How to Choose a Refrigerator?

A household without a refrigerator is the same as strawberries without whipped cream. It’s just not the same. Choosing such an appliance requires a thorough search and, most importantly, reading many reviews of refrigerators. Especially when it comes to combined refrigerators, you need to think about which will suit you best.

In terms of volume, for both the cooling and freezing parts, this is individual, depending on how many members make up the household. We have compiled a simple universal manual for you that will help you purchase a new refrigerator and speed up its purchase in case your old appliance is serviced.


We are choosing a new fridge.

We are choosing a new fridge

Have you bought a new apartment or house and need to choose a new refrigerator that fits your kitchen just like a pot doornail? Or are you unlucky enough to come home from work and find that your beloved and almost historic refrigerator has gone away for eternity? Then all you have left is to buy a new appliance.

How to choose a refrigerator? There are several important parameters or rather criteria that you should focus on when buying. Think about how many people will use the refrigerator, what type you will need, which function it should use, how noisy it is, and whether it is easy to operate and not too much maintenance work. Let’s look at this together.

Types of refrigerators

It is not an easy decision because even if you may like any refrigerator, you always have to stick to the basic parameters for some reason. Maybe you can’t get an American refrigerator in a small kitchen, you can’t stuff a combined refrigerator under the kitchen for a change, and we could go on like this. You will use each type of refrigerator in certain areas under clear conditions.

A one-person household can do a small fridge, while a large family can choose a combination or an American fridge. As for the types of refrigerators, you choose American, combined, monoclimatic, counter, and single door. Which one’s yours?

Monoclimatic refrigerators

This type of refrigerator has no freezer part but a huge space for chilled food. Previously, they did not occur much in households because they are useless if you do not have a freezer standing.

However, they have recently found their way into our kitchens and have gained popularity as a so-called wine shop. If you want to buy such a refrigerator, count on buying a second appliance in the form of a freezer. Otherwise, you may come across them, especially in various stores or gastronomic establishments.


  • large usable space for the preservation of p poisoning
  • net capacity is up to 395 liters
  • the entire interior space is available for cooling
  • when buying a separate freezer, it is possible to assemble a side-by-side refrigerator


  • freezer or freezer is missing


Single-open refrigerators

Single-open refrigerators

You can also find them under the name – small with freezer. These are standard small refrigerators that can be built under the counter or kitchen countertop. In short, wherever there is only a small space suitable for placing the refrigerator. Surely you have already met them in a hotel room, or you have it in a cottage or cottage.

Although they are also available in larger versions on the market, they still have only a simple freezer compartment, which is a freezer tray or compartment. Of course, it’s a long way from a full-fledged freezer. The downside is that you also open the cooling part when you want to open the freezer compartment, so you lose precious cold air, greatly increasing your electricity consumption.


Counter fridges

They are only 50 to 80 centimeters in height, so the usable volume of the cooling part is tiny. The freezer box is directly miniature. Nevertheless, this type of refrigerator is widely used, especially in places with only limited space reserved for the refrigerator, such as cottages, offices, etc. It’s enough for a few small foods. You can buy fridges at fairly low prices but expect more noise.


  • compact dimensions to limited spaces
  • minimum electricity consumption
  • low purchase price


  • quite high noise, which is above 42 dB
  • small freezer and room for chilled food


Combined refrigerators

These fridges are among the most sought-after types of all. They are popular due to the division into cooling and freezing parts in a ratio of 2:1. A separate freezer, which in most cases is equipped with three freezer boxes, is most often located at the bottom, but they are also sold with the opposite location.

Combined refrigerators have one or two compressors, which you can tell by the price, as those with two compressors have a higher purchase price. The advantage is that they are nowadays extremely economical, so they save energy and thus your wallet, in addition, they have a large number of interesting functions and technologies.


  • the refrigerator and freezer are separate and have separate doors
  • the cooling part has a capacity of up to 444 liters, a freezing part up to 174 l
  • fits in both ordinary and larger households
  • possibility to choose a refrigerator with a freezer at the top or bottom
  • have state-of-the-art features and technologies
  • a rich selection of different sizes and price ranges


  • smaller freezer volume
  • missing water dispenser and ice machine


American fridges

American refrigerators are typically large spaces and almost above-standard equipment. Useless for individuals but ideal for a large family. Of course, even an individual can buy such a refrigerator if he has a kitchen large enough on it.

