How to Choose a Meat Grinder For Home Use

A meat grinder is an indispensable thing for those who like to cook and prefer homemade food “shop.” It is hard to believe, but the first-hand meat grinders appeared in the 19th century. They were very bulky and were used mainly in large sausage production. Later they began to be actively used in everyday life, but such devices were still heavy and inconvenient. Our compatriots still remember the classic Soviet meat grinder, which usually asked the strongest member of the family to scroll through the mince. But times are changing. Today, the market is a huge range of meat grinders, which are easy and convenient to use. With their help, you can grind not only meat but also vegetables, mushrooms, fruits. In the article, we will tell you how to choose the right meat grinder for the house.


Types of Meat Grinders

Types of Meat Grinders

But first, let’s look at the varieties of meat grinders. On the principle of work, they are divided into two types: mechanical and electric.


These are the “descendants” of the Soviet meat grinders mentioned above, whose device has hardly changed over the years. In such devices, the mechanism that grinds pieces of meat activates the man himself, evenly rotating the handle. This option is well suited for cooking in a country where there are problems with the power supply. Mechanical grinders are cheaper than more modern counterparts and work almost silently. Another advantage is the long lifespan. Only knives or fasteners can break out of order, but they can be easily replaced. Mechanical meat grinders are not only popular with conservative representatives of the older generation. Some young cooks prefer them because of their ability to control the process accurately.

However, mechanical grinders have several disadvantages. First, the notoriously low performance and speed of work, limited by human capabilities. Cooking with a mechanical meat grinder takes a lot of time and effort, so making with it “whip” cutlets for dinner will not work. Secondly, the functionality of mechanical meat grinders is minimal, and non-standard nozzles to them are not so much.



In such models, the shaft with knives is powered by a special electric motor. The rest of the structure of mechanical and electric meat grinders is similar. With the help of an electrical appliance, you can quickly and without physical effort grind a large amount of meat.

Among the disadvantages of electric meat, grinders can be distinguished by a higher cost and some work noise. But it should be noted that the electrical appliances of well-known brands always have a guarantee.

Electric meat grinders can be conventionally divided into two small subgroups:

Classic models. Powerful and productive appliances are designed only for the preparation of mince.

Universal models. They have various nozzles, significantly expanding the functionality. You can choose small and large shredding, cut vegetables with mushrooms, stuff sausages and squeeze the juice. Such a device can replace several household appliances. However, it will cost more than a classic meat grinder.

If mechanical models are not diverse, then a rich range of electricity can make it much more difficult to choose a meat grinder. So how do you choose an electric meat grinder for the house?


What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing an electric meat grinder?

electric meat grinder

First of all, it is necessary to define the purpose of the purchase clearly: do you plan to use the device only for grinding meat, or do you need additional options? It is equally important to understand how much you are willing to spend. To make it easier to navigate, let’s give the basic criteria for choosing a meat grinder.


It means the amount of meat that the device can process in a minute. This is affected by the engine’s power, the number and sharpness of the knives, the speed of rotation of the nozzle, and the diameter of the nozzle holes. Modern electric meat grinders can process from 0.5 to 4.5 kilograms of meat in 60 seconds. A high-productivity meat grinder is relevant for large families and those who regularly do a lot of blanks. In other cases, performance is less important.



The more nozzles are attached to the device, the wider its functionality. Complete with a universal meat grinder, nozzles can go for cooking sausages, kebbe, cookies, noodles, juicer, grater, and so on. Choose a meat grinder with nozzles should be based on current needs. If the house already has a juicer or vegetable cutter, then part of the nozzles you may not need.



It is worth separating the nominal and maximum power. The maximum meat grinder works no more than a minute and only when the bone or lived block shaft. And on the nominal – 10-15 minutes before overheating, you need to focus on this indicator. So how do you choose the power of a meat grinder? For tender meat without bones and lived enough power 200-400 w, for more “tight” meat – from 450 to 800 w. To grind a large amount of meat rich in veins, you may need a more “strong” device – 800-1500 W.


Energy consumption.

This figure depends directly on the power of the meat grinder: the higher it is, the more electricity the device will use. Also, energy consumption increases when processing hard meat.



Few companies test their devices to the level of noise produced; respectively, such information is not found in the instructions to the device. If this is a significant criterion of choice for you, you will have to trust the feedback of buyers and the advice of the seller-consultant.


Material, weight.

Meat grinders can be made of metal, plastic, or both materials. The metal is extreme and aesthetically pleasing, but a fully metal grinder is expensive and weighs a lot. Plastic devices are cheaper and easier, and they can be strong enough – they can’t be hit and retain color. In the compromise version of the tray and neck, or only the neck (parts most prone to wear) are made of metal and the body – from plastic.



Electric meat grinders are on the market in a huge variety of different designs. Thus, any buyer has the opportunity to pick up a device that fits perfectly into his kitchen.


The cost.

To overpay, you need to have a clear idea of your needs and choose a meat grinder on the parameters that are important to you. In addition, it is advisable to pay attention to the durability of the device. For example, choosing between a cheap nounay and a basic Japanese or Malaysian model with a slightly higher cost, which will last you more than one year, makes sense to choose a second one.


What about the extra features?

One of the most important additional functions of an electric meat grinder is to protect against overload. Without a fuse, the engine of the device can burn up.

The reverse mode will also help to protect the device from breakdowns. It allows you to scroll the contents in the opposite direction and manually remove the stuck pieces.

In some meat grinders, there is a function of switching speeds, which helps to choose a convenient mode for each case: the bird, for example, it is better to grind at a slow speed, so that the mince is not spread, and pork or lamb on a high, to quickly cope with veins and cartilage.

Manufacturers have done everything for the buyer to find the goods that will fully satisfy him. In addition, there are several Internet platforms with convenient filters to choose from on parameters and with the ability to compare different models. Knowing what you need, you can easily choose a meat grinder for the house.


Which meat grinder can you choose?

When choosing an electric meat grinder, it is best to trust manufacturers who specialize in household appliances. These include, for example, the Japanese company Panasonic. Roman Gornova, head of Panasonic India’s department of household appliances, told us more about the meat grinders of this company:

“Home cooking today goes from “quickly blinded and eaten” to a more complex and interesting process and a new way of hanging out. For example, family and friends can gather at the same table, not just to meet and talk, but also to have a good time to invent delicious and useful dishes. These ideas formed the basis of the Experience Fresh concept, under which all Panasonic kitchen appliances, including meat grinders, are now produced.

Russia now has a wide range of our meat grinders with different capacities, performance, dimensions, and price, so you can easily find “their” model. All Panasonic meat grinders are equipped with real Japanese stainless steel knives. The swords of the Japanese samurai were made of similar steel, by the way. And the engine protection system (automatic circuit breaker) is triggered if the motor is overheated or the bones are trapped in the grinder.

Those looking for a device with a minimum noise level will like the model of the J3500 and the J270. The latter, among other things, has three interchangeable grilles with different diameter holes and nozzles for cooking sausages and kibbe. All products are subject to our warranty. Delivery of meat grinders all over India is free.”

P. S. Panasonic is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances and electronics. 

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