How To Choose a Baby Stroller

Are you having a baby and deciding which stroller to choose for your baby? Right from the start, you need to realize that it is not worth saving on this purchase! The baby must have good back support, he must feel comfortable and comfortable in the stroller, and ideally, this “means of transport” should last him up to three years. The stroller should be satisfied not only for your Mimi but also for you! Remember, it’s you who’s going to run it every day. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips and tips on how to choose a baby stroller.


How to Choose a Stroller 

How to Choose a Stroller 

Types of strollers

  • deep
  • combined
  • sporting
  • golf
  • sibling

Basic questions that will affect your selection

  • Do I want 3 or 4 laps?
  • Will I need plastic or inflatable bikes?
  • Do I prefer swirly or fixed wheels?
  • Will I use the toss handle?
  • Do I want the car seat (0-13 kg) to be fitted to the stroller? Check out the car seat test.
  • How often will I fold the stroller and walk it into the elevator?


Deep strollers for newborns

They are intended for newborns and tiny babies up to about eight months. The classic deep stroller differs from the combined stroller because it has only one deep hull and cannot be combined with other variants of the stroller. Its advantage is that the back rough is larger than the combined stroller, so the baby has enough space and comfort in it.

The bottom of the stroller should be firm, as it supports the baby’s spine. The bed should be made of rigid material with thermal insulation and quality mattresses. Thermal insulation can also include opening or closing ducts, which ventilate the hull in summer and can be closed for the winter so the baby does not get cold. You can also meet mattresses with these ducts in the head area; if the baby turns around spontaneously, you do not have to worry about the singing.

The classic deep stroller is usually well sprung so that you can swing the baby in it, and you won’t have a problem riding in more difficult uneven terrain. However, with this model, expect it to have a worse shelf life, and when your baby grows out of it, you’ll have to look for a sports stroller.


Combined strollers for young and old children

You can also search for this type of stroller under the name 3-in-1 stroller. We could call it “universal” because, in it, you can comfortably derive a baby from birth until the age of 3. You can place both a deep carrycot, a car seat, and a sports car on the stroller’s chassis. Your next investment will be just a “golfer,” the acquisition of which is no longer so expensive.

You should know that with a combined stroller, it is the same as for other goods that are marked 3-in-1. It’s always a for a while. A separate shampoo and a separate conditioner always have better effects than the shampoo that combines both products. The same is the case with the combined stroller. Be aware that the deep hull of the combined stroller is slightly smaller than the classic deep one so that the babies will grow out of it faster, and you will have to place them in the chassis with the sports car. This sports car must be able to position its back until it is completely lying down, as it is not good to put the baby down before learning for itself.

Newborns grow like water, and you have to count on filling the hull space in winter with a voluminous Lusaka. With a deep Corbis of a combined stroller, babies born in autumn, in particular, may have a problem because there is a specific risk that a deep hull will not be enough for them throughout the winter. However, you do not have to worry about this complication; you need to consult well in the store and choose the right fusak. Then, the baby will have a new view and will be fine in the rightly selected fusak.

For triple combinations, focus on the variant of the sports car, which should be completely adjustable. It should be possible to fold them back and straighten the pad so that the baby can sleep comfortably on the plane. For the sports car variant, you can choose between a fixed and a rotating version. The advantage of a non-turnable sports car is the overall lighter stroller. And hand on heart, the baby is more excited about the new view and getting to know new things than looking at you when you’re kind of “in the way” of the picture. 


Sports stroller not only for sports-based parents.

You will only choose a sports stroller if you initially opted for a deep stroller and did not want a stroller in a triple combination. Before buying a sports car, think about where you will ride it most often. If you depend on rough terrain, you’ll need robust construction and large inflatable wheels. This stroller is ideal for families living in the village or the mountains. If you know you’ll want to ride inline skates with the stroller, get one that has a handbrake. If you live in the city, you often take public transport and carry the stroller to the third floor without an elevator; a stroller with a light construction is worthwhile, and plastic wheels are enough.

Weight is an essential factor. You should know that while light-framed strollers are easy to carry to the floor or bus, they are harder to operate. Heavier strollers are easier to drive, but you’ll work hard with them when you take them out. Therefore, the balance of the stroller is essential.

