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Today we’re going to talk about coffee machines. The combination of ease of use and quality of coffee attracts more and more fans about how the coffee machines differ from the usual coffee makers and how to choose a coffee machine for the house – in our article.

“There are things that are worth keeping them faithful. For example, coffee,” said the famous English writer John Goldsworthy. Indeed, looking around, you can make sure that people are divided into those who do not think of their lives without coffee, keeping true to this drink all their lives, and everyone else. The morning awakening ritual for the first category is unthinkable without the captivating aroma of the freshly brewed drink. Someone gets up earlier and brews fragrant coffee in Turk, and someone before the beginning of the working day comes to the cafe to drink a cup of your favorite espresso. But some people have already appreciated scientific and technological progress and have become the owners of a modern technical miracle for coffee makers – coffee machines for the house. Today, this compact, stylish unit does not take up much space, allows you to quickly and easily master the art of making first-class coffee, and makes a variety in the daily ritual by tasting different drinks on a coffee basis.

The first attempt to create a coffee machine looked very different. It was undertaken in the second half of the 19th century by the French designer Edward Loisel de Sante. Like a locomotive, he turned out a monster, spying puffs of hot steam and producing more than a thousand cups of coffee per hour. “Leuzel’s Hydrostatic Vase” with this name was presented to the general public at the Paris Exhibition in 1855. The outlandish invention made a strong impression on the exhibition’s visitors, especially as it is nearby. It was dangerous: the first coffee machine could not withstand the pressure of steam at any moment and explode.

The idea of automatic brewing of coffee using steam was better embodied in 1901 in the invention of Italian engineer Luigi Betzer. Entrepreneur Desidero Pavoni started to produce and sell this coffee machine. Thus, the first real coffee machine for the house appeared in Italy and was called Pavoni Ideale.

Since then, more than 100 years have passed, coffee machines have gone a long way of improvement.


Choosing the type of coffee machine

Choosing the type of coffee machine

Modern coffee machines are divided into coffee machines and coffee makers. Each type has its own distinctive features. Today we will discuss the work principles and application of three coffee machines: cereals and capsule coffee machines and geyser coffee makers.

Cereal coffee machines

The main distinguishing feature of grain coffee machines is the built-in coffee grinder, which allows you to preserve the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee and regulate its strength. It is known that coffee retains the maximum of its enchanting aroma only for 10 minutes after grinding the grains. From the point of view of real connoisseurs, ready-made ground coffee will never compare with freshly ground coffee, not to mention instant coffee, which is considered a true poison. It is the grain machine that allows you to make coffee properly while saving precious time. Filling the grains and the bay in the appropriate reservoir of water, you are engaged in their own business, and the coffee machine prepares a real fragrant, strong, invigorating, and inspiring (for each – his own!) espresso. Some models are equipped with a capuchinator – a special device for professional churning milk in an air foam to prepare cappuccino, latte, and other coffee drinks.

The principle of the grain coffee machine consists of three main stages:

  • grinding grains;
  • Ramming ground coffee into a filter holder;
  • cooking through steam.

The waste is automatically delivered to the waste container. Cereal automatic coffee machines have fairly high productivity, ideal for small offices and families where several family members drink coffee. As for the price of cereal coffee machines, on average, it ranges from 15 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the functionality of the model and manufacturer.


Capsule coffee machines

Capsule coffee machines are becoming more popular. They practically do not require care, compact, and, most importantly, allow you to prepare high-quality coffee with a rich taste and aroma easily. The principle of the capsule coffee machine is simple. Inside the special capsule is pre-roasted and ground coffee, compressed into a briquette placed in a completely airtight package. The aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee are preserved for up to 1-2 years. One capsule is used to make one serving of coffee. In a wide range of capsules of modern manufacturers, you can choose a recipe to your liking. In addition, the strength of the drink can be adjusted by adding the right amount of water. As soon as the capsule gets into the coffee machine, its lid is pierced by a needle, and inside is fed a jet of air, flashing heavily compressed coffee. After that, the water heated to a certain temperature is passed through the opened capsule under pressure, and the coffee is ready!

