How to choose a good Air Conditioner

Only those who have air conditioning do not steam in summer and do not freeze in winter, unlike the unfortunate, accustomed to central heating’s vagaries. Do you want to join the ranks of these lucky ones by installing air conditioning at home? You’re on the right track! We will help you buy a quality unit, which will fulfill your wishes to change the microclimate in the apartment for many years.


The main criteria for the selection of AC

First, we will highlight the main characteristics that will allow us to remove most of the wrong options.


Type of air conditioning

Depending on the design and the principle of work, all household air conditioners are divided into four large groups:

  • Window;
  • Floor;
  • Wall split-systems;
  • Duct.

Let’s look at each type of pros and cons.


Window air conditioners are the first models to appear on the market. It’s like kinetoscopes TVs against the backdrop of modern plasma giants. Of course, the new models of window air conditioners have several improvements, but their work principle and fixing have not changed. The voluminous block is installed in the window of a wooden window or an incision on glass or a thin wall so that the main part of it was outside. Today, window air conditioners are a dying type of this technique. With the advent of more compact and powerful models that do not require installation on the window, their demand has fallen sharply. But if you like the retro style and rumbling of the motor in combination with the rattling of the glass, then window heavyweights may like you. Also, their low price is an undeniable advantage.


Their floor counterparts are also not the limit of dreams of modern buyers. Such air conditioners are quite large. However, even a fragile woman will cope with their installation: it is enough to put the unit near the window and bring out the pipe to remove hot air (diameter about 10cm) outwards. Fans of silence such unit will not like it: floor air conditioners can not boast of quiet work compared to other modern models. Simultaneously, the cost of such devices is not inferior to the prices of more functional and powerful counterparts.


A split system is ideal for a modern home due to its compactness, high power, and affordable price. It is such air conditioners installed in residential buildings, small offices, and shops most often. A large number of colors and shapes of the case will allow fitting the split system in any interior, and convenient remote control will make it easy to change the air’s temperature. Several air conditioners can be connected to one outdoor unit.


Canal air conditioning is a dream of any designer, as all communications and the block of such devices are hidden under the ceiling’s canvas. If you have a large house or a suite of apartments with an area of 100 m2, the installation of a canal air conditioner will solve all your problems. Because the air conditioner’s design and its ducts resemble a road junction, one such unit can cool the air in several separate rooms. The disadvantages of the canal air conditioners are the high cost and the need for repairs immediately after or during installation.



The area of air conditioning coverage depends on the power characteristics. The bigger the room, the higher the capacity. When calculating the necessary power, you need to consider the degree of illumination of the room by sunlight. If the room goes to the sunny side, and in the summer more like a sauna than a living room, you need to take 1.5kW for every 10m2. If sunlight enters your room with varying success, you can buy a unit at the rate of 1kW per 10m2.


Work modes

If you care about saving electricity and light sleep, we recommend you buy a night-time air conditioner: it automatically reduces the speed of the fan blades, reducing the power consumption and making the air conditioning almost silent.


Other characteristics

What else is different from the air conditioners from each other? What useful “chips” do the most popular models have?

  • The timer. Imagine: you come from work on a hot summer day, and your home is fresh and cool. This is possible by installing an on-turn timer an hour before you arrive. Love comfort? Then buy an air conditioner with a timer.
  • Adjusting the direction of the air. Each person is different: someone likes a fresh breeze, and someone the slightest whiff seems to permeate to the bone graft. To avoid arguing over cool air flows, choose a model that can guide the airflow up, down, or horizontally. Believe me, it will save you from the eternal “I’m cold,” “I’m blown all over my back,” “I’ll get sick,” and similar complaints.
  • Draining. If your home is not far from the sea or ocean, then such a function will not be superfluous. The air conditioner will not only cool and warm the air but also lower the humidity.
  • The ventilation. This function evenly distributes warm and cold air flows indoors, creating a more even microclimate. If you don’t want to be cold in one corner and hot in the other, look for a model of air conditioning with ventilation mode.
  • Air purification and ionization functions. For people with poor immunity, allergic diseases, asthma, this function will allow less pain and feel much better.


