How to Choose a Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is an amazing tool with which you can easily charm a new hairstyle. What to look for when choosing a hair straightening? It is important to choose a suitable iron concerning the type of your hair. In addition, focus on the size of the ironing surfaces and the material from which they are made.


How to choose the right hair straightener

How to choose the right hair straightener

Before you go shopping, clarify a few aspects that will have a significant impact on product selection.

  • What quality does your hair have? Thicker hair can take more than soft hair.
  • Do you want to iron your hair or even curl your hair? If you are leaning towards the second option, reach for the iron on the elbows and waves.
  • Do you need to iron the hair and, at the same time, give it volume? Opt for an ironing brush.


Material of ironing surfaces

The surface of the ironing surfaces is one of the most critical aspects that you should take into account when taking them. Each type of material is suitable for a different kind of hair. Improperly selected plates can be a significant burden on your hair and can destroy them in extreme cases.


Metal is the least suitable material for hair treatment. It heats up unevenly, so it can quickly burn your hair. It would help if you also avoided cheap hair straighteners with metal surfaces coated with a ceramic layer. This can be damaged over time, which means that the area will not be perfectly smooth, and the hair will be unnecessarily hurt.


Teflon is one of the materials that are gentle on hair because it protects it from excessive heat. This material also prevents the burning of styling products on the ironing surfaces.


It is a classic and frequently used material that holds heat well and evenly, which means that no part of the platelets is cold. Compared to metal, it heats evenly and quickly, so even adjusting your hairstyle will take you a shorter time. Ceramic hair straightener is suitable for all hair types, and there is no risk of damaging it. However, they are most ideal for fine or thin hair because ceramic irons are very gentle.


Titanium hair straighteners are designed primarily for thick and coarse hair. Ion technology removes static energy from the hair and makes it look elastic, shiny, and easy to adjust. However, titanium heats up very quickly, so people with fine or thin hair should be careful not to damage it. Titanium plates are also very durable; they should last the longest of all types.


Tourmaline is mainly used in combination with other materials. Its advantage is to alleviate electrification and add shine. The hair is smooth and shiny after ironing.


Tourmaline is a mineral that is added to ceramic plates and thus lowers the temperature of the iron. It follows that it is also more suitable for people with extra fine or thin hair.

Titanium ceramics

It brings the possibility of a more comprehensive temperature range. This makes it universally applicable to all types of hair growth. A slight disadvantage is a drop in higher price, which is a tax on universality.

You may also find materials that are induced with oils that are released when ironing into your hair. This will make your mane look healthier and shinier.


Size of arms and ironing surfaces

Broader shoulders (wide styler)

They are suitable for straightening hair; you can use them primarily for thick, long, and curly hair. You can straighten them even with narrower irons, but it will take you a long time and be more laborious. The disadvantage of irons with narrower shoulders is more challenging to handle, which is also why they are not suitable for hair waves.

Narrower arms (narrow styler)

These are ideal elbow irons. Thanks to the elbows, you can get a look of beautiful and voluminous hair. How to do it? Your hair must be dry, wet, will not curl at all, and moist only a little. The width is only 2.5 cm, and this type of iron is suitable for all hair types.

Our tip: If you are not the owner of too thick and unsuitable hair, choose an iron with narrow stylers instead. You will not only iron your hair well with it but also curl it. So you won’t have to buy a curling ball, another extra appliance.


Temperature and its regulation

The best hair straightens heated within thirty seconds; slower types get to the right temperature for several minutes. Choosing a model with an indicator diode that will start flashing when the desired temperature is reached. This results in manual and inaccurate testing to see if the iron is warm enough. Most of the hair straighteners tested had a temperature evenly distributed over the entire plate area. Their temperature can range from 100 to 200 degrees Celsius.

The temperature range for conventional irons usually ranges from 100 to 230 °C. Irons with titanium plates, in particular, reach higher temperaturesCeramic plates, on the other hand, move at the lower end of this range. In addition, some hair straighteners produce infrared heat that is more gentle on your hair than traditional heat.

Choose an iron where you can regulate temperatures. Avoid products with one preset temperature. If your hair is soft, dyed, or not of low quality, you will appreciate it if you adjust the temperature to suit your hair. That is iron instead to lower temperatures.

Hair quality and recommended ironing temperature

Hair quality Ironing temperature in °C
Fine hair 100-160
Normal hair 160-190
Thick and thick hair 190 and more

temperatures can be found in ceramic irons, higher in titanium irons. There are also intelligent irons that regulate the temperature themselves at the base of your hair type.

An important figure for you will also be how long it will take for the iron to be ready for use. For less powerful products, heating can take several minutes. More powerful are prepared for use in seconds.


You don’t just expect your hair straightener to achieve the perfect hairstyle, but you want to work with it quickly and pleasantly. This means intuitive operation, lightweight, and a well-fitting shape in hand.

