How to Change the Filter in Your Air Purifier?

Did you know that our environment is constantly deteriorating by the day?

Of course, the most conscientious ones are trying to contribute to the arduous fight against the destruction of Mother Nature by acting as an ecologist and mobilizing individuals to stand up for this cause.

However, the call does not seem to reach some people. You do not seem to take into account the dangers that hang over our heads.

But the air we breathe is deteriorating and causing countless respiratory diseases.

That’s why we’ve developed air purifiers, a device that absorbs and eliminates all pollutants, allergens, bacteria and viruses circulating in the air in our house. That’s why we only breathe clean, healthy and light air.

The purpose of these devices is to provide us with clean air; as at the sea, on the top of the mountain or after a rainy day.

Once you have chosen your model, all you need to do is find a good place to install your air purifier.

In less time than you think, you will already be able to estimate the result.

However, like any device, air purifiers require maintenance to ensure that they can perform their role perfectly.

The only maintenance that an air purifier needs is cleaning or replacing the filter.


How to Change the Filter in Your Air Purifier |What You Should Know Beforehand

What You Should Know Beforehand

Precautions before maintaining an air purifier

Protect yourself! As you may have guessed, the air purifier sucks up all the dirt in the air of their home.

These items are located on the filters of the device, so be careful. It is best to wear a mask and gloves.

Avoid inhaling dust and all particles in the air purifier as much as possible.

If you want to maintain your air purifier, turn it off first and then unplug the power plug.

Never open, clean, or move it when it’s still connected.

Removing the power cord is not enough, you need to turn it off completely.

We recommend that you never introduce items into the device when you open the device.

Do not put anything on it, do not use products or other detergents, as these can damage the entire device.


Air purifier: Clean or replace the filter?

Air purifier Clean or replace the filter

Note that an air purifier has at least two filter levels: a prefilter and a HEPA filter.

The pre-filter should be cleaned every 3 to 4 weeks as it is the device most exposed to the dirt of any kind.

All air purifiers are equipped with a lid valve.

Open it and remove it carefully. You will notice that a large amount of particles and dust accumulates on the pre-filter.

Wash it by hand with hot water and soap without rubbing too hard. Then pat it off with a very dry towel and put it back in place.

If you find that the pre-filter shows signs of wear or destruction, it is best to change it.

Some models of air purifiers are supplied with replacement prefilters, others are not. If you don’t have enough to change it, just buy it from your dealer.

After the pre-filter, you have the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter for some models.

For some models, these filters are permanent filters and do not need to be changed.

However, these filters must be cleaned from time to time, even between 3 and 4 weeks.

Be careful, if the pre-filter is washable and replaceable, you cannot do so with a permanent filter. Carefully remove it by pressing the fastening tab.

Use your vacuum cleaner to clean the permanent filter.

Make sure that the particles on the filter are completely swallowed by the vacuum cleaner.

Do not wipe the filter with a cloth, use at most a very soft brush.

If HEPA and activated carbon filters are not durable, they cannot be washed. They need to replace them when they are worn out.

In most cases, an activated carbon filter can be changed once or twice a year. As with HEPA filters, you can replace them once a year or once every two years, depending on your ability and usage.

As far as ionizers are concerned, you should wash them with water from time to time to clean them.

For permanent use in a non-smoking house, you can carry out cleaning once a month. If you feel that your ionizer is working hard, you can wash it twice in a month.


When should the filters be changed or cleaned?

Cleaning or changing the filter depends on the use and type of air purifier used.

For some models, a warning light on the control panel indicates when the filters need to be checked.

In general, you have three colour levels on the indicator. If it is green, it means that you don’t have to worry, the filter is 100% ready for operation.

If the colour turns yellow, you have at least two weeks to clean or change the filter before the colour turns red.

In this case, you must clean or change your air purifier filter immediately.

However, you must also consider the frequency of use of your device. When the indicator turns yellow, there is a way to save some time; in addition to the two weeks, you have.

If you start the air purifier only eight hours a day, you can save up to four more weeks.

For most air purifiers, the only maintenance they need is the replacement or cleaning of the filters.

We recommend that you always follow the operating and maintenance instructions that are supplied with your air purifier. In fact, each model, each manufacturer has its own characteristics

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