How to Choose a Depilator

Before you go to the store, think about which parts you will shave most often. Each woman can fit a different product, and not every shaver is suitable for shaving armpits, bikini parts, facial parts, and legs.

The most versatile advice is to bet on the brand. Branded products will give you excellent care and usually a long service life. The brand also guarantees the quality of the cutting edge. A sharp and high-quality cutting edge is the basis for the success of good shaving without irritation.

The depilator should hold well in your hand, it should be light, balanced and the non-slip handle is also good, which adds to shaving safety. A huge advantage is if your shaver has a swivel head that adapts to every curve of your body. This convenience is beneficial when shaving under the armpits, around the knees, ankles, and facial areas.


Difference between a depilator and an epilator

Once you start looking for the best shaving method for your body, you will surely come across a question that addresses the differences between epilation and waxing. Don’t confuse the terms epilator or depilator. Each of these products removes hair differently.

  • Epilator – this is a more painful method of getting rid of hairs. Epilators most often work based on tweezers, which tear out hairs even with roots. Epilation has a long-term character, smooth skin will last you several weeks, but it is not eternal. After some time, the hairs reappear. However, you can opt for a more vigorous method, which is painless. It is carried out either by an IPL or by a laser epilator. We focused more on this topic in the article on epilators.
  • Depilator – in this way of shaving, you do not tear out the hairs with the grass but only shorten them close to the skin. Depilation lasts only a few days (with a bit of luck 2-3), so repeating them several times a week is necessary. However, its advantage is that it does not hurt.

Advantages and disadvantages of depilatory

Advantages Disadvantages

quick shaving frequent repetition of shaving

simple handling rapid hair growth

use at any hair length possible irritation and cut of the skin


Types of depilation agents

Types of depilation agents


The most common, affordable and cheapest are razor shavings, which are used for wet shaving. Unfortunately, they can only be for one, but also multiple uses. A few crowns’ worths of schemings are mostly single-use, and once they’re dull, you throw them away. They auction razor blades, but they can also have replaceable heads and spare blades. Ideally, this female depilator has a swivel head that adapts well to all the female body curves.

If you opt for this type of depilation, look for a razor that has moisturized tapes. These are most often insisted with a moisturizing mixture (e.g. aloe vera), which prevents drying and irritation of the skin.


Safety razor – classic shaver

A safety razor is a classic shaver that your grandfather used to shave, or your father can still use it. More and more men are returning to this method, but it is also taking its place in women who prefer razor waxing.

In some women, skin irritation occurs when using a multi-edged shaver. The classic shaver is often chrome (so it is heavier than a plastic razor), and only one traditional razor is inserted into it. So you can use both sides of the razor.

Safety razor offers a better slope of the razor to the skin, so there is a better incision closer to the hairs. The movement is smooth without unpleasant pulling. There is no need to push the shaver when shaving, but you need to be careful to keep it in a 30° slope. True, with a classic shaver, you are more likely to cut yourself at first, but once you get your hands on a grif, you have nothing to worry about. By not having to push the shaver, you do not irritate your skin.


Regular razor replacement

The time it will take you to change your razor is proportional to how often you sha like it. If you shave every other day, the razor can last about a week. When shaving once every 3-4 days, it will last you two to three weeks.

The financial side of the matter

The great advantage of a classic shaver is a cheap operation. Indeed, buying a razoch is not the most reasonable thing, but you will soon get your investment back.


Depilation creams

The depilation cream can be described as chemical depilation. A layer of cream is applied to the skin, but it must be sufficient to remove all hairs. This method is easy and painless. However, its effects are slightly longer than razor shaving. Therefore, before the cream begins to work, it is necessary to wait at least 5-7 minutes.

Before first use, it is good to apply the cream to a small part of the skin, such as a hand, and test for an allergic reaction. A plastic spatula is usually used to remove hairs, but it is no exception that the left hairs need to be swished with a razor. This is because the depilation cream breaks down and breaks strands.


Is this still depilation?

