How To Choose a Correct Shade of Concealer

Dark circles concealers are a cosmetic that we use daily, but of which, however, there are many properties and functions that we do not know about. To end this problem and help you get the most out of your concealer, today, we answer the most frequently asked questions, so you know all their secrets. The cream dark circles concealer is ideal for marked dark circles.


What types of dark circle concealer are there?

dark circle concealer

  • If you’re one of those who have a hard time choosing the ideal cosmetic and get lost in the myriad of models we can find, you’re very interested in this question. Even if we see that there are millions of dark circle correctors, the truth is that they can be grouped into five large groups: Bar dark circle checker: the most common of all and highly demanded ease of application. It is applied directly from the bar and then extended.
  • Liquid dark circle concealer: with slightly lower coverage than the previous one, this type of concealer is applied as if it were cream or a foundation.
  • Cream dark circles checker: the density of these concealers make them ideal for marked dark circles.
  • Powdered dark circles checker: Although they don’t have too much coverage, powder correctors mattify the skin, so they are highly recommended for oily skin.
  • Dark circle concealer in mousse: the most innovative. Its mousse-like texture is like a cream that becomes powder when it comes into contact with the skin.


How do dark circle checkers apply?

  • We have seen that there are different types of dark circle correctors. Although each of them has a particular application mode, we can talk about general steps that we must follow to apply this cosmetic correctly. Notes! First, we need to make sure that our skin is immaculate and well hydrated.
  • The dark circle checker is applied after the foundation. It would also apply after the precorrectors (which we’ll talk about later) should use them.
  • When the time comes, grab a small amount of product and apply it with your finger over the area. Depending on the type of concealer, you can help with a brush or brush.
  • Blur the product in gentle circular motions.
  • The most important thing is to pay attention to the ends and blur them well. Otherwise, stains may appear throughout the day.
  • When you’re done, it’s a good idea to use mattifying powders to unify the tone and better fix the concealer.

It is important to emphasize that, before any application, we must carefully read the indications of application of the particular corrector that we are going to use. After all, manufacturers are the ones who know the product best and know how to get the most out of it.

The dark circle concealer is applied after the foundation. It will also apply after precorrectors if you use them. 


What are the most common mistakes we make when applying the dark circle checker?

Many women claim not to be happy with the results of their dark circle concealer. This, in most cases, is due to certain errors that we usually make during the application of the product and that make it not meet the desired objective. Pay attention to the following situations, you may also have one, and you may not have noticed.

  • First error: Do not choose the tone correctly. The goal of the dark circle concealer is to disguise, not dial any more.
  • Second error: extend the product. The concealer should not be extended; it should be applied with small circular touches.
  • Third error: use too much product. Not always using more is better. In this case, a small amount of concealer will be more than enough.
  • Fourth error: Apply the corrector in a large area. We do not need to cover half a face with these products; apply them in the exact area we want to blur.

Now you know, avoid any of these mistakes, and I’m sure the results you get are tremendously better. From now on, these will be your commandments when using the dark circle checker.

David LangProfessional makeup artist

“First, you take your finger to the product and make circular movements; with that action, you heat the product. Then you take it to the dark circle area and apply it gently and in circular motions.”


In which other areas can the dark circle checker be used?

  • When we go to a professional makeup artist or see how the experts work, we realize that they use “everyday” products to achieve spectacular effects. Or that use them in areas that are not right for them. In the dark circle checker case, the same thing happens; that is, we can give it other uses if we apply it in other areas. In the T-zone: to disguise imperfections caused by acne or any other redness.
  • On the cheeks: to illuminate the cheekbones with a very natural touch.
  • On the eyelids: as a base for eye shadows.
  • On the nose: to unify the tone and hide the brightnesses so characteristic of this area.

You didn’t know? Well, aim well and try it yourself. I’m sure the results will surprise you. In the end, it turns out you have a five-in-one cosmetic in your makeup bag, and you haven’t worn it all this time. The orange concealer hides dark circles with more bluish tones.


Why are there dark circle checkers of different colours?

This is one of the most common questions we’ve asked ourselves in recent times. Although the concealer should be of skin tone, we can find them of colours as striking as green or yellow. The truth is that these are precorrectors,

It seems very professional, but they are actually very affordable and easy-to-use concealers. You have to apply them in the areas where the stains that we want to disguise are located and then apply the makeup colour corrector on top.


Buying Guide For Concealer

Now that we’ve exposed all the secrets and tricks best kept about dark circle checkers, it’s time to choose ours, the best, the one we can get the most out of. How are we going to do that? Very easy: letting the main purchasing criteria guide us. Here are the following:

Skin tone and needs

The first criterion of purchase refers, in short, to the characteristics of our skin, both to its tone and to its needs. On the one hand, the concealer’s tone must be suitable for that of the skin to natural.


Type of concealer

In the shopping guide, we talked about the different types of concealers that we can find. Well, this will be another factor that will influence our purchase. The choice between one type or another will depend, first of all, on our tastes. It is a product of daily use with which we must feel comfortable.

Also, we must take into account the recommendations of manufacturers and specialists. These indicate which type of dark circle concealer is most recommended for each skin or every need. If we find the balance between these two premises, we will find the right type. Powder correctors mattify the skin, so they are highly recommended for oily skin.



Another of the most important topics when we talk about any cosmetic product is composition. The skin can become very sensitive and, therefore, it is essential that we carefully review the materials included in the dark circle concealer that we are going to apply. And even more so if we consider the very delicate area in which it is applied.

The ingredients’ names are often very complicated, and it is not easy to determine which are good and the bad. The simplest thing is that we look for labels such as “paraben-free” or “dermatologically tested”. Thus, we will help prevent the appearance of possible allergic reactions.


Other properties

The last factor involves going one step further in the purchase: we are no longer just looking for the dark circle checker that suits us best, but we also want the one that also provides us with the maximum benefits. What do we mean by this? To the extra and specific properties that can include these cosmetics.

Some of the most demanded is, for example, the anti-aging effect (which also acts on wrinkles or crow’s feet) or anti-fatigue (with vitamins). These specific characteristics make the difference between each other products.



Dark circle checkers have become the best ally of all those who do not stop all day and always look like a perfect face. These cosmetic products are straightforward to use, very versatile, very affordable, and offer instant and long-lasting results.

Surely, that’s why the concealer is not missing from any makeup needs that are edes. Also, the current market offers a wide variety of different types always to use the one that best suits us, covering all our needs and making the most of it.

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