The most popular air conditioning manufacturers

When buying air conditioning, it is better not to save. This is not a cheap pleasure, and its installation can cost almost as much as the unit itself. It is better to spend a little bit to ensure that the air conditioning will serve faithfully for more than one year.

We will tell you about the most proven manufacturers in three price segments: economy, medium, and elite.

  1. The best brands producing low-cost household air conditioners: Ballu, Suzuki, Samsung, LG, Aeronic, Haier. Models of these manufacturers will cost you in the region of 10-20 thousand rubles.
  2. Popular manufacturers of medium-priced air conditioners (20-30 thousand rubles) are GoldStar, SHARP, Panasonic, Hitachi, Hyundai, Toshiba. As you can see, these companies’ names have long been on the ear, and there is no doubt about the quality of their products.
  3. Elite air conditioners produce such companies as MitsubishiElectric, GeneralFujitsu, Gree, Daikin. For such monsters will have to pay 30 to 50 thousand rubles.


Widespread customer errors

What should you be afraid of listening to a sweet-haired smiling air conditioning salesperson? Here is a selection of the most terrible mistakes of buyers.

  1. Purchase of air conditioning without taking into account the area and the level of lighting of the room. Too powerful air conditioning can turn a small room into a refrigerator, and his weak colleague can not cope with the task in a spacious room. Be sure to make an independent calculation (for medium light rooms, enough 1kW per 10m2).
  2. Buying a multi-split system with one outdoor unit is akin to buying a cat in a bag. If the control unit fails, all air conditioners in the rooms will stop working. A small financial benefit can turn into an impressive bill for the services of maintenance specialists. If you need air conditioning in multiple rooms, it is better to install a separate split system in each or to hold a cable air conditioner.
  3. Purchase with the air conditioner permission to install it. The fact is that these permits are no longer required by law, but fraudsters still profit from the ignorance of the law by consumers if you are offered to pay for such a permit, run from this store directly to the Russian consumer watchdog.


Answers to the most common questions

The air conditioning and its installation for many seem something on the verge of fiction. Of course, it is better to know in advance all the subtleties to prevent annoying mistakes that will require a lot of money and nerves. We invite you to read the answers to the most common questions customers ask when choosing an air conditioner.


Is it possible to get sick because of the air conditioning?

Air conditioning is a complex unit, the improper operation of which can cause harm to health. To avoid this, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Do not direct the flow of cold air on people.
  • It is not recommended that the room’s air temperature be below the street temperature by more than 7 degrees Celsius.
  • To avoid asthma attacks and allergic reactions, it is important to clean the air conditioning filters from dust regularly. Do it yourself is not recommended: it is better to call a specialist before the hot season.


Do air conditioners provide fresh air?

Many mistakenly believe that window air conditioners directly supply fresh air to the apartment. This is not the case: they can throw out only 10% of the apartment air. Like other air conditioners, they are only designed to cool or heat the air. The exception is cable air conditioners with ventilation function, which takes up to 100% fresh air from the street.


Can the air conditioning be switched on in winter?

If the air temperature outside drops below -5 degrees Celsius, the air conditioning cannot be turned on due to the high risk of compressor failure.


Is it possible to strengthen the outer block in the glazed loggia?

It is desirable to install an external block on an open wall because, in the process, it emits quite a lot of heat. This option is only possible if the following conditions are met:

  • A large loggia area;
  • The presence of opening shutters in front of the block.


When is it better to buy air conditioning?

Spring and summer is the season of air conditioning sales when the demand for them is just off the scale. Installation teams rush from one apartment to another, trying to fulfill as many orders per day so the work’s quality falls. If you want to save money and do not worry about the installation’s quality, it is better to buy air conditioning in autumn or winter. At this time, sellers and installers of air conditioners are fighting for each customer, so prices are reduced, and services’ quality is growing.


Which air conditioners are the quietest?

Most modern models do not exceed the standards for noise in the process. If this option is critical for you, look out for Japanese companies Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, and MitsubishiElectric. They are famous for quiet work and reliability. If you follow all the operation rules, you can expect that the air conditioners of these firms will last more than 15 years.

Finally, I would like to remind you that before going to the store it is worth reading the reviews of customers about the models you have chosen for comparison. It is better to know in advance about possible shortcomings than experiencing them in your own experience after buying a substandard product.

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