In addition to classic espresso and Americano, capsule machines allow you to cook and lighter drinks: cappuccino, latte, mocha, which are prepared with the use of capsules with cream, as well as hot chocolate, cocoa, and others.

When choosing-perhaps the main rule – to buy coffee machines and capsules for them in proven specialty stores. At the same time, it is more convenient and profitable today to order them in an online store. Depending on the manufacturer, power, and a set of additional functions, prices for capsule coffee machines range from 3.5 to 30,000 rubles.


Geyser coffee makers

The third type of coffee-making unit is geyser coffee makers. It is the most inexpensive and simple device for home coffee. The principle of the geyser coffee maker is filtering.

These coffee makers consist of a lower water tank, a filter, and an upper tank for the finished drink. The coffee maker is placed on the stove, the water boils, the boiling water under pressure is passed through the ground coffee in the filter, and the finished drink flows into the tank. Water and steam absorb the aroma of the coffee; thus, the taste is vibrant.

Unlike in India, in Italy, drink strong coffee from small cups. Buying a coffee maker from an Italian manufacturer, you need to decide in advance how much drink you most often need. The geyser coffee maker functions only at full load, but it is designed for a different number of servings, and the volume of the water tank in them, as a rule, does not exceed half a liter.

The Indian market also presents electric geyser coffee makers. They differ only by water heating principle because they work from the power supply network and the possibility of auto-disconnection and maintenance of the desired temperature of the finished drink.


Choosing a coffee machine manufacturer

Choosing a coffee machine manufacturer

The choice of coffee machines on the market is vast. New models with additional features and advantages are constantly appearing.

The main advantage of cereal coffee machines is the ability to program the size of each serving and regulate the degree of grinding of grains.

The new models of Jura and Corporate (Ultra Aroma System) have also added a pre-wetting coffee system to traditional features. That’s how it’s brewed a lot better. DeLonghi’s Magnifica coffee machine has improved its cleaning system. Now, to clean the hard-to-reach places of the device, there is a removing block for making coffee. And in the model Jura Impressa with the help of a professional cachinnator you can make coffee according to different recipes: cappuccino, latte, macchiato.

So, variety allows you to choose a coffee machine for every taste and purse, as well as any size. For example, search is one of the market leaders in the Philips Saeco HD8743/19 XSmall Black, a small coffee machine with great features. This is probably the smallest of the entire family of coffee makers making coffee from whole grains. It combines design and functionality. Krups and DeLonghi have traditionally been the leaders among the manufacturers of capsule coffee machines. Among the geyser coffee makers, trendy buyers are different models Bialetti and Gipfel.


What to look for when choosing a coffee machine

The main criteria for choosing a coffee machine include:

  • Coffee-making technology;
  • Types of drinks;
  • Reliability;
  • Management (mechanical and electronic);
  • Ergonomics and design.

Before you start choosing a coffee machine, determine what kind of coffee you will be making and how many people will use this coffee machine. If you need a reliable coffee machine for the office so that employees and customers at any time can enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee, then you are the best-suited capsule or grain coffee machine.

The choice of coffee machine for the home depends on the composition of your family and the preferences of its members. A grain machine is appropriate if your family drinks a lot of coffee. Here are the main parameters to look out for when choosing a coffee machine:


The higher the power, the faster the coffee is prepared. But, accordingly, the price will be higher.


Modern coffee machines are almost silent. However, when choosing a model, you should check with the store consultant this option.

Additional features

If you choose a cereal coffee machine, it is important to consider whether it has a capuinator and an automatic scum cleaning system. As for the capsule machines, it is better to buy a capsule-type coffee machine with the functions of automatic disconnection and control of the amount of coffee prepared.

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