Cable length

Working with an iron will make a sufficiently long electrical cable more pleasant. For example, you can estimate the size of the line of your hairdryer. Ideally, the length should be around 2 meters. The distance of the socket from the mirror is different in each bathroom, so it is advisable to adjust this distance to the cable’s length.


Irons equipped with the ionization function create negatively charged ions that are transferred to the hair during ironing and neutralize the positively charged ions contained in the hair. This makes the hair shinier, moisture is supplied to them, and static electricity is neutralized.


Automatic shutdown is an excellent feature for anyone who has trouble turning off anything. Also, people doubting whether they turned off the iron can save stress and horror scenarios. If you forget to turn off the iron, it will turn itself off after a while.

Display or orientation LED.

The display shows you how many degrees the iron is set and can also signal to heat. Other features that may appear vary by manufacturer.

Instead of a display, the product may only be equipped with a diode that flashes when it is hot and lights up uninterrupted when the desired temperature is reached.

Swivel cable

If you are going to curl your hair too, you will surely appreciate the swivel cable, which adapts to every iron position. In addition, the line won’t twist or be a tangle, so you’ll be easier to work with.

Lock the set temperature

Thanks to this button, the temperature will not be unintentionally reset during ironing.

External heating plates

You can also find irons that have heating plates on the outside of the appliance. It is used for the easy creation of elbows. External heating plates can be switched on if necessary.

Floating plates

They allow even heat conduction, so you don’t have to worry about some part of the hair being left unended and others being burned.

Some cheaper devices have the unpleasant feature of plate heat, but the device’s temperature also increases. This makes the use of the device disagreeable after some time, and we cannot recommend buying such a device.

Hair damage

Ironing dries the hair, and we recommend using protective equipment such as sprays to protect against high temperatures. These should be applied just before ironing the hair. Of course, the higher the temperature the hair is exposed to, the greater the risk of damage.

After ironing, it is good to clean the iron plates with a dry cloth, as the hair guard can damage the ironing surfaces if you do not wipe them off their surface.


Types of irons

Wet hair straightens

For ordinary irons, there is often a warning that they cannot be used on wet hair. This is because wet hair iron quickly destroys and hair crepes. But there are special irons for damp hair. Most of the time, such irons can be recognized from their name (e.g., wet to straight). Who are they suitable for? Their use is recommended for very thick and curly hair, which in this way lasts longer straight.

can also be used on wet hair

for thick hair

smaller offer

Classic irons

Classic irons are usually suitable for both ironing and hair waves. They are available in different sizes and widths; there is also a wide range of surfaces of ironing surfaces as well as functions. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colors and design artistry. Classic irons are available in the price range of several thousand crowns.

  • irons and films
  • wide range of choices
  • some irons may not have temperature control
  • may not be suitable for the treatment of unsuitable and curly hair

Steam hair straightens

Steam iron is a clear choice for all owners of thick and curly hair. Steam minimizes temperature shock and also accelerates the ironing process. By the way, these irons are most comfortable with hair since it almost does not destroy them at all. It is advisable to use preparations with Pro-keratin when ironing with steam, which, thanks to smoke, get deep into the hair fiber. As a result, the hair will be shiny and of good quality.

  • curly and thick hair
  • hair does not damage
  • quick hairstyle adjustment
  • not suitable for fine hair
  • higher purchase price

Ionizing hair straightens

Ionization irons support hair quality. Negative ions created by the device neutralize positive hair-damaging ions. This leads to moisturizing, reducing brittleness, and increasing shine. You will know the quality of your hair after ironing at a glance. They are healthier, more beautiful, and shinier.

  • the appearance of hair after ironing
  • a gentle way of ironing
  • dampening
  • elimination of static electricity
  • higher purchase price

Mini hair straighteners

This is a travel version. Thanks to its small size, it fits comfortably in luggage or handbag. Although the travel hair straighter is smaller than the classic one, you choose different materials for ironing surfaces and functions.

  • compact design
  • decent equipment
  • for occasional use only
  • smaller ironing surface
  • smaller selection

Hair straightens for professionals.

Unlike standard irons, irons for professionals excel with longer service life, special functions, longer cable, and the possibility to work several hours straight. Of course, there are better production materials. They are available in ion, steam, and classic versions.

  • long service life
  • long operating hours
  • special features
  • higher quality production materials
  • higher purchase price

Wool irons

These are special irons with narrow arms, which make handling the product more accessible. In addition, the shoulders are rounded to make the hair slide better. This type of irons is especially suitable for weaker and normal hair.

  • suitable for ironing and localization
  • special rounded arms
  • the natural shape of elbows
  • unsuitable for thick and anyone hair

Ironing brushes

Ironing brushes add extra volume to the hair during ironing. It is a combination of brush and iron. The resulting hairstyle is soft, straight, and voluminous. This type of product is suitable for both fine and unyuundable and robust hair. Hair treatment is fast, gentle, and without static electricity.


for thick and fine hair

gentle treatment

selection of materials and functions

it is not possible to create waves using them

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