American refrigerators are known for having a widely used smart function, which is their image. You will often find an ice-maker in the equipment, which is very popular, and also a water dispenser or rather a beverage vending machine. You can use these helpers all year round, but you will appreciate them most on hot summer days when a refreshing cold drink with ice will come into use.

The only drawback of these refrigerators is the consumption of electricity because the ice-ice-man in particular, through which cold air escapes from the refrigerator, increases consumption. In addition, before buying, you have to set aside a large space, even in height, because the American refrigerator is usually about 170 to 180 cm high, and that’s a big deal.


  • separate cooling and freezing part
  • side-by-side fridge
  • maximum storage space – the cooling part has up to 560 liters, while the freezer has 300l.
  • state-of-the-art technology and features
  • stylish design
  • ice and ice chip
  • beverage vending machine with a water filter or home bar


  • higher energy consumption
  • high purchase price
  • takes up a lot of space
  • has a lot of weight
  • demanding installation


Fridge freestanding or built-in?

Freestanding refrigerators are prevalent on the market, but you can still buy built-in refrigerators. The choice depends on your financial situation, taste, kitchen design, and the space you will win for the new fridge. If you have built-in appliances in the kitchen, choose a refrigerator in this spirit, but nowhere does it say that such a kitchen cannot withstand a freestanding appliance for food preservation.

Built-in refrigerators are specially adapted to be compatible with the kitchen. Everything is adjusted so that the door can be opened so the refrigerator can be installed in the line without the risk that the door will not open wide. Among the disadvantages is undoubtedly the high purchase price; in addition, a specialist must carry out the installation.

Freestanding refrigerators can be used even in very cheap versions, the purchase price of which is minimal. The installation is simple. It just unpacks, stands up, lets it acclimate for a few hours, and it’s done.

You will welcome the possibility of moving a freestanding appliance, especially during various reconstructions, reconstructions, or moving to a new house or apartment. In addition, these types of fridges have many more features and technology, including great equipment and ample storage space.


Energy label

The price at which we buy the fridge is a key and often decisive argument for most people, motivating you to buy. Still, it would help if you also kept in mind that the fridge is open 24 hours a day and year-round, so you should be mainly interested in its consumption. Low consumption can compensate for the higher purchase price, especially when the appliance is in the best energy class.

It is precisely for the reason that, to know what we are buying, appliances, refrigerators, not to be used, are fitted with so-called “refrigerators.” An energy label that will find all the important parameters that will interest you when purchasing. The label informs you about the noise level of the refrigerator, the volume of the refrigerator and freezer, which energy class it belongs to, and what the electricity consumption is per year.

As with other appliances, the more pluses, the better; energy class A is one of the worst categories. Since 2010, those refrigerators with energy class B and worse must not be marketed on the European Union markets. Among the most economical is A+++. For example, a Class A+ combined refrigerator consumes 25% more power than the same class A++ refrigerator.

You must not forget that the actual consumption may differ from the one on the label since the label only shows the basic consumption under normal conditions. Various factors affect electricity consumption. For example, you can expect more consumption when the fridge is standing directly next to the heating or stove, or even in a sunny place where the sun shines on it all day.


Freezing power and accumulation time

The freezing performance indicates how many kilograms of freshly inserted food the freezer can freeze within 24 hours. As a standard, combined refrigerators have a freezing capacity of between 2 and 33 kg in 24 hours. Separate freezers can handle more than 40 kilograms / 24 hours.

The accumulation time is also important, which will come in handy when the power goes out. It indicates the period during which frozen food remains stored without the threat of freezing when the freezer does not have electricity. It normally moves from 10 a.m. higher.

Freezing performance

A lot of people confuse it with freezing power. Still, the freezing performance indicates what temperature and storage options the freezer or separate freezer can offer, which is referred to as stars or as a freezing class for some refrigerators.

  • * = temperature -6°C – short-term storage in days
  • ** = temperature -12°C – short-term storage in weeks
  • = temperature -18°C – long-term storage in months
  • = temperature -24°C – long-term storage of deep-frozen food



Thanks to the continuous operation of the refrigerator, you have to count on the production of a certain amount of noise, which in the technical parameters is given under the designation dB, which are units of decibels. This is especially important if the refrigerator is placed in a place where its noise could disturb you in any way. Nowadays, it is standard that for higher quality refrigerators, the noise does not exceed 40 dB.


