How to Choose a Nebulizer

When colds or viral diseases of the respiratory tract occur, inhalation treatment is considered the most effective method. Breathing over a pot of hot potatoes is no longer necessary – this is the last century. And you can not go to physiotherapy to live in pairs with medicine. For treatment with inhalations, you can buy a fantastic device – a nebulizer. The nebulizer translates as fog, cloud.

There is no hot steam, no need to sweat, and cover yourself with a towel – attach the mask to the mouth or nose and enjoy the treatment. The procedure lasts only 5-10 minutes. In addition, the drug does not boil in the device, which means that valuable substances do not disappear and give the patient all its healing properties. From our article, you will learn how to choose a nebulizer.


The principle of operation and the device of the nebulizer

The principle of operation of the nebulizer is different from the work of a simple inhaler.

In a particular hole is poured the drug necessary for inhalation. Then, under the influence of the vibration of a sprayer or a powerful air jet, he turns into a white cloud similar to steam.

The device consists of:

  • tank for the medicinal product;
  • two hoses – suction and supply;
  • flaps;
  • sprayer;
  • Masks or mouthpieces.


Nebulizer selection options

Nebulizer selection options

If you do not know which nebulizer to choose, use the following criteria.

Degree of spraying

The most effective nebulizer is one that sprays particles as small as possible. They usually convert the drug into particles about 5 microns in size. This is enough to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract and bronchi.

But mesh inhalers can produce particles of 3-4 microns in size. Accordingly, treatment with such a device will be much more effective. In addition, the medicine penetrates deeper into the respiratory tract, reducing the risk of the disease descending lower down the respiratory tract.


Aerosol supply mode

The aerosol, or medicinal cloud, passes through the mask or mouthpiece in several main modes:

  1. Continuous. This regimen supplies the aerosol regardless of whether the patient inhales or exhales. As a result, most of the medicine does not reach the right place and is lost. Such a regime is the most unprofitable and not practical.
  2. With manual control. In this case, the nebulizer also continuously supplies a cloud of medicine, but the patient can stop the flow thanks to the button on the device. This is profitable and convenient – the drug does not disappear when the patient exhales. But this regime can only be controlled by an adult since it is difficult to explain the rules of use to children.
  3. Automatic. He releases the medicine during the patient’s inhalation, and on exhalation, the valve closes. Thus, the drug is saved, and it is enough for lengthy treatment. This mode is undoubtedly the most profitable and easy to use.



The reservoir for the medicine in each type of inhaler is different:

Ultrasonic nebulizer has a capacity of 50-70 ml. This volume is the most optimal for such a device. He spends a lot of medicine during work, and if you buy a machine with a smaller book, the treatment may not be enough for one procedure.

The compressor nebulizer should have a tank with a volume of at least 100 ml. A smaller tank will end very quickly, and it will have to be changed during the procedure, which is not desirable to achieve an effect in treatment.

Mesh nebulizer has the smallest volume of the tank for the drug – only 15 ml. But thanks to the economic supply of the medication, it will last for a long time and do not have to be re-filled during the procedure.

Choosing the tank’s volume for the nebulizer, you need to consider the frequency of inhalations. If this is a frequent procedure in your family, choosing a compressor machine with a large capacity for liquid medicine is better.

If your treatment is complex and expensive, it is better to choose ultrasound and mesh inhalers with small barrels for drugs.


Spray speed

The high speed of spraying the drug can reduce the time of inhalation. Therefore, you need to choose a nebulizer taking into account the characteristics of patients:

  1. Adult patients do not care at what speed the liquid medicine gets to the diseased organs to fit models with a low spray rate of 0.25-0.5 ml/min.
  2. It is much more difficult for children to sit still during inhalations, so for children, you need a more powerful nebulizer with a spray rate of 1-2 ml/min.



Many people are annoyed by the noise of working devices. Therefore, it is better to choose a device that emits as little noise as possible for the patient’s comfort.

Compressor models are capable of producing noise in 45-55 dB. This model is the noisiest of all.

Ultrasonic nebulizers work a little quieter, creating a noise of 40-45 dB.

The quietest are membrane inhalers. They create a noise of only up to 20 dB. If silence during procedures is significant to you, it is better to choose this model.



Of course, it is much more convenient when the nebulizer can be taken with you, for example, on a trip. Therefore, manufacturers have equipped their devices with portable batteries and batteries.

But it is up to customers to decide – devices adapted to work from the outlet are several times more expensive. But such nebulizers are more convenient for those who are forced to carry them with them constantly.


Types of nebulizers

Types of nebulizers

There are the following types of nebulizers.

Compressor (rod)

A powerful compressed air stream breaks down the liquid drug into particles about 4-5 microns in size.

This device is more potent than ultrasound; it faster delivers the medicine to the bronchi. In addition, the large volume of the tank (150 ml) can work longer without a break.

But, unlike the ultrasonic nebulizer, the compressor has large dimensions – 115 * 185 * 135 mm, and the weight is 1.5 kg. This is its disadvantage since it is not very convenient for transportation.

