operation of kitchen chimneys is directly affected by the power of the equipment. Usually, the higher the performance of the chimney, the higher the volume of work. But at the present stage, many companies offer innovative kitchen units – powerful and low-noise. These devices function thanks to an electric motor that rotates a fan that passes air through the device. The quiet built-in chimney features very low sound while maintaining proper performance.

Silent chimneys are developed on the basis of the following principles:

  • Complete set of mechanisms with one fan, instead of several;
  • The use of sealed housings that transmit noise is much less;
  • Innovative ways to connect parts that suppress vibration waves, and accordingly, reduce the volume of work;
  • Introduction of sound-absorbing systems into the design.


What is the average noise level of the chimney?

The main criterion in determining the noise level is the mechanism’s volume of performance and power and the indicator of the sound range at the highest speed of the mechanism. This coefficient is fixed in the instruction manual of the device. Models created without noise reduction systems create a background of 52-60 dB, which is permissible but not always comfortable for a person value. Quiet chimneys for the kitchen, developed according to modern technologies using noise neutralization methods, reproduce sound at the level of 30-45 dB.


Noise level standards

Experts have identified that an indicator of more than 75 dB can adversely affect human performance. Sanitary standards establish that the permissible volume rate in a residential area is equal to 40 dB during the day and 30 dB at night. To see the sound wave indicators, the following are examples:

  • Rustling from light blows of wind of the offspring or whisper 15-20 dB;
  • Calm and measured dialogue 35-40 dB;
  • Conversation on raised tones, hum in office spaces, queues – 55 dB;
  • Baby crying, laughter, working vacuum cleaner 70-80 dB;
  • Rumble in the subway when the movement of the composition of 95 DZ;
  • The aircraft at takeoff 130 dB.


How important is the low noise level of the device?

Constant noise exposure to a person negatively affects both the psychological and physical state of the body. It turns out to be a detrimental effect on the nervous system. The consequences of prolonged stay within the radius of the increased background of the volume include:

  • frequent headaches;
  • increased fatigue;
  • irritability;
  • insomnia;
  • hearing impairment;

Thanks to the latest technology, the quietest chimney in the kitchen will provide sound comfort to all family members when cooking and eating, qualitatively coping with the problem of cleaning the air in the room in the most low-noise way.


Top 5 Quietest Kitchen Chimney

To date, many manufacturers of household appliances have in the range of the quietest chimneys for the kitchen 60 cm wide. Each has an individual set of distinctive parameters, technical characteristics, a list of additional options, and cost. This rating of the quietest models will tell you what silent built-in chimneys 60 cm wide are leading in the kitchen appliances market.


Cata tf 2003 duralum

Silent chimney for the kitchen Cata of 2003 duralum, the Spanish brand’s manufacturer, is one of the popular devices due to a number of advantages. The device reproduces from 43 dB (comfortable and safe value) and has a strict design (stainless steel case without third-party shades of edging). It has built-in lighting, two speed modes and compact dimensions (60 cm wide).

The company also has a more powerful model called Cata c 900 black halogen. This device is designed for kitchens with a large area. This instance has a capacity of 1100 m3 / h, with a volume of up to 45 dB, three modes of operation, a width of 90 cm, built-in lighting and a stylish design of metal and glass in black tones. The maximum performance of this instance in 600 m3 / h (with a minimum noise level and a price of only 7300 rubles) brought Cata of 2003 duralum among the popular items and collected many positive customer reviews.


Maunfeld retro quadr 60

This inclined type chimney from the Polish manufacturer looks impressive in conjunction with a capacity of 950 m3 / h and a volume when working up to 49 dB. This model, created from enameled steel of beige or black shade, belongs to the collection “Retro”, has LED lighting, three levels of air purification speed, additional railing for aged bronze and the width of the structure is only 60 cm.The cost of Maunfeld retro quadr 60 starts from 24,000 rubles.


Krona steel Bella 600 moats

Krona steel Bella 600 rv – one of the budget kitchen chimneys dome type, which has gained popularity among buyers. After all, this mechanism has three modes of operation, built-in lighting, a capacity of 550 m3 / h with a noise of 55 dB, an elegant design appropriate in many interiors. As well as a convenient unmarked surface and a width of 60 cm The price of Krona steel Bella 600 RV varies from 4300 rubles.

Also in the line of this manufacturer can not be ignored model Krona betty 600. It features an even lower soundtrack of 34 dB and a smaller amount of power, which will suit a small area’s kitchens. The price of this device starts from 7000 rubles.

Weissgauff tel 06 bl

Weissgauff tel 06 bl reflects in its design such characteristics as a decent amount of performance (450 m3 / h), a reproducible noise factor of 45 dB and a width of 60 cm In the chimney with a universal design suitable for any kitchen set, there are three air filtration rates, a built-in timer and additional lighting at a budget cost of 4000 rubles. Weissgauff tel 06 bl, on account of which thousands of positive reviews – a great combination of price and quality.


Dach Santa 60

The leading position in the rating of the most silent chimneys goes to the model Dach Santa 60. This tilt-type movement with metal and impact-resistant glass body has the lowest volume of 32 dB. At the same time, the performance of the mechanism is high (600m3 / h), and the package includes an LED lamp, an electronic control panel for three speeds. This unit has low power consumption (only 68 W). A minimalist design of the chimney will be an excellent addition to the interior. The cost of Dach Santa 60 starts from 8500 rubles.

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