When looking for products for depilation, you may also come across waxes. However, wax depilation results in hair-tearing, so it is more of an epilation. In addition, waxing is one of the more painful methods, and although you can do it at home, it is better to go to salons for it.

Go to the salon even if you want to try epilation with a sugar paste. This method is also called Body Sugaring (sugar= sugar) and is less painful than wax epilation. Its other advantages include natural composition. Most of these mixtures have moisturizing, regenerating and cleaning effects.


Electric movements

Electric movements

We decided to dedicate the whole chapter to electric movements because their selection is more demanding than a razor product.

Electric waxing machines are very similar to men’s electric movements. Among women, they are popular mainly for their quick and easy use. In addition, they are gentle, and there is no cutting, so they are a frequent choice for shaving bikini parts. The head of the electric shaver is equipped with floating foils that closely copy the body’s shape. By not touching the skin directly, some hairs may remain visible.


The electric shaver can work either on batteries, accumulators or on a mains connection. The network design is not the most typical so that you won’t see it very quickly. Much more common is either battery or battery charging. In a battery pack, the battery is included in the shaver, and when discharged, you need to connect it to the charging base or connect a charger to it. When released, you will throw away and replace the battery variant with new ones, or you can get rechargeable b.



When choosing, be interested in whether the depilator can also be used when shaving under the shower. Some may not be adapted to this method. Movements that you can also use for wet shaving are most often labeled Wet&Dry.


Epilator and depilator in one

If you are comfortable with epilation on some parts of your body but some depilations, you can get an epilator that has an extra shaving head as an attachment. This gives you two devices in one. Again, this is a very economical solution.


Special depilatories

Women’s depilatory can be versatile, which means you can use them on any part of your body, but some models are designed for the face, eyebrows, and intimate details. In addition, some may have special tinges. Currently, the most discussed is the “smart depilator” and also the “lipstick-shaped depilator”.


Smart Depilator

It is a compact epilator that comes with two heads so that you can shave it both for more prominent places, such as legs and hands, and for more intimate parts (groin, face).

The adjective “catchy” device was given because it is switched on automatically only after contact with the skinThanks to LED lighting, you can see hairs better than you could omit. Charging it is similar to charging your phone. It uses a similar charger, but it connects to your laptop, so charging takes about2-3 hours from your computer. The depilator is suitable only for dry shaving, and hairs fall into a particular container, which, after the procedure is completed, you empty in the trash.

Lipstick-shaped depilator

It is a women’s depilator, which is designed for depilation of facial parts. It’s very discreet because it looks like lipstick to keep it with you all the time. It works on one AA battery and is very gentle on the skin. So in terms of design, the depilator is inconspicuous. However, it isn’t quiet when operating, so if you use it in public, the surroundings will know that you are waxing.

The hairs fall into a container, which you need to empty after finishing. Control and use are effortless, and the result is fast. For accurate depilation without missing out on some places, the device is equipped with LED light.


Maintenance of shavers

To consistently achieve good results, you must have a sharp edge. To avoid corroding, use a cover on the shaver’s head. As soon as you see the beginning corrosion on it, you’d better throw it away.

The shavers should be cleaned with a brush after use. Some of them can also be washable, so you can rinse them under a stream of water.

For more expensive movements, you may encounter Celan&Charge = Clean and Charge technology. This means that these devices are self-cleaning. In the package you will find a cleaning station in which to put the shaver, and the station will already take care of maintenance. This option is offered mainly by men’s razing machines.

For the razor to remain sharp as long as possible, it is good to put a little oil on it from time to time. Definitely do not shred the razor with a towel. This will not extend its lifespan and you can only destroy it. It is much better to let the shaver dry naturally. Do not forget to rinse the shaving head from the front and back to get rid of all hairs.

Good advice: Regular maintenance and cleaning of the shaver extends its service life and shaving quality.


Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, some movements have a gel dosing button. Thanks to it, the shaver easily rounds on the root, so it does not irritate it. If you have sensitive skin, you should use gels and shaving foams. When finished, treat the skin with non-paraphrased cream or special aftershave preparations.

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