However, such an inhaler can cure respiratory problems associated with a cold or virus and diseases much more complicated, for example, tuberculosis.

And the compressor nebulizer allows you to inhalations with any drugs – saline, liquids for inhalation, decoctions of herbs, and essential oils.


  • effectively treats diseases of any complexity;
  • for inhalations, you can use any drugs and liquids;
  • can be used to treat children from birth;
  • Dependable.


  • cost such a nebulizer will not be cheap;
  • the devices are heavy and oversized.



The vibration of the metal plates creates an ultrasonic flow that makes small particles from the drug solution.

An ultrasonic nebulizer can deliver the drug far into the bronchi – it turns the liquid medicine into particles up to 5 microns in size. It is suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, runny nose.

It works from a 220V mains outlet, built-in battery, or batteries. The device delivers up to 2 ml of liquid preparation per minute and can work up to 10 minutes without a break.

The noise level of the device is not more than 45dB, and its weight is about 500 grams.


  • affordable price;
  • you can choose a device that runs on batteries, on a battery, from the mains;
  • tiny particles of the drug fall directly into the bronchi;
  • quickly sprays medicines;
  • Suitable for the treatment of not only adults but also children.


  • drug tanks need a frequent replacement;
  • you can not use herbal decoctions and essential oils for inhalations – you can spoil the device;

You can not use an inhaler of this type simultaneously with antibiotics and drugs that improve sputum discharge. Therefore, the use of inhaler treatment and these drugs will be ineffective.



They are also called mesh nebulizers—a new type of inhaler, which appeared relatively recently.

The vibrating membrane of the apparatus turns the liquid medicine into tiny droplets of aerosol. The device so finely grinds the liquid mixture that it can penetrate even into the pulmonary alveoli.

These nebulizers are the most convenient of all those listed. Their weight is not more than 150 grams. The liquid container is designed for 7-15 ml. The device can work for several hours. Often you do not have to fill the container for liquid – the inhaler competently and economically consumes the medicine. And it works very quietly – the noise level is 15-20 dB.

In the mesh nebulizer, you can pour any liquid for inhalation – the efficiency of the work will remain the same, the treatment will be of high quality.

This inhaler is convenient to take with you. This is very important for people suffering from asthma and allergies and families with children.


  • most effectively copes with diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • quiet mode of operation;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • sparingly consumes medicines;
  • any medicine can be poured into the container.


  • the most expensive device in comparison with other models;
  • very fragile, you need to carry it with you very carefully;

This inhaler requires additional care – after use, it must be well washed and dried. If you do not do this, the device will quickly fail.

Importantly! In order not to spoil the device, carefully read the instructions. Some types of nebulizers can not be poured into essential oils, decoctions of herbs, and other kinds of liquids. Only medicines are suitable for them.


Which nebulizer to choose

To cure the respiratory tract with complex diseases, you can purchase a compressor apparatus. It is desirable to choose a tank with a volume of 100 ml; the particle size should be from 3 to 5 microns.

A mesh nebulizer with a spray rate of 2 ml/min will be helpful for the treatment of asthma and the removal of allergy symptoms. Choosing an inhaler that runs on batteries is advisable since it can be carried with you, which is often simply necessary for people with such diseases.

In the season of colds for the treatment of the whole family, an ultrasound machine with a large capacity for the medicine is perfect – 70 ml will be just suitable. And we recommend buying baby nozzles – with them, inhalations for young patients are much more convenient.


The best manufacturers of nebulizers – which company to choose

Everyone can buy a nebulizer – it is sold in pharmacies and medical equipment stores. Currently, there is a vast selection of inhalers on the market of goods and services – there are Russian and foreign samples.

But not all manufacturing companies provide high-quality goods for medical procedures.

High-quality nebulizers are recognized devices of firms:

  1. Omron (Japan, China);
  2. Well (England);
  3. Mikrolife (Switzerland);
  4. MED 2000 (Italy).

In Russia, high-quality inhalers are produced only in the branches of well-known manufacturers of medical equipment: AnD RUS (Japan) and Little Doctor International (Singapore). They are of high quality, reliable in use, and effective in solving respiratory health problems.


What nebulizers are bought most often

The purchase of one or the other type of inhaler depends on the severity of the upcoming treatment and the buyer’s income. The most expensive are mesh inhalers. Therefore, compressor or ultrasonic nebulizers are in great demand.

They are reliable, inexpensive. Although they are slightly inferior in power and effectiveness to mesh inhalers, however, in the treatment of certain types of respiratory diseases, these two types of inhalers cope better (for example, in the treatment of complex and colds)

For the treatment of respiratory organs, you can choose a device that is ideal for your requirements. The main thing is to consult a doctor about the upcoming treatment to select the right power and efficient device based on recommendations.

Now you know how to choose a nebulizer for home use and find one that can cope with the disease and will not go against your financial capabilities.

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