Climate class

This is expressed using abbreviations – T, ST, N, SN. Each abbreviation means the optimal temperature of the environment in which the refrigerator will be located. In general, when the outside temperature is in a place where the refrigerator is outside the recommended range, it increases electricity consumption, thus also costs. At the same time, the refrigerator is not allowed to function as intended.

When more than one letter is marked on the appliance, i.e., more climatic classes, it means that it will work seamlessly in the entire range of specified temperatures. So a refrigerator with, for example, SN, N, and ST classes marked on it can run smoothly at temperatures from 10 to 38°C.

Climate classes:

  • SN – ambient temperature +10 to +32 °C
  • N – ambient temperature +16 to +32 °C
  • ST – ambient temperature +18 to +38 °C
  • T – ambient temperature +18 to +43 °C


Features and technologies

The parameters of refrigerators are important, but when you start to wonder which refrigerator to choose, you should not overlook the features it offers. Equipment, technology, and features will greatly improve the use of the refrigerator and facilitate its maintenance. In addition, it will still be clean.

Zero Zone

The specially separated cooling compartment allows the temperature to be set to 0°C and humidity to 90%. This creates perfect conditions in the fridge for storing fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc. Furthermore, this zone ensures minimal multiplication of undesirable microorganisms, which prolongs the freshness of all stored foods.


Holiday mode

This feature allows you to have a hassle-free mode during your holiday. The internal temperature remains maintained at around 12°C (depending on the type of refrigerator) so that durable food will not spoil. At the same time, an unpleasant smell will not form. Furthermore, in this mode, you will save on electricity without switching off the refrigerator.


Fresh Air Flow

It is a special vacuum system in charge of internal air circulation, ensuring that food is fresh and tasty for longer.



It ensures a microclimate that extends the freshness and durability of food, destroys bacteria inside the fridge, and, most importantly, does not retain an unpleasant odor from some overly aromatic foods in the fridge.



It saves you electricity, prevents food from getting a temperature shock, and extends its shelf life. In addition, it can coordinate temperature when doors are opened more often to limit temperature fluctuations, etc.


MultiFlow 360°

Using 14 ventilation holes maintains a constant and immutable temperature throughout the refrigerator compartment, actively balances air humidity, and evenly distributes ionized air.


Well Frost

This familiar system saves you the time to defrost the fridge manually and reduces electricity consumption.



Super-freezing is an ideal function allowing the rapid freezing of any amount of fresh food, put into the freezer part at once.

Other interesting features and technologies

  • AdaptCool
  • FRESH Balancer
  • NatureFresh
  • FRESH Converter
  • BigBox
  • ChillerBox
  • CrisperBox
  • Super Cool
  • flexShelf
  • LowFrost
  • coolBox
  • True No Frost
  • CoolSelect



As I mentioned before, price is a key parameter for many consumers to make decisions when buying. Most often, the prices of refrigerators start at 25,000 and exceed the limit of  20,000. You have refrigerators that can cost up to 40,000 crowns. Prices vary by store and by an event in these stores.

Some have a discount on the last pieces; others sell out the fridges as part of the so-called Black Friday, then we have Christmas sales and many other special offers. In short, it is good to keep an eye on these events and, if possible, buy at a discount. A good tool is an internet comparator, which compares several refrigerators at once and helps you find a shop where you can get the cheapest after entering the required parameters.


How to take care of the fridge properly?

  • do not expose it to direct heat sources such as stove, radiator, or sun rays
  • try to keep the fridge full to at least 70%
  • everything you store in the refrigerator should have at least room temperature
  • open the fridge only when necessary and not too long, at the same time do not leave the door useless wide open
  • wash vegetables with fruit before putting them in the fridge
  • foods that are too aromatic put in a sealable container or a microtone bag (you need to squeeze the air out of it)
  • at the bottom, it is always cooler
  • butter and other most used foods should always be at eye level when the fridge is opened
  • if the refrigerator does not have technology that prevents icing, you must regularly defrost it manually
  • do not store food that has been used or in any way affected (this applies in particular to fruit and vegetables)

If you have read all the way here, you already know 100% how to correctly choose the refrigerator, which parameters to focus on, what functions to choose. You are simply fully ready to get your dream fridge. Our fridge test will help you make your decision.

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