How To Choose A Deep Fryer

The ruddy crispy toasty crust will leave few indifferent. To get such a lovely crust is quite difficult, if at hand there is no specially invented device for this device called deep-fryer. What kind of animal is such, and what properties it has, we will tell in this article for fans of delicious to eat.

A fryer is a small household appliance for roasting in boiling oil of various meat and vegetable products. Unlike a regular frying pan, this device does not allow the oil to be sprayed throughout the kitchen space, provides a favorable temperature and creates the same crisp crust that adults and especially children like so much.



What distinguishes a good fryer from frankly unsuccessful models? Let’s list the three main properties, which should be paid special attention when choosing a fryer.

  1. The ratio of the required amount of oil and the capacity of the bowl. We all understand that roasting in boiling oil requires a lot of consumption of this far from cheap product. If you do not like to litter with money, choose a fryer with such indicators, where the volume of the product is greater, and the oil consumption is less. This will not only save on oil, but also get healthier food. As for the volume of the bowl, it is only the size of your family to be guided by the size of your family: calculate how much food is needed to be enough for lunch for all family members.
  2. Types of filters. In modern fryers install two types of filters, to eliminate the smell and oil. Well, if the chosen model has both types of filters – then your kitchen will not have a rancid smell every time you cook fries, and the oil consumption will be much less (it can be used in a second time), and it will contain less harmful elements. Of course, such models are more expensive, but in the air in the apartment and your health is better not to save. In addition, it is worth paying attention to options with removable filters – they are convenient to clean and change if necessary.
  3. Power. The higher this figure, the less time you will spend on cooking, and the more useful your food will be.



What other characteristics is desirable to have a comfortable fryer?

  • Temperature regulator. Experienced cooks will not let you lie: every type of product needs a specific way of cooking. For example, potatoes will be enough a few minutes of roasting in boiling oil, but cooking meat requires less temperature and more cooking time.
  • Table of dishes with cooking modes. This feature will definitely appeal to novice cooks – you will not need to memorize a bunch of new information, just press a button.
  • The possibility of preparing fondue is a great option for lovers of friendly gatherings.



Divide all trusted fryers manufacturers into three segments according to the average cost of their models.

The fryers of the economy segment cost from 1 to 3 thousand rubles, so to treat your family fried fries can actually afford anyone. The most popular brands in this segment are Smile, Clatronic, Moulinex, VITEK, Bomann, Irit, DELTA.

The average category of fryers from 3 to 6 thousand rubles is represented by such whales of the Russian household appliances market as Tefal, Philips, VITEK, Steba and Clatronic. Most models in this category represent the best combination of functionality and quality.

Fans of high-end home appliances should pay attention to the products of Delongi, BORK and Gastrorag. Such devices will cost a tidy sum – more than 6000 rubles. At the same time, almost all models are made of stainless steel, which will benefit the interior of the kitchen.



  1. It will be very disappointing to know that your beautiful fryer does not understand. The fact that indiscriminate devices are incredibly difficult to wash. Especially from oil.
  2. TEN, located inside the fryer’s bowl, makes it difficult to care for it. Preferably a model with a TEN under the bowl.
  3. Buying a fryer without a filter that catches the smell can make you smell like a fast food cafe at home. You don’t want that, do you?

We wish you a good purchase!

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