10 Tips On How to Care For Your Mixer Grinder

Can you imagine your kitchen without a mixer grinder? I thought so! Since it is practically impossible to cook without using the most efficient yet basic technology i.e Mixer Grinder in our kitchen, it is imperative that we spend some time cleaning and maintaining it.

If you have never done this before, now is an excellent time to start. This article will discuss ten tips that can help you increase longevity and maintain your mixture’s efficiency.


Tips To Care For Your Mixer Grinder

1. Clean It

It may appear to be an essential suggestion, yet it is also the most vital and frequently overlooked. By cleaning, I don’t mean rinsing it with water; I’m referring to a thorough deep cleaning.

Once every week, you should spend some extra minutes cleaning your grinder. If your mixer is ridden with stains or has a nasty odour, add a solution of vinegar and baking soda and let it do its magic. If you don’t have any of the ingredients mentioned above, add liquid soap and give it a spin.


2. Temperature Check 

It is advisable not to add anything too hot or too cold for mixing. It can damage the hardware and make the rubber gasket porous, which will eventually result in leakage.


3. Always Switch Off The Circuit

Switch Off The Circuit

We tend to get lazy for this one. Since we often need the mixer, we decide against turning the switch off and unplugging the wire, potentially damaging the equipment.


4. Never Fill It To Its Full Capacity

Mixer Grinder Filled To Full Capacity

I know we want to grind everything together and quickly; I advise against it. Always make sure you fill only half the capacity of the mixing vessel. Overstuffing it will result in added pressure on the blades, reducing efficiency and giving you an unsatisfactory final product.


5. Lock The Jar

Locking The Mixer Grinder Jar

Make sure that before you turn on the machine, the jar is appropriately fit to the machine. If the fit is not proper, it can damage the blade and device.


6. Gradually Is The Key

Gradually Is The Key

Never start the mixer with the highest speed; slow and steady is the way. Gradually increase the speed from slow to medium and then increase.


7. Secure The Lid

While mixing, you must hold the lid for safety purposes. It will prevent the ingredients from spilling from the jar and hence prevent any mishap.


8. Keep It Dry

Keep Mixer Grinder Dry

Even after washing, dry it thoroughly to keep moisture at bay. Too much humidity can damage the blade. Hence, make sure you wipe it dry even after washing and cleaning it.


9. Recommended Accessories 

Only use the components and accessories that the manufacturer recommends. Using a different brand or a third-party part could cause irreparable damage.


10. Safe And Secure

It is one of the most critical things in our kitchen; hence, giving this device its place is necessary. It needs to be kept away from water and safe from the hands of children.

After using all the tips mentioned above, you will improve your mixer’s efficiency and add more years to your mixer. Let us know if this article was helpful, and don’t forget to mention the tip that worked for you!


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