Good adviceIf you want to find out the balance of any stroller, you can take a small test in the store. If you have selected a stroller with moving wheels, check them (press the switch to avoid 360° rotation wheels). Place the stroller parallel to the floor joint to have at least 3 m of free space in front of it and push the stroller away with both hands. You would work very hard to drive such a stroller, and it is also a reason to make a complaint!


Golf stroller for older children

Choose a golf stroller based on your little guy’s age. For example, if you buy a stroller for a two-year-old, you can choose from cheaper models that cannot be positioned. However, if you need a golf ball for a child who does not fit well, he must have an adjustable backrest and legs and be comfortable enough. A significant advantage of golfers is the possibility of practical composition and simple handling, for example, in means of transport. When choosing, also try how the handle of the stroller sticks to you.

Sibling stroller

Sibling, also a stroller for twins, is especially beneficial for mothers with twins or two babies born close together. You can choose from 2 variants:

Sitting in a row

The stroller, which has carrycots placed behind it (so-called tandem), is not suitable for twins since the front seating is only partially adjustable, which is not ideal for a tiny baby. It is better suited for siblings when one is slightly older and can already sit, while the other can lie in the back.

A stroller of this type is narrow to use in every door, but it is very long, so it isn’t easy to handle.

They were sitting side by side.

Strollers of this type are remembered for the standard door width, so you don’t have to worry about getting into a shop or bus with this stroller. Deep hulls and car seats can also be attached to some types of strollers. Thanks to the car seat, you will save space in the car because you will only carry the chassis in the trunk.


Wheels to the stroller

The choice of wheel type most often depends on the environment in which you will move the most.

Small hard wheels made of plastic are best suited for paved and maintained paths. Their only advantage is a low weight, which means that even the importance of the stroller is more minor. In addition, plastic wheels stretch very little, and all shocks are dampened mainly by shock absorbers.

Larger inflatable wheels of the stroller are especially suitable for the field and villages. They have a larger diameter (about 30 cm) and a broader width in contact with the terrain, so you do not have to worry about demolishing them into mud or sand. In addition, inflatable wheels dampen shocks, making riding in a stroller much more comfortable for the baby. Wheel inflation should range from 0.8 to 1 atm. The wheels should not be under-inflated because then you will work very hard with the stroller control and over-inflated. After all, then the bike does not inflate at all, which is its primary function. Furthermore, Under-inflating and over-inflating tires result in faster wheel wear. You can buy spare stroller souls either in stroller workshops, bike shops, or on the Internet.

For front swivel wheels, locking plays an important role, which is the blockage of automatic rotation. As a result, you will appreciate the course of the wheels when moving around a shop, where you have to move between shelves, on the road, or in the field. In addition, you will surely appreciate the stability of the wheels.


How to properly care for a stroller

The store focuses on whether the stroller cover can be easily removed and washable. Sometimes it is enough to clean the exterior only with a wet cloth. However, with more pollution, it is good if you can throw it in the washing machine. In such cases, you can use a standard detergent.

  • Never dry the wet cover or the whole stroller in direct sunlight as this may cause undesired fading of color.
  • Regularly lubricate the wheels and maintain the chassis. Unfortunately, dirt adheres to it, which subsequently negatively affects its condition.
  • It would help if you stored the stroller in a dry and clean place.
  • You should not use spare parts other than those approved directly by the manufacturer.

Good adviceIf you store the stroller in an apartment or drive it often, it’s worth getting bike sleeves. They are mostly made of waterproof materials and can be washed in a washing machine. They can be put on the wheels either with a rubber band or velcro.


What mistakes to avoid when using the stroller

The most common mistakes include prematurely seating the baby. If the baby grows out of the deep stroller too quickly, you can’t immediately put it in a sports car, overloading the back muscles and blocking natural development. In this case, the sports car must have a positioning back and a footpad, and the child in the stroller can be semi-sitting.

If the baby is in the stroller for most of the vigil, you should make sure that it regularly changes its position. Therefore, the stroller must be spacious so that the child can stretch out his legs and spread his hands. To avoid deformation of the head, you should also rotate the baby on the tummy or the hips. It would help if you also changed the toy’s position, which is pressed on the stroller so that the child will turn behind it both on the right and left sides.

 If you see that he has significantly deranged from the claw, definitely do not buy it.

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